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Session 24 ic2011 darby

  1. 1. Green Jobs in the Louisiana Forest Sector Supply-ChainRyan D. Olson, Richard P. Vlosky, Paul M. Darby, and Dek Terrell Forest Products Society 65th International Convention June 19-21, 2011 Portland, Oregon
  2. 2. Outline• What are Green Jobs?• The Louisiana Forest Sector• Study Objectives• Methodology• Results• Conclusions
  3. 3. Overview of Green Jobs • Green jobs are well-paying • Green jobs tend to be local jobs • Green jobs contribute directly to preserving or enhancing environmental quality • Green jobs provide pathways out of poverty • Green jobs require some new skillsSource:
  4. 4. Green Job Activity Categories • Education, Public Awareness, and Compliance • Energy Efficiency • Green Certification* • Greenhouse Gas Reduction • Pollution Reduction and Cleanup • Recycling and Waste Reduction • Renewable Energy*Unique to our studySource: U.S. Department of Labor
  5. 5. Green Jobs Definitions • A green job is defined by its involvement in a green activity – one that helps protect or restore the environment or conserve natural resources. • A primary green job is one that has a primary focus on a green activity.Source: Louisiana & Mississippi Green Job Consortium
  6. 6. Green Jobs Definitions Green jobs are: • Jobs in businesses that produce goods or provide services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources. • Jobs in which workers’ duties involve making their establishment’s production processes more environmentally friendly or use fewer natural resources.Source: Louisiana & Mississippi Green Job Consortium
  7. 7. Green Job Category Activities Examples of accurate green job activities Green Job Category Accurate Green Job Activities• Education, Public Awareness and • Certification Training DirectorCompliance • New Product Development for Home• Energy Efficiency Insulation• Green Certification • LEED Coordinator • Carbon Capture and Sequestration• Greenhouse Gas Reduction Research • Manage Facility’s Storm Water Run-• Pollution Reduction and Clean-Up off • Manufacture Products from Recycled• Recycling and Waste Reduction Materials• Renewable Energy • Fuel Grinding Operation
  8. 8. Green Job Category Activities Examples of inaccurate green job activities Green Job Category Inaccurate Green Job Activities• Education, Public Awareness and • Safety OfficerCompliance • Every Employee Turns off the Lights• Energy Efficiency at Night • A Fork-Lift Operator in a Company• Green Certification with an FSC Chain-of-Custody Certificate• Greenhouse Gas Reduction • Hybrid Fleet Bus Drivers• Pollution Reduction and Clean-Up • Maintains Cleanliness of Repair Shop • Every Employee Participates in Office• Recycling and Waste Reduction Recycling • Every Employee in a Facility Using• Renewable Energy Solar Energy
  9. 9. Louisiana Forest Sector• $3.1 billion economic impact in 2010 • 14 million acres of forestland (50% of land area) • 148,000 forest landowners • Private non-industrial ownership: 81% • Forest products industries ownership: 10% • Public ownership: 9%Source: 2011 Louisiana Forestry Facts – Louisiana Forestry Association
  10. 10. Louisiana Forest Sector Louisiana’s second largest manufacturing employer: 12,694 jobs Harvesting and transportation: 8,000 jobsSource: 2011 Louisiana Forestry Facts – Louisiana Forestry Association
  11. 11. The StudyFunding from the U.S. Department of LaborFirst study to examine green jobs in the LA forest sector supply chain Study Objectives 1. Characterize green jobs across activity categories 2. Estimate the number of green jobs and wage impact in the Louisiana forest products supply chain 3. Predict growth potential in green jobs in the sector
  12. 12. The Study The sample frame for the study included all Louisiana companies in 53 NAICS code categories ranging from logging to newspaper publishers to home center retailers. Forest landowners were not surveyed. Data was purchased from Best Mailing Lists, a nationalprovider. The method of data collection was a mail survey questionnaire. Survey procedures were conducted in accordance with the Tailored Design Method (Dillman 2000)
  13. 13. Louisiana Green Jobs Survey Pre-Testing Questionnaires 7,740 surveys mailed, 2,761 were undeliverable, not Revision appropriate, or unwilling to participate Pre-Notification Postcards 251 usable surveys 1st Mailing Adjusted Response Rate=5.0% Reminder PostcardsSecond Mailing to Non-Respondents
  14. 14. Respondent DemographicsWhich activity/activities best describe your company’s position in the Louisiana forest products sector supply chain? Percent of respondents by activity (n=251) (multiple responses possible)
  15. 15. Respondent Demographics Which of the following operations does your company currently have located in Louisiana?Percent of respondents by operations (n=251) (multiple responses possible)
  16. 16. Respondent DemographicsPercent of Respondents by 2010 Revenue (n=230)
  17. 17. Respondent DemographicsRespondents are in 50 of 64 parishes in Louisiana (n=228) Highlighted Parishes were represented by survey respondents Red indicates the top 10 parishes by number of responses
  18. 18. Results Actions and attitudes toward green activities and jobs (n=237) Statistically Yes No sig. diff.Do you believe sustainability is important to your company? 80% 8% **Do you believe green practices add value to your company? 53% 27% **Have your customers ever requested green products? 46% 45%Has your company ever requested green products from a 42% 49%supplier?Are green practices a priority to your company? 31% 58% **Does your company prefer suppliers with green certification? 25% 52% **Is your company willing to incur additional costs to provide 15% 63% **green jobs?*statistically different at α =0.05**statistically different at α =0.01
  19. 19. Results Correlations of Green Attitudes to Revenue, Full-time Employment, Current Green Jobs, and Green Jobs in Five Years Mean of Green Attitudes* Pearson Correlation Sig. (2- n Coefficient tailed) Revenue 0.107 0.105 230 Full-time Employment 0.209 0.001 240 Current Green Jobs 0.309 0.000 232 Green Jobs in Five 0.337 0.000 229 Years*green attitudes represent the mean response to the following questions:• Are green practices a priority to your company?• Do you believe sustainability is important to your company?• Do you believe green practices add value to your company?
  20. 20. ResultsDoes your company have Do opportunities exist forany current projects that current employees to move may create green jobs? into a green job category? (n=244) (n=238) Yes (24%)
  21. 21. ResultsIf your company has projects that may create green jobs, please indicate which activities below best describe them. Number of projects by category (n=244) (multiple responses possible)
  22. 22. Results Please indicate the likelihood of each of the following to spur green job creation within your company. Scale: 1=very unlikely; 2=somewhat unlikely; 3=neutral; 4=somewhat likely; 5=very likely (n=226)*statistically different at α =0.05**statistically different at α =0.01
  23. 23. ResultsPlease estimate the percentage of your employees that currently have green jobs/will have green jobs in five years. (n=229) Percent of Employees
  24. 24. Results Percent of accurate and inaccurate green job activity descriptions (n=166 descriptions)• Maintains • Bundlecleanliness of cardboard forrepair shop recycling• Safety advisor • SFI Certification• Carpenter •EHS manager Accurate (81%)
  25. 25. Results In the Louisiana forest products supply chain: Avg. number of green jobs per company: 2.7 Number of companies: 4,968 Green jobs employment (est.): 13,199 Green jobs annual wages in 2010 (est.): $494.3 million** Using Oregon average hourly wage rate for a forest sector green job of $18.73/hour as a proxySource:
  26. 26. SummaryIn the Louisiana Forest Sector Supply Chain…… • Nearly a half billion dollars in Green Job wages are estimated to have been paid to over 13,000 employees in 2010. • There are misconceptions about the green job definitions. • Education is necessary to ensure understanding of green jobs so the can be properly measured. • Profitability and Government Incentives were the two strongest drivers of green job creation. • On average, respondents expect the percent of employees with green jobs in their companies to increase 33% in the next 5 years.
  27. 27. Questions? Comments? Please Contact: Ryan D. Olson Graduate Research AssistantLouisiana Forest Products Development Center Louisiana State University Agricultural Center Baton Rouge, LA 70803 225.578.7015