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Bn newsletter 5th final edition


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5th edition to our BN Newsletter.

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Bn newsletter 5th final edition

  1. 1. Volume 2 Issue 5<br />From the Battalion Commander<br />It has been a few months since our last installment and a lot has happened in the battalion. It is great to have the 707EOD and 759EOD back from their deployment. Job well done! We wish them the best as they reunite and spend time with their families. I am extremely proud of their service in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The HHD has been busy here in Iraq. Since the last newsletter we have transitioned from OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM to OPERATION NEW DAWN. Most of the operational focus here has been on partnership with the Iraqi Security Forces. The headquarters has taken this change in stride and continues to provide proactive EOD support to the 1st Infantry Division / USD-S. Your Soldiers here are doing a fantastic job. We look forward to greeting the 710EOD as they deploy into theater and begin their mission with USD-C. I want to continue to thank the leadership in the CONUS C2 element of the battalion, MAJ Rob Better and 1SG Ray Ertle, for their tremendous support and guidance to the units back at JBLM, Yakima and NTC.<br />We are nearing the end of our deployment and are preparing to support the 501EOD BN out of NY on their Mission Rehearsal Exercise and deployment over here as our replacements. I know the families are starting to get excited as the time grows nearer for our return and for our Soldiers to reunite with their loved ones. Know that your Soldiers have done an outstanding job in their mission and have set an extremely high standard. I am personally proud or each and every one of them and it has truly been an honor to serve with such professionals. “NIGHTHAWKS”<br /> LTC William Downer<br />Inside This Issue:<br />BN Newsletter: Page 1<br />HHD: Page 2<br />129thCo: Page 3<br />710thCo: Page 4<br />759thCo: Page 5 <br />787th Co: Page 6<br />FRSA: Page 7<br />Command Sergeant Major<br />Well several months have past since my last installment to the newsletter. The battalion has been deployed for six months now and we have been very successful with the mission and the operations that go with it. Your soldiers have been very instrumental in the partnership role with the Iraqi security forces and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. I am very proud of their enthusiasm and fervor that is put forth on a daily basis to accomplish the BN’s mission. Things have been trying at times but with that there has been no complaining and I appreciate the discipline of all involved. Now that we are approximately 90 days out from redeployment we are working to prepare the BN area for the transition to the 501st OD BN (EOD). This comes at a time when complacency can start to set in as the soldier’s excitement builds for the return home and to see their families. I am confident that this will not be the case with this crew as they are professional in all they do. As your loved one does return and reintegrate into the family system again, I would ask that you please understand and be patient with your Soldier during the process. The first couple of weeks can be a stressful time for both you and the Soldier. Until we see you on the ground at JBLM I wish you all a happy holiday season and safe travels where ever you are headed. <br /> “NIGHTHAWKS”<br /> CSM Robert Doig<br />
  2. 2. HHD COMPANY <br />Upcoming Unit Events:<br /><ul><li>HHD Redeployment
  3. 3. Christmas Party</li></ul>Hello Everyone!! I am SFC Sheets and I am the Rear Detachment S4 NCOIC for the 3D EOD BN. <br />I would like to welcome all the new soldiers and family members to the HHD, 3rd EOD BN. Its been a very challenging year so far. We have a lot of new faces in the Battalion. Next month CPT Howell will assume duties as the HHD, Rear Detachment commander. The Battalion Holiday party is planned for 17 DEC 10, with more information to be posted at a later date. Some of you might know this already but the HHD is currently deployed to Basrah, Iraq and will redeploy back to JBLM in January 2011. I know that the families are all anxious to get their loved one’s home. <br />We would also like to introduce and welcome our newly elected HHD FRG Leader, Mrs. Charity Watral. Thank You Charity for stepping up and volunteering for this position. We would also like to say Thank You to Mrs. Lan Sutton for her time, that she is devoting to be HHD’s new FRG Secretary and to SFC Jason Sheets for being the FRG Treasurer. We couldn’t do our job without your support. <br />Hail & Farewell:<br />Hail: <br />CPT Howell, Jordan<br />CPT Rock, Christina<br />SGT Malone, James<br />SPC Holmes, Chris<br />Terry Kuykendall<br />Farewell:<br />CPT Jha, Sanjay<br />Milestones/Special Occasions:<br />SPC Ruybal had her baby boy on 13 Aug at 0312. He weighed in at 7lbs 9 oz and 21 inches long. His name is Jude Xavier. Both SPC Ruybal and her Husband Jude is doing well. <br />CPT Howell and his wife Kim had their baby girl (AdalynnKadence) on 23 Sept 10. She was 6lbs 12oz and 19 inches long. CPT Howell and Kim are doing well.<br />SGT Hubbard is due next month<br />Something to add ?<br /> If you have anything you’d like to share with the families of the HHD or suggestions of what you’d like to see in our newsletter, please feel free to send them to Jason Sheets at<br />
  4. 4. 129TH COMPANY <br />The company continues on with a very full schedule in preparation for our deployment next year. Most recently we returned from two weeks at Redstone Arsenal, AL where the Soldiers learned a great deal and got to experience some outstanding training. We will continue our training throughout the remainder of the year and go right into the new year with one month at the National Training Center on Fort Irwin, CA. From there we have a small break before we conduct our culmination training in the spring.<br />The 129th has had a literal explosion of new additions to our family. From Fort Bragg, via Fort Lee, we would like to welcome our incoming commander CPT James Sealock and his family. From the 110th CHEM BN (TEU) we would like to welcome CPT Nicolas Brunnet and his family. From 555 EN BDE we would like to welcome SGT Kenneth Skinner and his family. From Signal Advanced Individual Training in Fort Gordon we would like to welcome PV2 Brittnie Burnett. From EOD School we would like to welcome SGT Andrew Allen, SPC Brian Boone and his family, SPC Robert Easley and his family, PV2 Jerome Evenson, SPC Neil Goss and his family, PFC Dillon Hileski and his family, SSG Jeremy Jordan and his family, SPC John Kohrdt and his family, PFC Matthew Makinson, PFC Derrick May and his family, SPC Jimmy McElhaney and his family, SPC Mark Moore and his family, PFC Cory Ronas, SGT German Sanchez, and SPC Matthew Sherlaw. From the 787th EOD we would like to welcome SFC Jeremiah Gorsuch and his family and SSG Travis Tilley and his family. SSG Andrew Livingston joins us from civilian life where he took a small break from the Army, welcome back! To everyone: Welcome to the 129th EOD Company! <br />Congratulations are in order as we welcome a new addition to the Dugan family with their second child and first boy, Orville Dean. In what must be the fastest delivery in recorded history Orville joined us on 12 August after Cammi experienced less than 20 minutes of labor. Welcome to the world Orville, may you find joy, happiness and success in all you do.<br />SGT Matthews and SPC Walton recently graduated the Warriors Leaders Course on JBLM, SSG Reyes graduated from the Advanced Leadership Course at Redstone Arsenal, AL and SFC Jochen graduated from the Senior Leadership Course also on RSA. Congratulations to you all! SSG Jordan and SSG Truax are both making their way to Redstone to attend ALC. Good luck to you both!<br />The next time you see SSG Knight please wish him your best as he returned from Kentucky where he married his fiancé, Rebecca, on 26 September. Congratulations to the both of them and may they have years of happiness together! With that we must also bid a fond farewell to him as he moves across the airfield to the 787th EOD. Thank you for everything and good luck!<br />Due to her work and class load Mrs. Beth Jochen regrettably had to step down as the FRG Leader. Thank you for all your assistance and good luck with school. If you would like to volunteer for the position of FRG Leader, or would like to help with the FRG in any other capacity, please feel free to call the Battalion FRSA, Tammy Flores at (253) 967-9969.<br /> 1SG Timothy M. Frey<br />
  5. 5. 710TH COMPANY <br />From the Command Team<br />The 710th continues its busy schedule as we prepare for the next deployment. Highlights from last quarter include a trip for 1st Platoon to support 1/1 HBCT at Ft. Riley. A rotation to NTC for the month of July. Two weeks of home station EOD training hosted by AT Solutions, and two weeks of EOD training a Redstone Arsenal for the month of August. During this time the 710th grew in numbers to our maximum capacity.<br />Hail:<br />CPT Nicholls PFC Conkey 1LT Castiglione<br />SGT Raimer SPC Pippert 1LT Harris<br />SPC Madison PFC Regan SPC Ancell<br />PFC Camus PFC Lewis PFC Collins<br />SPC McPherson PFC Heard SPC Neumann<br />SPC Calhoun SPC Heard SGT Feiss<br />SSG Clute SGT Williams SFC Cossette<br />Congratulations are in order for more recent achievements and events.<br />Promotions:<br />SPC Ancell<br />SPC Calhoun<br />SSG Erickson<br />SSG Theobald<br />SSG Clute<br />The command would like to say farewell to the following:<br />SGT Kinyon to EOD School SSG Clute to 129th<br />SSG McWatters to 129th SPC Calhoun to 129th<br />SGT Williams to 129th SFC Cossette to 129th<br />SPC Neumann to 129th SSG Antonio to 129th<br />SSG Crowell to 129th<br />CPT Ty G. Dawson<br />1SG Jeremy P. Daniels<br />
  6. 6. 759th Company <br />To all of you who have the pleasure of enjoying seasons other than summer, let me first say ‘Welcome to Fall’. This past quarter has seen a number of developments for us down here at Fort Irwin. First, we would like to welcome back all of Soldiers who returned from Iraq in September. The entire unit is now safely back stateside, for which we are very thankful. Their work at CEXC, FOXC and their support on Weapons Intelligence Teams was invaluable to the counter-IED fight in Iraq. <br /> As with any redeployment, personnel changes are to be expected and we are no exception. We would like to bid farewell and good luck to the following Soldiers; SPC Fragoso is heading to FT Bragg after being selected for the 28th EOD Company. SSG Phillips also headed back east to FT Benning and the newly promoted SFC White departed for FT Campbell. In addition, SPC Cabrall will soon be leaving to work at 20th CBRNE Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground and SGT Giles will be departing for Benning. We would like to wish all these Soldiers the best in their endeavors as they embark on the next stage in their careers.<br /> We would also like to welcome SPC Villa and his family to the unit and our EOD community. SPC Villa is coming to us from Georgia to take over the unit’s maintenance and repair responsibilities. We are very confident he will do well here.<br /> In other news, the unit continues to be busy supporting NTC and Yakima. Soldiers from our unit recently joined CPT Moen and members of the 787th on their recent NTC Rotation in order to support the National Guard Brigade that was here in early October. <br /> Finally, the unit will be saying goodbye to MAJ Ralston as he relinquishes command on the 28th of October to 1LT Sand. After serving as Commander for over two years, he is moving on to greener pastures, both literally and figuratively, at the DIA in Washington D.C. For the family and Soldiers of the 759th his departure will also mean the departure of Jana Ralston, our FRG Leader. Her work and presence at the unit will be missed and we’d like to thank her for her years of support.<br /> Let me wish all of you an early Happy Halloween and success in all your trick or treating endeavors<br /> 1LT Bryan R Sand<br /> 1SG Mark D. Simeroth<br />
  7. 7. 787th EOD Company <br />To all the family and friends of 787th EOD, hope you all enjoyed your summer. With any luck the good weather will continue for at least until the end of September, but in any case yet another Pacific Northwest rainy winter will be upon us soon.<br />I will keep my comments short, as it probably goes without saying that the soldiers of the 787th have been extremely busy, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. The combination of HLD, backstop response, and shortly supporting the 2/34 IBCT Iowa National Guard rotation at the National Training Center have certainly kept daily operations interesting. My thanks to all the Soldiers for keeping up the good fight, and to the families for their understanding.<br />In the weeks and months ahead, we will be working through our NTC rotation and preparing for yet more personnel movements across the BN. 787th will be entering a new deployment training cycle at the turn of the year, and as well will be undergoing a change of command towards the end of the year at a time to be determined. So, more busy times ahead.<br />To give a shout out to our sister company, anytime now 707th EOD will be returning from their 12+ month long stay in Afghanistan. Welcome back to JBLM, and our thoughts and prayers are with you as you are reunited with your family and friends. <br />Officially, we only have one volunteer on orders within the FRG (FRG leader - Sue Ho). If you are interested in officially volunteering to work with Sue and the FRG please let her know by email at or phone 208-866-4689 as well as myself so that we can do up appointment orders for you and point you to any recommended resources and training venues for that position. <br /> Respectfully,<br /> Luke C. Moen<br /> CPT, OD<br /> Commanding<br /> <br />
  8. 8. Family Readiness Support Assistant Newsletter <br />"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.<br />Welcome Home 707th !<br />We recently welcomed home our 707th Soldiers, after a long deployment. As the families where waiting for their soldiers to return and march into the classroom, there was family members, that were decorating the entire classroom to make it beautiful for the soldiers, they where setting up Care Packages for the single Soldiers, and their was family members packed together sharing stories and a lot of laughter and happy faces. There was also friendships being made. I also had the pleasure of meeting 4 families that flew in to meet their soldiers. And even though their was a delay for the soldiers to get home, everyone was still in great spirits. Thank You to all the families of 707th for your patience and your perseverance through this difficult deployment that you had to endure. <br />Holiday Planning <br />We are currently in the process of planning our Battalion Holiday Party, which is scheduled for 17 December. It will be held at the Main Post Chapel on JBLM. If there is anyone who would like to assist us with the final stages of our Holiday Party; such as wrapping children's toys, being Santa's helper, etc. Please contact Tammy Flores (FRSA) at 253-967-9969. As we get an agenda and planning is done, then additional information will be sent out to everyone. <br />Training , Classes & lessons<br />FRG Treasurers Training: 28 October 2010 <br />6:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the Family Resource Center on JBLM. a.m. To register for this class, please call the FRC at 253-967-9496. This is a mandatory training class for all Treasurer’s within each of the Company’s. <br />FRG Leadership Training: 20 & 21st October 2010 <br />9:00 – 2:30 p.m. at the Family Resource Center on JBLM. To register for this class, please call the FRC at 253-967-9496. This Training is mandatory Training for all FRG Leaders. If interested, Optional food handlers course available for training participants from 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. on the first day of the training. <br />Army 101 for Spouses: Are you tired of not understanding acronyms ? Or Army terminology ? Do you know what resources are available to military families?, If not, Army Family Team Building can help. If any of your FRG groups would be interested in having AFTB come out to give a quick brief, or give a two day course, please contact Tammy Flores (FRSA) at 253-967-9969 to set up a class. <br /><ul><li>Childcare may be available at no cost to you. You will need to reserve in advance. Please call 253-966-2490 for additional information.</li></ul>710th Company<br />We are in the process of assisting 710th to get them ready for their deployment to Iraq. They will be departing in October 2010. <br />We wish you all the best during the deployment, and please know that we are going to miss you all !. <br />710th Families that are leaving the area, please contact either your FRG Leader or the FRSA, so that we have your current contact information. We will need to keep your contact information updated at all times, whether you go on vacation or you are going home for the deployment. If you have any questions in regards to keeping us updated with your contact information, please contact Tammy Flores (FRSA) at 253-967-9969. <br />I know that deployments are very difficult for families, but I also know that you are all very strong and you will get through this deployment just fine. Please know that the Unit is here to assist you in anyway that we can, so if you have any questions, concerns or you need assistance, again, please contact your FRG Leader or myself at 253-967-9969. Thank You for everything that you do day to day in supporting your soldiers !<br />