February (corrected) news


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February (corrected) news

  1. 1. Family Times South Carolina National Guard Family Programs Issue No.1 February 2011 Honoring MG Stanhope S. Spears & MG Robert E. Livingston Jr. Adjutant General of S.C. New Yellow Ribbon Salute to Soldiers Requirements SSG Kimberly D. Calkins All About Soldiers. Veterans. Families. Facebook! Get Connected. Never Alone.On the cover: 5 year old Camp Garland,son of CW4 Tony Garland, SC National Guard
  2. 2. Director’s Cut G reetings to all Soldiers, Airmen and especially, Families of the South Carolina National Guard: I hope you‟ll enjoy our first edition of the Family Times. We‟re excited about being able to share information with you about what‟s going on in, not only Family Programs, but your units as well. So with that, I hope that everyone had a Happy Holiday and you are ready to bring in the New Year. There‟s a lot going on in the South Carolina National Guard in 2011, so get ready for a great year and a busy one. First, I‟d like to welcome our new Adjutant General and hiswife, MG Robert E. Livingston, Jr. and Barbara Livingston. MG Livingston took command of the SouthCarolina National Guard on January 9, 2011, in a ceremony at the Carolina Coliseum. MG Livingston andBarbara bring a great deal of experience to the office of the Adjutant General as MG Livingston deployed toAfghanistan as the commander of the 218th MEB from 2006 to 2008. Barbara has a deep understanding ofwhat many of you are going through now with your family member deployed. Congratulations to themboth! We are happy to tell you that you can now access our new and improved web page, atwww.scguard.army.mil, through public access without going through AKO. This is something that ourcommunication‟s division has been working on for several years. This new breakthrough doesn‟t mean thatsecurity standards are weakened, only now there is a way to protect information that needs to be secured(like social security numbers) without putting that information at risk. This is great for Family Programsbecause we have wanted to be able to share so much information with you easily and now we can.I invite you to visit our new website, and there you will find links to important resources that are available toyou. I‟d also like to have your feedback on how we can do things better. This is your web page andnewsletter and we want to publish the things that are important to you. We have also set up a Facebookpage (SCNG Family Programs) and we look forward to hearing from you. Just click the like button and getconnected! Mark your calendars for April 2, 2011. The McEntire Joint National Guard Base is hosting the firstMilitary Appreciation Day. There will be fun, food, music and entertainment for all. This should be aspectacular event that you do not want to miss. Please let us know what is going on in your unit, yourFamily and your community. We are all in this together and together we are stronger.Happy New Year,Debbie McNameeState Family Programs Director 2
  3. 3. NCOIC I t is wonderful to have our first newsletter! I look forward to the opportunity for each of our dedicated staff members to express the great work they are accomplishing on a regular basis. Hopefully those who see this newsletter will take the time to read and appreciate the impact Family Programs has on readiness, our true concern for Soldiers and Families, and the efforts put into providing an ever better system of support. I also hope that we will educate Soldiers and leaders about the importance of utilizing the available resources for them and their families. We continue to struggle, at every command level, to connect solutions to the needs of those in our care. We cannot afford to lag behind the changes that are sweeping through our organization in response to the lessons learned since 9/11. There is a clear and life-altering difference between the Soldiers who get the support they need andthose who dismiss as useless the support network available to them. This network includes the FamilyAssistance Specialists, Military and Family Life Consultants, Family Readiness Support Assistants, YellowRibbon, Youth Programs, Family Readiness Groups, Commanders, NCO‟s, Battle Buddies, and the listgoes on. No one should doubt our commitment as individuals or as an organization to the welfare of eachSoldier and Family member. Thank you to those supporting our Soldiers and Families! I look forward to seeing your stories inour newsletters.SFC John PeavyFamily Programs NCOIC 3
  4. 4. Coming Soon SOUTH CAROLINA NATIONAL GUARD MILITARY AND FAMILY APPRECIATION DAYBy Kathy DentEvent Coordinator803-206-5706 A Special Appreciation Day is scheduled to be held on April 2, 2011 at McEntire Joint National Guard Basein Eastover, South Carolina. This day of festivities is all about our families. It will include a children‟s play areawith bounce houses, an F-16 demonstration and tank static displays, horse rides for the children, food, and a concertwith local bands to end our event. There was no entrance or parking fee and all expenses were covered byconcession sales. We enjoyed our share of burgers and hot pretzels. We are excited about our day to give a big “Thank You” to our families and to show them how much wevalue what they are doing to support our military, our state, and our country. All SC National Guardsmen, Air and Army, their families, retirees, and sponsors are invited to attend.Please save the date April 2, 2011. 4
  5. 5. We Honor MG (RET) Stanhope S. Spears & MG Robert E. Livingston, Jr Adjutant General of SC South Carolina‟s Adjutant General, Army Maj. Gen. Stanhope S. Spears, relinquished leadership of the South CarolinaNational Guard to Army Maj. Gen. Robert E. Livingston, Jr. in a ceremonial change of command January 9, 2011 at the Universityof South Carolina Coliseum. Soldiers and Airmen from the South Carolina National Guard stood in formation with a massing ofcolors and representatives from each of the Major Subordinate Commands, and units from around the state. More than a thousandSoldiers, Airmen, and their friends and family members witnessed the ceremony. Addressing many of those he commanded for the past 16 years, Spears said being the Adjutant General was extremelygratifying. “Being your Adjutant General for the last 16 years has been a highlight of my life,” he said. “All of you did your jobsextremely well. As I leave here today, I offer my congratulations to Maj. Gen. Robert Livingston.” Livingston was officially sworn in as the state‟s 27th adjutant general on January 12, 2011. Unique among his fellowAdjutants Generals, he is the only elected Adjutant General in the nation. He was elected in the November statewide election, andbecomes only the sixth since 1926, following Spears and other legendary SCNG leaders, including World War I Medal of Honorrecipient Lieutenant General James C. Dozier, who held the post for 33 years. During his tenure, Spears led the South Carolina National Guard through numerous deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, theBalkans and other hot-spots around the world. Under his leadership, the South Carolina Army and Air National Guards havemaintained a renowned reputation as elite combat forces, evidenced by the many combat deployments the South Carolina NationalGuard units have completed. During his remarks, Livingston expressed confidence in those he is about to lead.―As I look out on this formation, I see great Palmetto Warriors – strong with integrity, mindful of the past and looking to thefuture. ―If you’re ready, tough times mean opportunities. Knowing what I know about the SCNG and the Military department, weare ready.‖Source: ng.mil BG Darlene M. Goff 1st Female General Officer In 1977, a young Lander College student drove by the Greenwood National Guard Armory routinely on her route to classes and wondered what life in the Guard might be like. That life turned out to be a pretty good fit for the then 21-year-old Marie McKee. Some 33 1/2 years later, Marie Goff will be pinned with a silver star making her the first female General in the S.C. National Guard. Promoted by outgoing Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Stanhope S. Spears and approved by the White House and the U.S. Senate, Brig. Gen. Darlene Marie Goff, 54, becomes one of three assistant AdjutantGenerals over the 11,155 members of the state National Guard. Goff joined the ranks of female officers in June 1981 and has been a Colonel at the Guards headquarters, where herlatest duties have included being Director of Human Resources and Vice Chief of the Joint Staff. Goff recalled her drives by theguard building near her hometown of Ninety Six. "I would see the armory every day, and I said, “Im going to go in there and seewhat they do.” That casual curiosity put her on a career path one September day in 1977. "Once they presented the information tome, I said, where do I sign? Goff received her degree in Sociology and later earned masters degrees from Webster University and the Army WarCollege. Though her career spans more than three decades, Goff said she has never been in war or deployed overseas.She has been married three years to Col. Eddie Goff, 51, whom she met while they were at Officer Candidate School. Col. Goff isChief of Coalition Development at Central Command, at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL. Goff said her chief goal in her new position will be to expand a medical directorate for keeping track of medical recordsand medical needs of all Guard members from the time they join to beyond their retirement. Its a quality of life issue that Goffsaid is close to her heart. The project is likely to take several years to become a reality, she said.Source: heraldonline.com 5
  6. 6. News From AboveT he Army Chaplaincy has a rich tradition and it is simply described as “service to both God and country.” The Chaplains here in the South Carolina National Guard work closely with Family Programs to enhance the services rendered to Soldiers and their Families. Available to those weserver 24/7, we are always ready to serve in a capacity of strong support, good faith and prayers. Let us reflect and thank Him for loving us and in doing so, God would have us to also love oneanother. Most of us have messed up somewhere along life‟s journey. God loves us just the way we are.Can we not do any less for our brothers and sisters? As the holiday season passes and the new year is underway, please allow me to invite you to renewyour relationship with God and then He in turn will help you to love one another. I have a short motto thatI use often “Love everybody you see today!” May God richly bless our soldiers on foreign soil and build a hedge around them and bring themhome safely. May He bless their Families as they go through the counted days without their loved onebeing by their side. Hope you had a great Christmas and as we continue into the New Year, may God bless all that youdo for Him!Yours in prayer,CH (MAJ) Martin E. Riser CH (2LT) Cecil Costadani SFC Brandon Brown Chaplin Chaplin Assistant (803) 806-1799 (803) 806-2247 6
  7. 7. Youth Services TeamW hat a year 2010 was for our youth! Upcoming Events Youth Camp The SCNG Annual Youth Camp, held the last Dates: 24-30 July 2011part of July, was a hit and plans for the 2011 Camp are well Place: Camp Bob Cooperunder way. We are planning to be at Camp Bob Cooper again 8001 M.W. Rickenbaker Rdwith lots of activities along with the Summerton, SC 29148favorite...PARASAILING! Keep an eye on Who: Campers; ages 10-13www.scguard.army.mil and the SCNG Family Programs Jr Counselors; ages 14-17Facebook page for the latest information and ways to apply. Cost: $150- Includes lodging, 3 meals a day, evening snacks, AND all activities. Our Youth Program is designed to provide resources Scholarships are available.and referrals to our State Families and Youth. The Scheduled Activities:development and planning for these programs, affecting the -Swimming -Fishing -Nature Trailsquality of life issues for our Family members, is challenging -Wall Climbing -Talent Show -Tubingand rewarding. Being able to contribute to the wellness of our -Planetarium -Model Rocketrymilitary Families and members by improving their lives -Campfire -Paintball -Canoeingbefore, during, and after deployment is our mission! Reaching -SO MUCH MORE!!out to the school districts bringing awareness to them of theunique challenges faced by our children during the timethrough our team presentations has been rewarding and wellreceived across the state. Our goal of being the best we can be for the SCNG isbeing accomplished by planning and hosting events such as: NGB Lead on Mentoring Team for the National Professional Development event in early February Bringing awareness to the resources and challenges for our military youth Youth Squirrel Hunt and Deer Hunts Youth Duck Hunt, Fishing Rodeo, and Turkey Hunt with the SC Department of Natural Resources as our partner James Harris Kathleen DaCamara Partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of America Youth Services Youth Services Director Coordinator 803-667-2056 803-806-4025 We look forward to an exciting new year with ouryouth and the military Families we serve. 7
  8. 8. Yellow Ribbon Team The Yellow Ribbon team has had an extremely busy time inJanuary 2011. We coordinated, and held 5 Yellow Ribbon events.They consisted of three 60-Day events, one Family Reunion event,and one Pre-Deployment event. Yellow Ribbon is the program developed to aide Soldiers andFamilies in the deployment process to make the Soldiers‟reintegration easier for everyone the Soldier touches as part of theireveryday life. The issues addressed at these events are centered onunderstanding and overcoming the impact of the Soldier‟s absenceand return. These issues include planning for changes in Terry O’Connorresponsibilities, understanding of available resources, unexpected Yellow Ribbon Coordinatorchanges, and many others. Soldiers often argue that they are fine and 803-806-2111do not need this help. These Soldiers have not paused to consider theimpact their deployment had on their friends and loved ones. It is forthis reason that we strongly encourage Families to attend YellowRibbon events. At each event, community partners are invited to participate andprovide information for the Soldiers and Families. These partnersinclude representatives from the Department of Veteran Affairs,TRICARE, Military One Source, Blue Star Mothers, Veterans ofForeign Wars Post, American Legion Post, American Veterans, andvarious colleges. The list of partners changes as new sources ofsupport are identified. It is also important for Families and Soldiers to participate SSG DeAnna Bizettebecause of the impact they have on Yellow Ribbon events. Our Yellow Ribbon NCOICinstructors seek input from participants to tailor the presentation to theneeds of the audience. But we also take feedback at each event toimprove for future events. This is done because the best experts onthe needs of our Soldiers and Families are our Soldiers and Families. 2011 Upcoming Events Date Event Unit Start End Name Type Location Name25 Feb 27 Feb 90 Day Event Post Georgetown, 1/178th SC FA Larry Crowe Yellow Ribbon Team 803-667-207525 Feb 27 Feb 90 Day event Post Manning, 1/178th SC FA25 Feb 27 Feb Post Deploy- Post Clark’s Hill ment Seminar26 Feb 26 Feb 30 Day Event Post Anderson, 2/263rd SC ADA Jason Marsh 8 Yellow Ribbon Team (803) 577-9611
  9. 9. Survivor Outreach ServicesT he Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) Program is designed to provide dedicated and comprehensive support to Survivors ofdeceased Soldiers. The team ensures the SCARNGfulfills its covenant with Survivors through IF YOU NEED HELP…sustainment of a comprehensive multiagencyprogram that: improves Soldier and Family preparedness in the event of a catastrophic loss maximizes cooperative efforts within organizations and agencies, ensures Survivors receive all the benefits to which they are entitled and encourages Survivors to remain an integral part of the SCARNG Family for as long as they desire The SOS Program provides financialcounseling referral and long term support tosurviving Family members, ensuring the survivingfamilies concerns are addressed expeditiously in aholistic approach. TheSCARNG SOS Coordinator provides the state with asubject matter expertsupporting programs and services to Survivors offallen Soldiers. The SOSCoordinator will develop, administer, and coordinateSOS programs andservices within the SCARNG.“Never Forgotten...Never Alone” Ms. Elizabeth Carney Mrs. Ashley Young 9 SOS Coordinator SOS Coordinator 803-806-1565 803-806-2959
  10. 10. Military One Source „Tis the season for resolutions, longer days, W-2‟s, 1040‟s, and getting the bills in the mail from the pre-holiday splurge shopping. The overall financial situation continues to be historically challenging, and while Military OneSource can‟t give you that raise you had been hoping for, we can help you cope with the stress of your financial situation, formulate a plan to make it better, and keep you on track with industry leading tools. It is also not too early to start thinking about Tax Day. Beginning January 17th, Military OneSource will once again be providing customized tax preparation and filing services through our website. Let Military OneSource help you celebrate a new year and seize the opportunity to make 2011 a better year. Please click on http://www.militaryonesource.com/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=4D4FKtAHWz4% 3d&tabid=165 to access a one-page flyer featuring: Webinars on Tutor.com, New Year’s Strategies for Success, Dealing with Debt, Couples and Money, among others Moderated chat Penny Pinching Strategies for Military Families Personal Budget management (booklet) Tips for Managing Holiday Stress Moderated Chat Credit Card Realities video Taking Charge of Your Money CD Financial Calculators We hope this pre-packaged list of materials and services will help you refer service members and families to Military OneSource through your own newsletters, on your Web sites, and at your events. For more information on our calendar as well as past and future themes, please visit the Service Provider Home Page - http://www.militaryonesource.com/MOS/ServiceProvidersGateway.aspx . lth!! ea ia lh a nc fin O UR kY ecCh LaTarsa R. Williams Military OneSource South Carolina MOS Joint Family Support Program Consultant Cell: 803-873-8333 Fax: 803-806-4347 latarsa.williams@militaryonesource.com To request a Military OneSource representative at your event, visit http://jfsap.mhf.dod.mil/request or call anytime 1-800-342-9647. Access online at www.militaryonesource.com 10
  11. 11. Salute to SoldiersS SG Kimberly D. Calkins comes highly recommended from the 218th MEB in Charleston, S.C. SSG Calkins was named Veteran of the Month by the Rotary Club of Charleston for her volunteer work she does with the Good Neighbors Center for Veterans based in North Charleston. She is currently aBoard member and is very involved in the new expansion of the program. SSG Calkins works full-time as a Public Affairs Specialist for the Headquarters Company, 218thManeuver Enhancement Brigade in Charleston, S.C. The Veteran of the Month award is a distinction that is given to military veterans who give back totheir community and continue to serve. Calkins was presented the award by Medal of Honor recipient,(RET) Major Gen. James E. Livingston on November 30, 2010. In 2009, Calkins was deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Unit Public AffairsRepresentative . Her military awards include; Army Commendation Medal, two Army Achievement Medals,Humanitarian Service Medal, Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal and the Global War onTerrorism Service and Expeditionary Medals.SSG Kimberly Calkins, WE SALUTE YOU!! SSG Calkins receives The Veteran of the Month award from (RET) MG James E. Livingston. ―Whether you think you can or you think you can’t-you’re right.‖—Henry Ford 11
  12. 12. Get...Stay Connected!T he South Carolina National Guard and Family Programs would like to invite you to get connected with us on Facebook. Social mediais a growing alternative in sharing information andevery advantage to get the word out increases themeasures of success. On Facebook, you will find anarray of helpful information and links to services suchas, sexual assault assistance and prevention, suicideprevention, financial aide, child care assistance, healthcare information, community events, and so muchmore! You are also welcome to share your event photosand information that will benefit other Soldiers,Families, and Veterans. We look forward to connectingwith you and extending the lines of communication intothe world wide web. Connecting with us is easy! 1. You must have a Facebook account of your own. It is free to sign up. 2. In the search box simply type: SCNG Family Programs 3. We are the Government Agency with the green Palmetto tree 4. Click the “Like” button and you‟re now apart of our Facebook family. Get the latest updates on Facebook Search ―SCNG Family Programs‖ WWW.Facebook.com Email us at: ngscfamilyprograms@ng.army.mil 12
  13. 13. In Action Terry O’Connor passionately speaks to Soldiers concerning SGT Ryan Barnes gathering toys to distribute to families drugs and alcohol along with the support staff of Keystone during the holiday season at the West Columbia/Cayce Substance Abuse Services in Fort Mill, SC on 08 Jan 2011 Parade on 5 Dec 2010.SFC Peavy and Sherry Marsh working hard to get the LaTarsa Williams (Military One Source) speaking with MSGSoldiers of the 742nd SMC and their families informed Foley and other Soldiers at a 30 day event in Spartanburg, SCabout pre-deployment on 29 Jan 2011 on 4 Dec 2010. 13
  14. 14. In Action Michelle Sprouse (Family Readiness Support Assistant) helping families at a 30 day event on 4 Dec 2010. Debbie McNamee (Family Programs Director) speaks with CPT Pope and CPT Keller at a 30 day event on 4 Dec 2010 in Spartanburg, SC.Latarsa Williams (Military One Source) speaking with MAJ Support staff from Keystone Substance Abuse Services informingBrown and MAJ Bulwinkle at a 30 day event in Spartanburg, SC our soldiers on the affects of drugs and alcohol concerning ouron 4 Dec 2010. youth on 8 Jan 2011. Fort Mill, SC 14
  15. 15. Meet Our Team Admin Team SSG Steven Jackson SGT Sabreana Anderson Administrative Assistant/ Budget Analyst SGLI Coordinator (803) 806-2666 (803) 806-2889 SGT Ricardo Rivers SPC Felicia Thomas Freedom Salute/ Supply Defense Travel System Clerk (803) 806-1054 (803) 806-1865 SPC Bonita Patrick Family Programs Assistant/ Multi-Media Illustrator (803) 806-4400 Family Assistance Specialists (FAS) Sherry Marsh Nancy Jordan Family Assistant Coordinator Family Assistance Specialist sherry.j.marsh@us.army.mil Sumter 803-667-2056 nancy.w.jordan@us.army.mil 803-730-7754 Rose Lemmons-Berry Nora Messick Family Assistance Specialist Family Assistance Specialist Rock Hill Clinton rose.lemmonsberry@us.army.mil nora.messick@us.army.mil 803-606-8295 864-387-9247 Tommy Myers Elliott Powellthomas.eugene.myers@us.army.mil Family Assistance Specialist 843-609-6580 Columbia 843-670-4372 elliott.powell1@us.army.mil 803-521-1037 T.C. Speaks Steve Sinclair Family Assistance Specialist Family Assistance Specialist Greenville Union t.speaks@us.army.mil steve.sinclair@us.army.mil 803-806-2615 803-806-2172 864-387-9245 15
  16. 16. Meet Our Team Jimmy Smithey Debbie Wyckoff Family Assistance Specialist Family Assistance Specialist Mullins Camden jimmy.d.smithey@us.army.mil debbie.wyckoff@us.army.mil 803-667-1012 803-806-1325 803-806-1014 Yvette Woodall Family Assistance Specialist Aiken vivien.y.woodall@us.army.mil 803-351-8721 Family Readiness Support Assistants (FRSA) Vacant Michelle Sprouse Senior Family Readiness Family Readiness Support Assistant Support Assistant 228th TTSB michelle.sprouse@us.army.mil 803-806-1200 Mona Johnson Dennis "Dino" RobinsonFamily Readiness Support Assistant Family Readiness Support Assistant 218th MEB FRSA-59th AVN Mona.johnson4@us.army.mil dennis.robinson7.ctr@us.army.mil 864-344-1315 803-806-2359 Rochelle Tindal Family Readiness Support Assistant FRSA- 59th Trp Cmd rochelle.tindal@us.army.mil 803-806-2904 Military & Family Life Consultants (MFLC) Tina Brown Lisa Mustard Military & Family Life Consultant Military & Family Life Consultant tina.l.brown@mhn.com Lisa.x.mustard@healthnet.com 803-767-6973 803-521-2206 803-403-6835 Kelly Earley Military & Family Life Consultant Kelly.l.earley@healthnet.com 803-834-0013 16
  17. 17. Meet Our Team Air Force Support Terry DeLille Melissa MitrikAirmen & Family Readiness Yellow Ribbon Support Program Manager Specialist Coordinator SCANG SCANG Carolyn.delille@ang.af.mil Melissa.mitrik.ctr@ang.af.mil 803-647-8089 803-583-3214 Tsgt Heather McNeil Family Programs Support Assistant SCANG Heather.mcneil.2@ang.af.mil 17