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Stb newsletter volume_iii_(1)

  1. 1. CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK JUST CLICK “Special Troops Battalion, 1st Sustainment Brigade” Special troops battalion, 1sb BAGRAM AIRFIELD, AFGHANISTAN Reliable Newsletter STB DECEMBER 2012 – volume III BATTALION COMMANDER RELIABLE 6Dear Reliable Soldiers and Family Members, Let me start off by saying that your Soldiers are safe and making us proud each and every day. Everyone’s contributions help make the mission here in Afghanistan asuccessful one. We have been in country for approximately 90 days and time has goneby quickly. We ended November with a Thanksgiving Day feast, serving meals toSoldiers alongside other command teams from the Company up to the TheaterSupport Command to thank our Soldiers. December started with a bang as Officers, NCOs, and Jr. Enlisted Soldier were promoted and recognized for various achievements across the Battalion. We continued marching forward and presented four outgoing units with their end of tour awards.The 33rd Financial Management Support Unit, C/106th Finance Detachment, 215th Military Police Detachment andour Air Force Medics did an outstanding job while they were here. We wish them the best, but at the same timewe welcomed the 230th Financial Management Support Unit, A/230th Financial Detachment, 396th Military PoliceDetachment, and a new group of Air Force Medics to our Family. We are proud to have them join our Task ForceReliable. Each one of the new units brings with them a wealth of experience, knowledge and history. I’m veryexcited that we get to write a new chapter of history together. We started getting a few snow flurries here in Afghanistan and we couldn’t help but think about Fort Rileyand the holidays. In an effort to celebrate the holidays, we put together a Toy March here in Afghanistan. In FortRiley tradition, Soldiers ruck marched from the Brigade Headquarters to the Bagram PX. Soldiers wore festivehats and decorated their ruck sacks with ornaments and lights. On our march we sang carols, laughed, listened toholiday music, and waved to Santa as he drove by. Once we arrived at the PX, Soldiers were afforded theopportunity to donate money which was placed on a gift card. Our Reliable Soldiers donated $1,500 which wassent to Fort Riley and we also raised approximately $200 to send to Fort Bragg. These gift cards will be used tobuy toys for the annual Toy Donations on Fort Riley and Fort Bragg. Thank you all for your support and I extendto you my wishes for a safe and happy holiday season and a very prosperous New Year! Respectfully, LTC Charles A. Stamm Brigade Commander and Staff “Reliable 6” The Battalion Staff laughs and sings march towards the PX. carols on their way to donate. 1
  2. 2. BATTALION COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR RELIABLE 7Dear Reliable Soldiers and Family Members, First and foremost, congratulations to every member of the ReliableBattalion as each of you were critical to the success of this battalion during the pastmonth. Our Postmasters pushed 1,319,914 pounds of mail, the Riggers air droppeda combined weight of 282,095 pounds of supplies, and our paymasters conductednumerous rodeos in support of Soldiers who are in need of money and payconcerns. The Black Nights issued orders, guidance, and even served deliciousturkey last month, while the Warlords are always on the road conducting Convoysupport missions. It is a great honor to serve alongside each member of our diverseteam, who continuously put the needs of others before themselves. Recently, we conducted a Toy March and the altruistic behavior of our Soldiers was evident in theirgenerous giving to the deserving children within the Fort Riley community. Benevolence is defined as an act ofkindness or to give out of selflessness. Its that personification of our Soldiers that made the Toy March a hugesuccess. It is especially inspiring to see the motivation and commitment of our Soldiers as their currentperformance trends point to continued excellence in unit cohesion, communications, training and missionaccomplishment. Your Soldiers have excelled at everything we have asked them to do. Every Soldier of thisBattalion has the right to be proud of their accomplishments. To our friends and families back home, the amount of packages we receive is remarkable, theoutpouring support that continues to provide that smile, that hint of home right here in the midst ofAfghanistan. As tragedies around the world and within our own country happen, it is our resilience that willmove us forward. It is my pleasure and honor to serve as your Battalion Command Sergeant Major, Merry Christmas anda Happy New Year. “Always Reliable” CSM Thomas R. Moore “Reliable 7” STB marches proudly to the PX in Brigade and Battalion Command order to donate for the toy march. Sergeants Major ask Santa for gifts. REQUEST FOR THE NEWSLETTER BY EMAIL:
  3. 3. HHC, STB Happy Holidays! It’s been another great month and your Soldiers continue to do great thingsevery day. The Durable Troop Medical Clinic (TMC) has been tasked with the Force Health Protectionof all Soldiers within the 1st Sustainment Brigade. Not only do they provide much needed care to ourtroops here on Bagram Air Field but also those assigned to other outlying locations. This last month ourmedics have provided medical support for more than 20 convoy missions throughout the Brigade’s areaof responsibility; traveling an accumulated 8,000 miles. In addition to the medics assigned to HHC, wehave 11 United States Air Force Medics attached to the unit to help augment their mission. In the lastmonth our eleven Air Force Medics returned home and were replaced by a new group which willcontinue to assist and provide medical support to the Brigade. For Thanksgiving our Soldiers who provide oversight and contract management at Bagram AirField’s Koele Dining Facility put on a world class feast for more than 2,800 patrons. Food preparationsbegan 72 hours prior as the staff began baking a wide variety of cakes, pies and other pastry items. Inkeeping with Army Tradition, leadership from all levels participated in serving the fine meal whichconsisted of the traditional holiday turkey, ham, beef roast, stuffing, real mashed potatoes, and plenty ofassorted fruits and vegetables. Truly a great meal for the holiday away from home!Early in December we welcomed our new Company Executive Officer, First Lieutenant Jeremy Mc Kee.1LT McKee is a native of Minnesota and a graduate of The University of Kansas. He comes to us fromthe 24th Transportation Company back at Fort Riley where he served as a Platoon Leader and CompanyExecutive Officer. We look forward to having him on board as part of the HHC Team. On the first of December we again held our monthly Awards and Promotion Ceremony. We werehonored to present each of our 11 outgoing United States Air Force Medics with The ArmyCommendation Medal. Private First Class Pearce received The Army Achievement Medal and twoSoldiers received Certificates of Achievement for their contributions to the organization in building muchneeded signs and other items for the unit. Three Soldiers received Good Conduct Medals and nine juniorenlisted Soldiers were promoted. Additionally this month we had the honor of promoting Windy Ramelto Master Sergeant, Joseph Harrington to Sergeant First Class, Hein Tran to Chief Warrant Officer Three,Benjamin Greiner to First Lieutenant and Jimmy Plata & Derek Schuler to Captain. Finally, in the last30 days we re-enlisted four more Soldiers bringing us up to a total of 29 Soldiers that have re-enlistedsince arriving here in Afghanistan. Nov 1, 2012 promotion of SPC Cross, SPC Guice, SPC Korte, SPC Meyers, and PFC Harrington. HHC Soldiers pose for a quick photo while serving dinner to the troops on Thanksgiving. CPT Van Delist presents SPC Huey with the Army Good Conduct Medal. Best Regards, “VAN” “TOP” C.P. VAN DELIST ROBERT P. MCELYEA Captain, Logistics First Sergeant, U.S. Army COMMANDING FIRST SERGEANT 3
  4. 4. 647TH QUARTERMASTER COMPANY Approximately thirty-four days ago we set boots on ground with an uneasy feeling of what to expect.At this time we began our RIP/TOA process with our fellow Riggers from the 11th QuartermasterDetachment. Our Soldiers began receiving training almost immediately from their counterparts in everyaspect of the current aerial delivery mission. Over the next few weeks our Soldiers settled into theirliving quarters by putting their own personal touches up throughout their rooms. Of course they hadsome help from SPC Addie who was more than willing to build shelves, desk spaces, and a multitude ofother furniture. With all that was going on we were also trained in theater specific tasks. We received C-IED training, flight line driver training, and escort training to name a few. Now that we have been incountry for over a month our Soldiers and NCOs have settled into their roles and shown they understandwhat their responsibilities are. Being on post has become second nature to myself as well as the Soldiers and NCOs of theDetachment. We have had individuals participate in events such as the National Guard “BAF BirthdayBash” where PFC Price won the male push-up competition and SPC Contreras won the female push-upcompetition. PFC Hernandez also competed in the 5K and finished in just over 19 minutes placing himin the top twenty. SPC Hall was selected to take part in the TF Reliable and TF Sword NCO Inductionceremony in which he played a key role in its success. Several Soldiers have already started to takeadvantage of the educational opportunities and have enrolled in college classes. We are also sending oneNCO to the Promotion Board at the end of December who will undoubtedly be recommended forpromotion to Staff Sergeant. PFC Seitz and SGT Cook will be competing for top honors at the Soldierand NCO of Quarter Board where I have the utmost confidence they will do outstanding. I have had thehonor and pleasure to reenlist one Soldier, SPC Winter and one NCO, SSG Skogen in our short time herein Bagram. I always take pride when one of my own decides to continue their service to our great nation. Our FRG back home has made the process of missing family and friends just a little less painful bysending care packages with Christmas stockings inside. It didn’t take long for a Christmas tree andholiday lights to find their way inside our rigger shed. In just a few days we will be walking up anddown our main road “Disney” with decorated ruck sacks and Christmas hats for a charity event called“Operation Santa Clause.” The truth is, every one of us wishes we could be home with our family andfriends during this Christmas season. But overall, it’s not so bad being together as the 647thQuartermaster Detachment. “ALL THE WAY” 1LT Shane Covert Detachment Commander 4
  5. 5. 230TH FMSU On 1 December 2012, the 33rd and 230th FMSUs completed a Relief in Place/Transfer ofAuthority (RIP/TOA) in Bagram, Afghanistan. The 230th FMSU assumes responsibility for RegionalCommands East, North and Capital for USFOR-A. The command team of MAJ Cegledi, SGM La Fond and 1SG Combs are excited and honored tobe entrusted with such enormous responsibility and give credit to the works of MAJ Wilson, SGM Cosbyand 1SG Baxter for a seamless transition with mission command of five Financial ManagementDetachments.In addition to the RIP/TOA, the 230th had the pleasure of promoting Cory Perkey to the rank of SGT andTasha Martinez to the rank of CPT. Soldiers in formation during the 33rd MAJ Wilson and MAJ Cegledi shake hands FMSU and 230th FMSU TOA. as they transfer authority and accountability. SSG Smith pins SGT rank on SGT Perkey MAJ Cegledi pins CPT rank on CPT Martinez 5
  6. 6. 60TH ORDNANCE COMPANY Bagram Air Field, <Afghanistan> - SPC Jordan Goslin spends her days supporting thewarfighters of Bagram Airfield by counting, pulling, and preparing local issues for resident units. To dateSPC Goslin and her issue team have pulled over 719 documents for issue; an average of just under300,000 rounds per day. Since taking over the Ammunition Supply Point in June her section has issuedover $41 million in ammunition. In addition to working as a member of the issue team SPC Goslin servesas an assistant to the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team on missions to destroy code H (unserviceable)ammunition. SPC Goslin attended Basic Training at Fort Jackson graduating in December of 2010 and went onto AIT as an Ammunition Specialist at Red Stone Arsenal. She inprocessed to 60th Ordnance Companyin February of 2011 and this is her first combat deployment. SPC Goslin’s goals for the future are tocontinue her Army career and become a warrant officer, begin a family with her husband and obtain abachelors degree in Criminal Justice. On East River Demolition Range Getting Ready for EOD Mission 1LT David Carmichael 60th OD 6
  7. 7. 444TH HUMAN RESOURCES COMMAND From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Bagram, Afghanistan, the 444th Human Resources Company(Postal) has hit the ground running since they arrived in November. Taking over at the beginning of theHoliday Mail Season is a challenge that they have accepted graciously and have performed amazingly.They are responsible for postal operations in RC-North, RC-East, and RC-Capital. This venture takes ajoint team effort, with emphasis on the word joint. The 444th HR Company (Postal) is made up of aHeadquarters which is an Army Reserves Unit, the 376th Army Reserve Postal Platoon, the 909th ArmyReserve Postal Platoon, a United States Navy Postal Platoon, the 22nd Human Resources Company PostalPlatoon and the 350th Army Reserve Plans and Operations section. Pushing mail to Service Membersduring this holiday season is a great morale booster to those far away from loved ones. The operation could not be complete without the headquarters section overseeing all aspects andproviding life support for the Soldiers and Sailors of the 444th HR Company. The headquarters sectionoversees all administrative, logistical, and training tasks required to be completed. They monitor thestatus of all equipment to keep everything fully mission capable. They are the lifeline to all of theSoldiers and Sailors who are ensuring that mail is being processed properly and moving efficiently. 1SG Baker salutes MAJ Burke 444th HR Company (Postal) during Transfer of Authority guidon symbolizing official Ceremony at STB Headquarters. transfer of authority and responsibility. 7
  8. 8. 396TH MILITARY POLICE Our new home in Afghanistan is anything but normal. We live in connexes. They are large shippingcontainers that the army uses for everything. On the outside they are stacked one to three high and about six totwenty wide. They have connected two connexes on the sides to form one room. There are eight people in eachroom. Four sets of bunk beds. The bathrooms are in the center of all the connexes, one for males and one forfemales. Our rooms on the outside are tan colored. As you walk in the door you see a set of bunk beds and on theother side is a set of shelves. You keep walking back and you see three homemade doors, which are just piecesof plywood. Each door leads to another room with a set of bunk beds. All of our rooms have heating and airconditioning. They are all equipped with lights for each "room" and they have outlets. There are some shelvesand some lockers also. All the soldiers agree its way better than tents. Its pretty much like living in a college dorm. We all go towork every day and we have chow nearby. According to one soldier it is above expected standards. Soon wewill be decorating and making these places our own. We have all the comforts of home on a smaller scale. On my first day here I wrote a few words about our new home:The neighbor plays guitar softly as the sun sets. He plays a song of hope and faith. People gather outside on theporch to converse. The wind blows softly. Laughter echoes through the corridor. As it gets dark, the porchlights buzz and the air conditioners purr. The rocks shift and move as you walk by. Cars drive by and whiskaway the day. 8
  9. 9. 304TH MILITARY POLICE The 304th MP BN DET 5 has been on ground for two months and has already made its mark at theTransit Center at Manas. For the last month, DET 5 has been very busy with Customs Operations, VIP visits,involvement in the community and just all around clean fun.The missions have been heavy and the numbers have been rather substantialfor those redeploying home. During the last month over 17,700 personnelhave been inspected and cleared making it nearly 35,000 personnel clearedsince DET 5 took over in October. Along with the personnel, over 25,000bags have been cleared by the various agents that are dedicated to ensuring nocontraband/drugs or potentially harmful materials reach U.S. soil. All of this has been driven with guidance I from the man behind the curtains and at the the controls, SSG Michael Dalton the Operations NCOIC. He keeps the well-oiled customs machine running by setting Customs Clearance procedures that are currently being adopted at other Customs operating locations. The leaders on the floor, “where the baggage meets the rollers and the X-ray machine”… Staff Sergeants Timothy Young and Donald Royce and their night shift counterparts both from Mo-Town Detroit Staff Sergeants Carolann Seever and SSG John Phoenix, enforce the standards that have made DET 5 very successful inthe performance of their mission so far.During the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff visit, SPC DavidElola treated him and his staff to an excellent tour of the Customsoperations. SPC Elola was presented with coins from GeneralDempsey, SGM Battaglia and the head of the USO tour for hisoutstanding presentation. Not only is DET 5 setting the bar highfor customs operations, DET 5 performed very well during the lasttwo base wide basketball tournaments. The team managed to attain3rd Place in both tournaments with hard, gritty performances fromthe following outstanding athletes: SGT Jason Hulse, SPC CalebRozet, SPC Skylar Lopp and SPC David Farrell. Along with greatathletic talent, DET 5’s SPC Avis Greenhill volunteers his time toserve as the D.J. for service members at Pete’s Place. He managesKaraoke nights and also plays our country music favorites.DET 5 works hard and plays hard. We are a team in all we do. We are proud and honored to perform a missionthat allows service members to return home safely to their loved ones. 9
  10. 10. 267TH SIGNAL COMPANY Greetings from 267 Signal Company. The focus for this article will be on the 20 November PTChallenge. The origins of the event stemmed from the Leadership’s desire to challenge the Soldiers withPT. We do a monthly diagnostic APFT to keep tabs on the Soldier’s level of fitness, but we wanted to domore. My guidance was to create an event to push the Soldiers physically and mentally, incorporatesome teamwork elements, yet be fun and give everyone a sense of accomplishment. After tasking outone of the Platoon Leaders, we came up with the PT Challenge.The PT Challenge consisted of several stations of body weight and sandbag exercises spread throughoutthe COP perimeter ranging from burpees, pull-ups, sandbag presses to the plank. Soldiers were paired uprandomly with one other Soldier to complete two rotations around the perimeter for time. The team withthe fastest time was exempt from a guard tower shift of their choice and had bragging rights overeveryone else.From the Command Team perspective it was a tough course. We did our exercises with some pausesbetween repetitions, but we worked our way through the first lap. It wasn’t until the second lap that thelactic acid burn kicked in and I saw many buddy teams help their partners with the harder exercises.After about 28 minutes, we finally finished, tired, and sweaty. The winning team was SPC Ronald Cashand SPC Timothy Gardner with a time of 21:28.Overall, I was pleased with amount of teamwork exhibited and that everyone was giving it their besteffort. It’s during challenging events such as this that I remember one of my bosses from years backsaying, “A difficult task once started must be completed” and I’m proud to say everyone, including thecooks from 1034th CSSB, finished the event intact. Many Soldiers were exhausted from the event andhappy it was over. One Soldier claimed that he would rather do a PT test any day of the week then dothis again. But, many more appreciated the challenge and were already asking about the next PTChallenge. Sincerley, Oliver B. Highley “Warbird 6”Push-ups: Soldiers knock out push-ups Plank: The Soldiers here are almost at this station. complete with the PT Challenge and finish off with the plank. 10