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Essential Online Tools for Event Planners


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Try this amazing event management tools for organizing successful events and manage event attendees request online with help of event registration system. To learn more visit:

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Essential Online Tools for Event Planners

  1. 1. Essential online tools for event planners
  3. 3. HOOTSUITE TRELLO Hootsuite, an online Social Media management tool; manage all your channels from a single dashboard. Manage your social media communication before, during and after your event from one platform to stay involved with your attendees. Hootsuite will ensure that you never miss a comment or post from an attendee again! A free visual organiser, task and project management tool. Trello will allow you to visually organise and track your event planning tasks from the idea stage until the moment it is completed. You can assign tasks and receive feedback from your team – all from one interface.
  4. 4. EVERNOTE Evernote is an all-in-one tool where you can write, collect, find, and present – all from one workspace. Use Evernote as a brainstorming workspace; attach notes and comments to images or ideas related to your event planning. Share your work and progress with your team! Every busy event planner continuously working to improve their work efficiency and productivity during the event planning process. As we all know that there are a number of by which event planners can get a help to get good results.event registration system
  5. 5. PIXLR An easy-to-use-online photo editing tool that gives professional results in just a few clicks. Use Pixlr to quickly edit images you need for your event website or images from your event. The application is easy and quick to use so you can save time while producing stunning images! A mobile application that simplifies the process of scheduling events, meetings and appointments. Prior to your events you can send notifications to your VIP guests or guest speakers to see which dates or times they are available and plan your event accordingly. Use Doodle to facilitate your speakers’ wishes and ensure that your desired speaker makes it to your event! CLINCK Create your business cards online and send to new contacts on the spot. Perfect for networking during your events – with Clinck you can create a digital business card, which you can simply send to people using their e-mail address. DOODLEHEMINGWAY EDITOR A free online tool that effectively proof-reads your writing. Quickly proof-read content for e-mails or your event website. Hemingway is quick and easy to use – ensure that you never send out a hard-to-read piece ever again!
  6. 6. EVENTRY.COM Phone No. 010-1010340