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Policy Forum Series: Grant - Role of Natural Gas in Electricity Generation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Policy Forum Series: Grant - Role of Natural Gas in Electricity Generation

  1. 1. Natural Gas and Minnesota’s Energy Future Bill Grant, Department of Commerce
  2. 2. }  Current and projected price of natural gas ◦  Impacts of hydrofracking ◦  Demand for electric generation, exports}  Characteristics of gas for utility planners ◦  Environmental considerations ◦  Natural gas vs. coal, vs. renewables, vs. energy efficiency ◦  Electricity generation as valley-filler ◦  Fuel of choice for repowering projects
  3. 3. }  Resource plans ◦  How will customer needs be met over next 15 yrs.}  Certificate of Need ◦  Size, type, timing for facilities over 50 MW}  Siting and routing ◦  Mitigation of environmental impacts ◦  Public involvement}  Rate case ◦  Prudency of costs; who pays
  4. 4. Alternatives Forecast Alternatives Environment  &   Forecast Socioeconomics Existing   DSM Generation Strategist   Model Facility  Approved Size,  Type,  &   Timing   Approved Finance   Assign  Costs Alternatives Adjustments Environmental   Public   Review Participation Forecast   Design  RatesAdjustments Rate   Increase   Siting/Routing   Approved Approved  &   Constructed
  5. 5. }  Natural gas for electric generation likely to grow in near to medium term}  Minnesota well positioned with gas supply}  Drivers include: ◦  Continued low cost ◦  Need for replacement of older coal capacity ◦  Load following support for variable renewables ◦  Valley-filling profile