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Superweek 2019 - Lean Measurement


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Presented at Superweek 2019. My story is about a personal insight. I've worked as both and a developer as an analyst at the same agency. I realised that I slowly turned into the analytics guy that annoyed me as a developer when I started out at the agency. I share my experience in adopting lean to my analytics team. The goal of the methodology is to add more value to the work I do for clients, colleagues and my team members.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Superweek 2019 - Lean Measurement

  1. 1. Yo Developer, check out my awesome implementation document! Nice eh? It’s that annoying analytics guy again… Crap, I’m annoying myself…
  2. 2. Ideas Build Product Measure Data Learn
  3. 3. Ideas Learn Data Measure Product Build
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  9. 9. This is some interesting stuff you’re working on! skill
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