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Mobile2.0 - Pop Kids


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A presentation on the Popkids concept by Jeroen Elfferich at the Mobile 2.0 conference 2007 in San Francisco

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Mobile2.0 - Pop Kids

  1. 1. Tamagotchi Find partner(s) Conceive PopKid Make choices Pay attention Raise child It's a game... Talent American Idol Skills Determination Episodical Peer pressure Location You'll need a partner... Profile Polygamy allowed Be safe You'll have a kid DNA Guidance Agreements and disagreements Challenges It's competitive Accelerated reality Show off your kid What will he/she become? Can you make it to TV? It's social... PopKid listens to your playlist PopKids Jeroen Elfferich It's aware 15 Oct 2007 PopKid has an activity stream Ex Machina PopKid goes where you go Social Gaming Technology across Mobile, Web & TV It's on your phone. And more. Mobile game Online game Services TV show PopKids Mobile2 - Jeroen Elfferich.mmap - 15-10-2007 -