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The Secret to Life


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Gain insight and tools on dealing with bullies as you follow Paco and his magical glasses on a journey of self-discovery.

Published in: Self Improvement
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The Secret to Life

  1. 1. THE SECRET TO LIFE Dedicated to ALL children, especially you! Written and Illustrated by: Estefana Johnson, LMSW
  2. 2. For my babies: Kailah and Christian May you always remember The Secret to Life. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without express written permission from the author, except in the case of brief quotations in critical articles and reviews. Copyright © 2017 by Estefana Johnson ISBN: 978-0-578-18937-6 Signature Book Printing
  3. 3. Paco sat on a rock, angrily mumbling to himself. He was sick of that mean boy Max calling him names and making fun of him. “I wish he would just move away” he grumbled, as he kicked the dirt.
  4. 4. Suddenly, he heard a little voice from above say “Do you know why he acts that way? Paco turned to see a blue little bird perched on a tree behind him.
  5. 5. “I-I don’t know…” stuttered Paco, as he had never met a talking bird. “Maybe because he is just a jerk?” he responded. “There is more to it than that,” said the bird. “But you have to open your mind to understand.” “What do you mean?” asked Paco.
  6. 6. “Well, right now you are wearing your angry glasses,” said the bird. “First, you have to take those off and put on The Secret to Life glasses. They will bring you understanding.”
  7. 7. Paco wasn’t wearing any glasses at all. But he figured he probably should not argue with a talking bird. Especially one claiming to know the secret to life. Paco was only sure of one thing; he did not like feeling like this every time he saw Max.
  8. 8. Paco took some deep breaths. As he felt his anger disappear, he reached for the Secret to Life glasses. “What do I have to lose?” he thought, as curiosity took him over… Suddenly… He saw EVERYTHING differently!
  9. 9. Paco could SEE thoughts! He saw words all over the place! He saw a lady walking her dog and could see everything she was thinking! “Be careful,” said the bird. “The Secret to Life can be very powerful. Use it wisely.”
  10. 10. Paco ran down the street to explore his new- found power. He noticed a girl walking down the sidewalk, looking a little gloomy.
  11. 11. Suddenly, another happy-looking girl came from the opposite side and waved as she passed her. “Hi Cassy! I love your dress!” she exclaimed.
  12. 12. As if by magic, Cassy took the happy words in, and they seemed to squish down some of the sad ones that had covered her just a moment before! Paco was astonished! It was amazing!
  13. 13. To get clearance and learn The Secret to Life, purchase your copy today! !