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Newsletter 3rd edition


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3rd edition to our BN Newsletter

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Newsletter 3rd edition

  1. 1. Volume 2 Issue 3<br />From the Battalion Commander<br />Inside This Issue:<br />BN Newsletter: Page 1<br />HHD: Page 2<br />129thCo: Page 3<br />710thCo: Page 4<br />759thCo: Page 5 <br />787th Co: Page 6<br />Chaplain: Page 7:<br />FRSA: Page 8<br />The past few months have been extremely busy for the entire Battalion. 53EOD have made their final preparations for their deployment and we all wish them our best. They have conducted some fantastic training events and are well prepared.<br /> The HHD is in the same phase of predeployment preparations and I am very proud of the close knit team that has come together so soon since the headquarters' last deployment. Our Rear C2 element is at full steam and in the fully capable hands of MAJ Better, MAJ DeVeny and 1SG Ertle. They will continue to provide the companies and Soldiers of the Battalion with outstanding support during our deployment.<br /> I always need to thank the hard work of our FRGs and that of Tammy Flores in keeping this newsletter current and helpful to all members and spouses in the unit. We will continue to do all we can to maintain an open information flow between our deployed units and our members back here at home.<br /> Thank you for all your hard work and continued support to our Soldiers. This is what makes me honored to be part of our great organization.<br /> “NIGHTHAWKS”<br /> LTC William Downer <br />Command Sergeant Major<br />The battalion is making it’s final preparations for the deployment and everything is going smoothly. The Soldiers have been working hard and it doesn’t go unnoticed. I am very proud of the hard work your Soldiers have been doing in order to make this deployment as successful as possible. <br /> I hope that the time over block leave was well spent as it is important for the families to spend as much time together as possible prior to any deployment. While we are gone I encourage you to utilize Mrs. Flores for any family readiness issues that may arise. She is a great asset to the battalion and works very hard for the families and their Soldiers. Plans are in the works to conduct FRG events in the future for the families within the battalion. I encourage you to attend these events as they are a good forum for you to voice concerns, issues, and any challenges that you may have while your Soldier is away. Not to mention meet new people and have some fun. You will find that the experiences of others can and will make a difference during a long deployment period. Whether you are in the Joint Base Lewis McChord area or somewhere else in the world be strong and know that you Soldier is in good hands. “NIGHTHAWKS”<br /> CSM Robert Doig<br />
  2. 2. HHD COMPANY<br />Hello Everyone!! I am SSG Tamika Titus, and I will be the Rear Detachment S1 NCOIC for the 3D EOD Bn. <br />Well, it’s about that time again. As you know, the HHD deployment is right around the corner. Hopefully everyone has been maximizing their time with their Soldier to ensure all necessary preparations have been completed for a smooth transition. <br />With all of the training that our Soldiers have had to participate in, we thank you for your patience and support. I know that this can be a stressful time; I would ask you to continue to pray for your Soldier, and keep the lines of communication open between you and our Rear Detachment. This upcoming deployment will be a successful one, but in order to keep it successful, we need to make sure we are all doing our part to support our Soldiers and you, our family members. We will continue to have “get togethers” and events for our family members, and we definitely encourage your participation. Again, thank you for the support you give to your Soldiers and the unit. We are here to provide any assistance that family members might require.<br />HHD still does not have an FRG leader. So, if there is anyone who would like to volunteer there time, please contact SSG Titus @ 253-777-8383 for more details.<br />Upcoming Unit Events:<br /><ul><li>HHD Deployment</li></ul>Hail & Farewell:<br />Hail: <br />MAJ John De Veny<br />SPC Jorge Flores<br />SPC Nichol Nun<br />Farewell:<br />SPC Gary Harders<br />Milestones/Special Occasions:<br />SPC Neshaundra Brown gave birth to Jaydyn Shawn Brown on December 3, 2009.<br />Do you have anything you would like to see in the next issue ? <br />If you have anything you’d like to share with the families of HHD or suggestions of what you’d like to see in our newsletter, please feel free to send them to Tamika Titus at<br />
  3. 3. 129TH COMPANY <br />COMPANY COMMAND TEAM<br />The 129th would like to welcome SGT Carlos Reyes, his wife Marian and son Caleb; and SPC Brian Reed to the company. They are joining us from NAVSCOLEOD having recently graduated EOD School. Welcome to the 129th EOD CO! <br />SSG Knight returned from two weeks backstopping at the Yakima Training Center where he supported the 53d EOD CO during their deployment preparation training. While there anxiously waiting for an EOD mission he conducted training with LT Chung and SGT Kern. After they returned to Fort Lewis, SSG Knight departed to the Advanced Leader Course in Redstone, AL and will later proceed to Eglin AFB, FL for Phase III. Good luck at school SSG Knight! We will see you in June.<br />1SG Frey replaced SSG Knight for his turn of backstopping the 53d EOD CO for a month. He was later joined by SPC Reed for two weeks. They conducted a great deal of training as well before SPC Reed returned to Fort Lewis as the newly appointed Unit Armorer.<br />Please take a moment and congratulate SSG Reyes and SPC Walton the next time you see them for their recent promotions. Both are well deserved and long time coming.<br />LT Chung and SGT Kern departed to join the 710th EOD CO to deploy later this year. PFC Sargent moved to the 555 EN BDE to deploy later this year as well. You will all be missed by the entire company.<br />We would like to thank Mrs. Ellie Hite for her year as the FRG Leader. She was able to gather some great information that has helped our families with finance, medical issues, militaryonesource, and other areas. <br />SGT Medina has volunteered to perform the duties as the FRG Secretary. Thank you for taking the initiative and volunteering for this position. With Mrs. Hite departing we will need a new FRG Leader. If you would like to volunteer for this position, or would like to help with the FRG in any other capacity, please feel free to call myself or the Battalion FRSA, Tammy Flores at (253) 967-9969. As we continue to grow we will have additional Volunteer opportunities. <br />CPT Jason Hite and 1SG Timothy Frey<br />Upcoming Events<br />Spring BBQ<br />1 April 2010<br />Welcome<br />SGT Carlos Reyes and Family<br />SPC Brian Reed<br />Promotions<br />SSG Reyes (1 Mar)<br />SPC Walton (1 Jan)<br />Farewell<br />LT Andrew Chung<br />SGT Rodney Kern<br />PFC Jessica Sargent<br />
  4. 4. 710TH COMPANY <br />From the Command Team<br />Happy Spring!<br />The 710th continues its busy schedule as we prepare for the next deployment. Highlights from last quarter include the continuation of the HLD mission. Every Team Leader and Team Member gain valuable experience as each unique response mission is conducted and concluded. As we continue to train our Team Members to be Team Leaders one of our NCO’s, SSG Rommel Antonio, achieved his certification. Congratulations. <br />Congratulations are in order for more recent achievements and events. SGT Gary Huhn and SPC Chelsea Strawser were both promoted. SSG Roy Crowel was awarded the John D. Woodyard Leadership Award upon graduation of the Advanced Leader’s Course at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. SGT Pual Kinyon, the company mechanic has been accepted to EOD School and will attend in May. Finally, congratulations to SPC Lance Mitchel and his wife Anna on their recent marriage. We wish you all the best.<br />The command would like to say farewell to 1LT Sanjay Jha and his wife Aubrey and his son Nicholai. Thank you for all your support to the 710th and best wishes for your future position with the 3rd EOD Battalion HHD and beyond. SSG Mathew Loebs graduated to civilian life. Thank you and your family for your efforts in support of the 710th. Good luck in your future endeavors. Before next newsletter we will farewell SGT Sherrard and SGT Carr, our two dedicated Supply NCO’s. SGT Sherrard makes her transition to civilian life in March and SGT Carr in April. Thank you for your service and we wish you the best of luck in your future. <br />Over the last two months we have had four new arrivals to the company. Welcome to the team SSG Rodney Kern, 1LT Andrew Chung, SPC William Fischer and SGT Timothy Vernooy.<br /> CPT Ty G. Dawson<br />1SG Jeremy P. Daniels<br />
  5. 5. 759th Company<br />The deployed members of our unit continue to work diligently with their counterparts from 203rd Military Intelligence Battalion as part of the Weapons Intelligence Team (WIT) Task Force. The soldiers are dispersed throughout Iraq and are busy conducting battlefield forensic investigations to aid in the counter IED fight. Their work provides valuable intelligence used to develop trends and aid in the capture suspected bomb makers. 1SG Simeroth as been working closely with FOXC while CPT Ralston prepares to assumes OIC duties at CEXC.<br /> The Company rear detachment continues to support NTC and the Homeland Defense mission at Fort Irwin. This past quarter has seen the 759th engage in Joint Training Exercises with Canadian EOD teams from TF 1-10 C-IED, and more recently with the Marines of 1st Company EOD out of Camp Pendleton. The training has been both production and very informative for our unit, as we continue to try and help NTC “train the force”. Jana Ralston, the Company FRG Leader , continues to assist the families of the 759th.<br /> 1LT Bryan R Sand <br />
  6. 6. 787th EOD Company <br />To all the family and friends of 787th EOD, I’d like to start off my comments with a few notes of good news from within the ranks. Recently, we saw the return of two of our warriors from deployed operations in Iraq, and I’m pleased to say that MSG John Green and SFC Jeremiah Gorsuch returned safely from Baghdad and are in the process of reintegrating themselves back into garrison life. I would ask that your thoughts and prayers go out to those remaining in Iraq, as 1LT Amir Abu-Akeel, SFC Paul Ness, and SSG Bryan Layne will not be returning until sometime in the March/early April timeframe.<br />As most of you already know, as we welcome those back from Iraq, we are also in the final stretch to deploy a platoon in support of 53rd EOD for their rotation to Afghanistan. As their deployment draws near, I would like to reemphasize that, as always, my door is open to spouses, significant others, parents, etc who have any questions or concerns for this deployment. Please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Sue Ho if you require any assistance either before or throughout your Soldiers’ deployment, as we will most likely not have a formal meeting for the platoons’ departure due to the short timeline. Sue Ho will be communicating with the 53rd FRG as well to keep you all up to speed on your Soldiers as their deployment progresses.<br />In other news, the company continues to reorganize from deployment and establish new training programs on Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Operational requirements and personnel have also necessitated long TDY assignments of our EOD team leaders on missions ranging from backstop of Yakima Training Center and Fort Irwin, to extended VIP missions with the Secret Service. I cannot thank you enough for all of your patience and understanding as you continue to support your Soldiers as they execute these vital EOD missions across the BN, taking away even more time that you get to spend with them outside of deployment. These and other missions will likely continue to take a majority of our EOD Soldiers and leadership away from Lewis, however myself and acting 1SG, SFC Burns, are doing everything we can to minimize these absences and give the families as much time with your Soldier as possible. As always, please accept my deepest gratitude for the support you continue to give this command and your loved ones. We can’t do it without you, and I speak for everyone when I say that without you, all of our hard work would be for not – as for in the end, it’s all about protecting those we love and our future generations to the best of our ability from future hardship and tyranny at home and abroad.<br />Officially, we only have one volunteer on orders within the FRG (FRG leader - Sue Ho). If you are interested in officially volunteering to work with Sue and the FRG please let her know by email at or phone 208-866-4689 as well as myself so that we can do up appointment orders for you and point you to any recommended resources and training venues for that position. <br />Respectfully,<br /> Luke C. Moen<br /> CPT, OD<br /> Commanding<br /> <br />
  7. 7. By Chaplain (CPT) Stephan H. Buchanan<br />Unit Ministry Team <br />The time is near, two of our companies will be out the door in the near future, one is currently deployed and another is preparing for a deployment later this year. I wish I could say that this is a rare event, but as we all know, deployments are commonplace in today’s Army. Before I go on, I ask that everyone continue to keep your thoughts and Prayers on the battalion as a whole. <br />I ask myself, with frequent deployments, how can we best take care of our families in today’s Army. Last month the 3d EOD Battalion Unit Ministry Team lead a 3 day 2 night Couples retreat at Skamania Lodge, in Stevenson, WA. This retreat was open to all married couples in the Battalion. We had 16 couples join us, all of which had a great time.<br />You might be asking yourself, “why is the chaplain going on about this retreat thing?” That is a great question!!! These retreats are NOT religious in nature. Rather, we provide practical tools that help couples effectively communicate with each other. I strongly believe that couples who can communicate together well, can solve problems together well. <br />With deployments on the horizon, communication is vital. Communication.<br />becoming a huge hit in the Army. If your spouse is here, a couples retreat is just for you!!!! OH did I mention that all of these retreats have free Child Care??<br />What are other people saying about 3d EOD Battalion couples retreats?<br />“I really enjoyed the time to spend with my spouse without having to worry about cooking, cleaning, caring for the kids or other distractions. It gave us the opportunity to talk and reconnect. The course was put together well. The speakers were great and I liked that humor was used appropriately.”<br />- Spouse<br />“I greatly appreciated the structured time to communicate. The tools for our tool box really work. We were able to practice the communication skills with the kids in child care. The great thing, this led to amazing sex!!!!! Thanks for a great weekend.”<br />- Soldier<br />Chaplain Support<br />For the duration of the HHD’s deployment. We will have a Rear D Chaplain. The contact information for CH Brady Frederick is below. <br />Thank you and God Bless!!!!<br />does not / should not stop when the <br />service member is deployed, but it does change.<br />How communication changes when deployed is up to the individual couple. Are you going to Skype, write letters by hand, send emails, make phone calls, or something else. The ways you can communicate with each other are limited only by your own imagination.<br />Are there Future Retreats Planned?<br />3d EOD Battalion is planning at least 3 different retreats for the next 12 months. The dates are not yet set, but the tentative schedule is below:<br />NOV 2010 – “Families of Deployed Soldiers”<br />NOV – DEC 2010 Couples Retreats <br />June 2011 Couples Retreat<br />I highly encourage everyone to attend one of the above retreats. If your spouse is deployed, the Families of Deployed Soldiers retreat has your name on it. This is a recent addition to the Unit Ministry Team’s repertoire and is<br />PROTESTANT RELIGIOUS SERVICES<br />Chapel next sun 1000 Four Chaplains Memorial Chapel<br /> Liturgical Sun 0800 Main post Chapel<br />Protestant sun 1000 Main Post Chapel<br />Protestant Sun 1030 Soldiers Chapel<br />Contemporary Sun 1100 McChord Chapel<br />Gospel Sun 1100 North Fort Chapel<br />CATHOLIC RELIGIOUS SERVICES<br />Reconciliation Sat 1600 Main Post Chapel<br />Mass Sat 1700 Main Post Chapel<br />Mass Sun 09000 North Fort Chapel<br />Mass Sun 1200 Main Post Chapel<br />Mass Daily 1150 Main Post Chapel<br />Chaplain Stephan H. Buchanan<br />Email:<br />Phone Numbers:<br /> Office: (253) 966-6651<br /> Cell: (253) 973-3428<br />SGT Clarence D. Slaughter<br />Email:<br />Phone Number: <br /> Cell: (253) 548-4883<br /> <br />
  8. 8. Family Readiness Support Assistant newsletter <br />Easter Egg Hunt !<br />We are in the process of planning a Easter Egg Hunt for all of our 3rd EOD Children. <br />Date: April 3rd, 2010<br />Time: 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. <br />More details will follow !<br />If you have children, that you would like to have participate in the hunt, please email their name, age, and sex, so that we can get an accurate count. Please email Tammy Flores at <br />Email due to me by COB 24 March, 2010. <br />Missing someone gets easier everyday because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will. <br />Author Unknown.<br />Great website for Military Spouses ! <br />Make sure to check out this website at then go to content/groups/military. They have a military spouses support group online, Free E-Cards, newsletters, care package idea’s, advice & tips and so much more. <br />Are you interested in volunteering ? And getting a chance to meet new people ? <br />As most of you are aware, we have the majority of our Unit that will be deployed within the next couple of months. And once they deploy, there are many spouses and family members that go home to be with their loved one’s during this difficult time. So because of that, we have lost some wonderful volunteers and we are not able to get all of our volunteer positions filled. So if you are interested in volunteering a few hours a month or a couple hours a week, we probably have a position for you, just depending on what your interests are. <br />If you would like to receive information or would like to volunteer for a position, please contact, Tammy Flores at 253-967-9969 or<br />FAME Clinic <br />(Family Assistance for Maintaining Excellence)<br />FAME provides easily accessible counseling services to spouses and children of active duty service members. Are you feeling stressed out, depressed, anxious ? Is your child having behavior problems or struggling with a parent’s deployment ? Keeping families strong is their mission . They provide a variety of counseling services including individual, family, group and group therapy. No referrals are needed to be seen. You can make an appointment by calling FAME: at 253-968-4843 or Walk-In Hours for adults only are: M-F 0800-12:00<br />