Using IP Cameras and Advanced Analytics to help Protect Critical Infrastructure


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Leveraging the technology advancements in video analytics, THRIVE Intelligence has developed an end-to-end video monitoring and management service from the camera to the Monitoring Center where video is monitored 24/7 by trained Security Intervention Specialists.THRIVE IP cameras are installed with edge-based video analytics making the camera intelligent. When an alarm or event occurs, it’s immediately reviewed by special screened, trained and certified personnel at our Monitoring Center, who will dispatch officers or first responders (if necessary), based on the event protocols set. THRIVE analytics eliminates incidents of false alarms and operator interaction ensures proper response. Live footage of events can be streamed directly to customers and to law enforcement officers en route via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. iOS and Android apps have been developed to work with the THRIVE solution. THRIVE’s video analytics first stabilizes the image then learns the environment which allows our analytics to automatically overcome environmental conditions such as: light changes, repetitive motion, and adjustments to the image caused by rain, fog, dirt and low light.

In this presentation, THRIVE will demonstrate the capabilities of its camera analytics and our 360 solution that is offered to end users.

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Using IP Cameras and Advanced Analytics to help Protect Critical Infrastructure

  1. 1. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL V2.0 A Universal Services of America Company
  2. 2. Agenda • The Evolution of Video Management • Video Management Market • Solution Overview • Monitoring and Response Center • Customized Value
  3. 3. Video analytics overcome human error “After 12 minutes of continuous video monitoring, an operator will often miss up to 45% of onsite activity. After 22 minutes of viewing, up to 95% is overlooked.” – Buyer Beware, Oct/Nov 2002 “The ability of the technology to analyze large volumes of data (video) and distinguish the valuable bits of information yields significant cost savings in terms of limiting monitoring personnel.” – Archana Rao, Sr. Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan, Newswire Today, Nov 2009 Video analytics radically change the value of video surveillance “Without intelligence, video surveillance is a passive tool.” – TI, IMS VCA Conference 2007 Video analytics enable video surveillance to work smarter Evolution of Video Management
  4. 4. Value Demonstration Video motion vs. video analytics.
  5. 5. True Video Management should be an END-TO-END SECURITY SOLUTION • Edge based cameras to 24/7 monitoring center • Best-in-class video analytics • Event-based and proactive monitoring and response • Industry leading recruiting, training and certification of our Security Intervention Specialists and monitoring center service Additional Details • Ability to use existing hardware • Emergency Management • Alarm Monitoring and Dispatch • Leverage boots on the ground with enhanced capabilities The Thrive Difference
  6. 6. Solution Overview How does a TRUE end-to-end solution work? 1: Cameras with edge-based video analytics are installed.
  7. 7. Solution Overview How does a TRUE end-to-end solution work? 2: Protocols events and alarms are defined, allowing every installation to be tailored to the customer’s needs and provide true integration from the field to the monitoring center.
  8. 8. Solution Overview How does a TRUE end-to-end solution work? 3: Events are immediately reviewed 24/7, eliminating the occurrence of false alarms and ensuring immediate analysis and response.
  9. 9. Solution Overview How does a TRUE end-to-end solution work? 4: Live footage can be streamed, allowing first responders or customers to see events as they occur.
  10. 10. Solution Overview How does a TRUE end-to-end solution work? 5: Audit Trails history and events are available for review.
  11. 11. Value Demonstration Effective virtual boundaries enable perimeter protection of your Critical Infrastructure
  12. 12. Value Demonstration Separate events from non- events and filter out non- human subjects. Customized virtual lines can trigger immediate event review & response.
  13. 13. Value Demonstration Take control of your inventory protection and fixed asset security.
  14. 14. Value Demonstration
  15. 15. Intuitive Operator Interface • Regardless of the security devices monitored, THRIVE ties together “islands of technology” into a simple and intuitive operator interface for event management. • Operators only need to learn one platform, eliminating the need for expertise in multiple technologies. • The THRIVE Intelligence interface guides the operator from alarm to event resolution by intelligently automating the process.
  16. 16. Risk Mitigation Monitoring and Response Center Dallas, Texas • 24/7 monitoring and response center providing field operations and customer support • 24,000 square foot facility with state-of-the- art monitoring technology infrastructure • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Certified • Central Stations Alarm (CSAA) Five Diamond Certified • Monitored by certified security intervention specialists with customized recruiting/selection, training and certification processes • Full disaster recovery with diesel powered generation and redundant UPS
  17. 17. Case Study Take control of your inventory protection and fixed asset security.
  18. 18. Case Study
  19. 19. Case Study
  20. 20. Current Guard Hours Per Week 336 Number of Cameras being Monitored By THRIVE 16 Hourly Rate 15.00$ Monthly Monitoring Cost Per Camera 60.00$ Monthly Guard Costs 20,160.00$ Revised Guard Hours 168 Annual Guard Costs 262,080.00$ Hourly Rate 18.00$ Monthly Costs 13,056.00$ Annual Costs 156,672.00$ Initial Hardware Investment 35,000.00$ Guard Costs year 1 262,080.00$ Savings Year 1 70,408.00$ Guard Costs year 2 262,080.00$ Savings Year 2 105,408.00$ Guard Costs year 3 262,080.00$ Savings Year 3 105,408.00$ Guard Costs year 4 262,080.00$ Savings Year 4 105,408.00$ Guard Costs year 5 262,080.00$ Savings Year 5 105,408.00$ Total 5 Year Guard Cost 1,310,400.00$ Total Five Year Savings 492,040.00$ Total 5 Year THRIVE Cost 818,360.00$ Cost Reduction 37.55%
  21. 21. Customized Solutions • GPS Tracking • Fire/Smoke/Burglary Alarm Verification • Personal Emergency Response • Appear/Disappear Detection • Color Detection • Access Control • Business Intelligence • Customer Traffic Analysis • Restricted Area/Zone Management • Employee Behavior Monitoring Customized Value  Ease of deployment  Capability to leverage existing investment  Integrator partners throughout the US; or can partner with existing relationship  THRIVE equipment 30% more cost effective on average  Direct from manufacturer  Custom designed systems by our engineers for your need  “Force multiplication”  Make on-site personnel more effective and aware  Proactive Solution  Analytics combined with state of the art MaRC provides proactive intelligence and response
  22. 22. • True analytics add significant value to the end user • Adequate setup is required • Education is crucial to determining value proposition • The industry is shifting rapidly • One size does NOT fit all Summary