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Bax.cushner borelli

  1. 1. “Bax: The Adventures of a Down-and-Out Desert Dog” by Quintin Cushner Illustration by Eleanor Borelli Bax, a stray terrier mutt, is on a quest. Alone in the unique landscape of the American Southwest and tired of living rough, he yearns to find a loving owner and a stable home. During a day-long odyssey, Bax will encounter desert creatures, tailgate revelers, urban dwellers, and dog catchers. To triumph, Bax will need all of the charm and toughness his twenty-pound frame can muster. “Bax: The Adventures of a Down-and-Out Desert Dog,” is a 32-page illustrated book for children ages 3 to 8. We are enthusiastic about promoting the book and believe that its humorous protagonist, uncommon setting, enchanting illustrations, and breezy prose will captivate readers who will follow Bax through a series of adventures. In future books, Bax might visit the vet for the first time, vacation with his new family at the beach, or enroll in obedience school. Enclosed is a proposal for “Bax: The Adventures of a Down-and-Out Desert Dog,” which includes the full text as well as two possible illustrated covers and three interior pages. We appreciate your consideration and welcome any feedback you have to offer. By Quintin Cushner: 520.275.8043, Illustration by Eleanor Borelli: 301.325.4777,
  2. 2. “Bax: The Adventures of a Down-and-Out Desert Dog” by Quintin Cushner Illustration by Eleanor Borelli Cover 1, Copyright and Title pages Page 5 Bax was no morning pup, he liked to sleep until noon. So when Javie the Javelina woke him at dawn, he yawned and barked, “Too Soon!” Page 6 Bax chased his friend through the cactus and brush. Page 7 But then they saw Mama Javelina, and both went... Page 8 Hush! Page 9 As Javie got hugs and kisses from her mother, Bax lowered his head and sighed, he wanted love from another. But Bax shook it off and went on his way, Wagging his tail and ready to face the day. Page 10 Amid all the dust, the shrubs, and the mountains, Bax came upon some drinking fountains. Bax lapped up the water that spilled on the ground. He even chewed up some beef jerky he found. Page 11 With his belly full and the sun in his face, Bax decided to go and see a new place. Page 12 So Bax hopped in the bed of an old pick-up truck. He was headed for town with any luck. Page 13 The truck rolled to a stop and out came a zebra-striped man. Bax knew not what to make of this ref, so he ran. Page 14 As Bax bolted from the truck he was happy to see, party animals eating and drinking with glee! Page 15 Bax soaked up the scene of the tailgate bash. Then Bax joined in, he was happy to crash. By Quintin Cushner: 520.275.8043, Illustration by Eleanor Borelli: 301.325.4777,
  3. 3. Page 16 Bax’s tongue sweated as the day grew hotter. His eyes grew wide when he spied a poodle drinking water. The poodle gave Bax a turn at the bowl. While he slurped the team scored the winning field goal! Page 17 Bax looked up from the dish, water dripping from his beard. The crowd celebrated, Bax barked as they cheered. Page 18 But when the poodle’s owner heard Bax say “Ruff,” he told Bax to “Scram,” one dog was enough. Page 19 Bax felt sad to be alone again, so he went off in search of a master. He spotted the city lights ahead and sprinted faster and faster. Page 20 Bax looked tiny next to the buildings on the lane. Some dark clouds loomed, and soon the sky poured rain. Page 21 Scared of the bright lighting and the crashing thunder, Bax found a dumpster to hide under. Page 22 As Bax took cover from the pitter-patter of the water, a girl in a yellow raincoat passed, a shopkeeper’s daughter. Page 23 When the girl opened the door to enter the shop Bax ran inside, his fur a wet mop. The girl welcomed Bax and gave him some chow. Bax hoped this was home, he wanted one now. Page 24 The girl wished Bax would stay and be her pet. But her father’s permission she needed to get. When the girl asked, the answer was “No!” As tears fell down the girl’s face, Bax knew he must go. Page 25 A uniformed man arrived to take Bax to the pound. The girl waved goodbye to the puppy she found. Page 26 Bax sat alone in a cage that dark night. Page 27 He heard barking, but no dogs were in sight. By Quintin Cushner: 520.275.8043, Illustration by Eleanor Borelli: 301.325.4777,
  4. 4. Page 28 Bax woke to dogs barking about what they wished to achieve. They dreamt that today might be their time to leave. Page 29 Soon groups of people walked down the aisle. With so many dogs around they couldn’t help but smile. A few people saw Bax, and for a moment, they stopped. But they thought him too big or too small to adopt. Page 30 Then a young lady extended her hand for Bax to sniff. Bax knew she was nice when he caught a whiff. Page 31 “Hey buddy, come along with me,” the young lady said, scratching Bax’s chin. Bax wagged his tail and barked, excited for his new life to begin. Page 32 The young lady and Bax arrived at home. His heart raced when he saw a big front yard to roam. When Bax went inside he was amazed to discover, That he now also had an older brother! By Quintin Cushner: 520.275.8043, Illustration by Eleanor Borelli: 301.325.4777,