Business and Environment Series: Kroening - Big Picture of Downstream Waste Management


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Business and Environment Series: Kroening - Big Picture of Downstream Waste Management

  1. 1. Environmental Initiative Business and Environment Series Downstream Waste Manangement – The Big Picture Paul Kroening Supervising EnvironmentalistHennepin County Environmental Services
  2. 2. Sustainability Hennepin County Environmental Services
  3. 3. Triple Bottom Line Hennepin County Environmental Services
  4. 4. GHG’s by Sector Total U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Economic Sector in 2010Hennepin County Environmental Services
  5. 5. Waste Contribution to GHG’s Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions by SourceHennepin County Environmental Services
  6. 6. Greenhouse Gases by Systems Systems-Based View of U.S. GHG EmissionsHennepin County Environmental Services
  7. 7. Materials ManagementHennepin County Environmental Services
  8. 8. Flow of Materials Hennepin County Environmental Services
  9. 9. Energy Savings from Recycling * Assumes recycled materials would otherwise have been landfilled. Includes embedded energy.Hennepin County Environmental Services
  10. 10. Recycling and Jobs•  Recycling creates 5 times more jobs than landfilling - materials sorters, dispatchers, truck drivers, brokers, sales representatives, process engineers, and chemists•  2011 - 36,981 - total job activity associated with recycling manufacturing including downstream jobs Hennepin County Environmental Services
  11. 11. Waste Management GoalsHennepin County Environmental Services
  12. 12. Long Term Goals - 2030Hennepin County Environmental Services
  13. 13. What’s Left in Waste Hennepin County Environmental Services
  14. 14. Waste by CategoryHennepin County Environmental Services
  15. 15. Recycling Not Mandatory•  State and Counties recycling by businesses not mandatory•  Some cities business recycling manadatory – MPLS, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park•  Recycling is exempt from State & County SW taxes and fees – 31.5% in Hennepin, almost 50% in Ramsey Hennepin County Environmental Services
  16. 16. PET Recycling Industry Data Hennepin County Environmental Services
  17. 17. Paper Recycling•  Amercian Forest and Paper Association set target of 70% recovery of paper for recycling by 2020•  Estimated recovery in 2011- 66.8%•  Regional paper mills - St. Paul, Becker, Duluth, Iowa, Wisconsin, OntarioHennepin County Environmental Services
  18. 18. Evaluate Opportunities•  Review recycling guidelines in your communities•  Audit your waste•  Review waste disposal and recycling contracts – communicate with vendors, suppliers•  Communicate clear guidelines to employees Hennepin County Environmental Services
  19. 19. Product Design•  Recyclable in current collection programs?•  Extended Producer Responsibility•  Collection system must make sense – convenient, easyHennepin County Environmental Services
  20. 20. Recycling Expensive?•  Collection costs of reycling and waste similar•  Garbage tipping fees $45-50/ton plus taxes and fees•  Recycling has value – currently around $100-115/ton – processing cost $50-60/ ton•  Organics and recycling tax exempt Hennepin County Environmental Services
  21. 21. Pricing for Waste Services•  Basis for cost of waste, recycling, and organics frequency of collection•  Charged per pickup – to minimize cost reduce collection frequency•  Maximize volume of containers – adjust collection as needed Hennepin County Environmental Services
  22. 22. Assistance Available•  Business recycling directory –•  County and City SW staff•  MN WasteWise•  MN Technical Assistance Program Hennepin County Environmental Services
  23. 23. Contact InfoPaul KroeningSupervising EnvironmentalistHennepin CountyDepartment of Environmental ServicesEmail: 612-348-6358Website: Hennepin County Environmental Services