Prevent the crime, don't just record it


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Overview of the VideoIQ prevention solution and why pattern analysis can help prevent the crime! Learn how to enhance existing surveillance systems with advanced analytics using easy to install and cost-effective multi-channel video analytic appliances.

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Prevent the crime, don't just record it

  1. 1. VideoIQ helps you prevent the crime,not just record it.
  2. 2. VideoIQFounded in 2007VideoIQ is the leader in theapplication of intelligent analyticsto video surveillanceAward winning analyticsdeployed everywhere fromhigh-end residential tonuclear power plantsWorldwide channelrelationshipsBring prevention solution toeveryday security problems
  3. 3. Prevention = Analytics + MonitoringHow do you prevent bad things fromhappening?
  4. 4. Evolution of SecurityDEFENSIVEPassive DeterrentSolutionFences, signs & rewardsIneffective & inefficient1980PREVENTIONActive PreventionSolutionLive detectionInstant notificationEvent verificationresponseTime to react to incidentScalable and affordable2013FORENSICArrest & ProsecutionSolutionMonitoring & evidenceEffectiveness improvedComplements onsitesecurity professionals2000
  5. 5. Analyticsthe brains behind prevention
  6. 6. Video Analytics TechnologyVIDEO MOTIONDETECTIONAny change from oneframe to another isimportant“FRAME DIFFERENCING”ADVANCED VIDEOMOTION DETECTIONAny change that deviatesfrom a background modelis as important“BACKGROUND MODELING”ADVANCED VIDEOPATTERN DETECTIONHumanAny change that has apattern of a known objecttype is important“PATTERN MODELING”Types of Analytics Technology
  7. 7. AVMD Vs. Pattern ModelingAVMDAlgorithms focus onunderstanding the sceneUse knowledge of the scene viacalibration to classify objectsPattern ModelingAlgorithms focus onunderstanding the objectsUse classification of objects tounderstand the scenePattern Modeling: Best accuracy without having tosample every pixel
  8. 8. Where’s Waldo?
  9. 9. There’s Waldo
  10. 10. Three Analytics Must-Haves•  Ease of Install•  Megapixel Analytics•  Accuracy to Enable Monitoring
  11. 11. Ease of Install•  Easy to install•  All-in-one solution•  Work right of the box•  Self-learning•  eliminates calibration•  minimizes maintenance
  12. 12. Megapixel Analytics•  Megapixel analytics•  Complement MP video•  Better accuracy•  Better resolution = betteraccuracy
  13. 13. Teach-By-ExampleAccuracy to Enable Monitoring•  Self-learning•  fewer false alarms•  recognize people, vehiclesand ignore animals•  Teach-by-example•  Operator makes systembetter
  14. 14. Monitoringthe other half of prevention
  15. 15. Types of Problems SolvedYard Coverage Building Security Fence / Secure AreaAsset Protection Property Monitoring Open Space / Park
  16. 16. Implementing Prevention1.  Determine application fit2. Design your solution3. Choose monitoring partner
  17. 17. Application FitLowCameraCountHigh
  18. 18. 18All-In-One Camera1080p Analytics+750GB Storage1080p Camera+
  19. 19. Add Analytics to Any CameraRialto R-SeriesAnalog | IP | Hybrid•  Field-upgradable•  Up to 16 D1 channels•  D1 or 1080p resolutions•  4 analytic blade slots•  Base units include2 blades•  2 TB on-board HDDRialto A4Analog•  Fixed,, PTZ, andthermal cameras•  Up to 4 CCTVD1 channels•  40 GB SSD / 500GB HDDRialto I4IP•  Fixed and thermalIP cameras (H.264)•  Up to 4 D1 or 21080p channels•  40 GB SSD / 500GB HDD
  20. 20. Anywhere, Anytime MonitoringVideoIQ Mobile•  iOS and Android•  Instant notifications•  Live video verification•  VideoIQ Rialto and iCVR-HD cameras•  Designed for smartphones & tablets•  Audio talk-down straight from device
  21. 21. Perimeter Protection Design••  Customized site maps•  Coverage areas basedon FOV•  Print out design forfuture reference
  22. 22. Perimeter Protection DesignExample of perimeter protection design print-out
  23. 23. Monitoring Providers
  24. 24. 3.38.312.1Prevention in ActioniCVR or Rialtodetect an intruderInstantNotificationReview eventon mobileReal-timeresponseTalk down viaphone and camera-linked speakerReal-timeresponse80% effectivein preventionIntruder fleesOn-site securityor lawenforcementcalled to respondReal-timeresponse
  25. 25. Summary1.  Determine application fit2. Design your solution3. Choose monitoring partner
  26. 26. Success StoriesSaving time, money & resources
  27. 27. Prevention Success StoriesCritical InfrastructureAuto DealershipsEducationCommunities & Campuses
  28. 28. Critical Infrastructure Story28 On-going copper theft & vandalism•  Recent copper theft cut electricity to one-third of customers..•  Property loss and replacement expensive•  Sheer luck in stopping theft; no instantalarms or notifications•  Difficult to secure three substationslocated 5 miles apart•  IT infrastructure maxed out•  Existing surveillance system onlyrecorded eventsVandalism negatively impactedcustomersGardner Electric Utility
  29. 29. The Prevention Solution•  Updated 10 old cameras with HD cameras•  Record in high definition•  Instant event notifications•  Keep staff, customers and people safe fromhigh-voltage equipment•  24/7/365 monitoring with alarm company•  ROI: < 1 year•  False alarms dramatically reduced•  System accurately classifies & trackspeople in critical areas•  No reported thefts or vandalism sinceinstall (2+ years)PREVENTION = SUCCESSSolution provides reliability, safetyand electric rates low.29
  30. 30. Education Story30 $6.5M in vandalism over a 5 year period•  Increased stress among parents forstudents’ safety.•  Negatively impacted academicperformance•  Feeling of ‘urban’ decay negativelyimpacting city•  Extensive property damage – 600panes of glass broken in one incident•  Arson prevalent as well as vandalism•  Physical security challengingNegative impact on students
  31. 31. The Prevention Solution•  Installed VideoIQ full HD cameras withanalytics & remote guarding service•  $380K in reduced costs (90%reduction)•  Immediate improvement in classperformance•  300 cameras over 20 schools•  ROI: < 1 year•  False alarms dramatically reduced•  Money now used for other schoolimprovements•  Staff and students feel SAFEPREVENTION = SUCCESSSafe schools improved concentration andperformance31
  32. 32. Automotive Story32 Company with distributed outdoor assets•  After-hours guards - $100,000/yr.•  No logging or accountability•  Inconsistent results across sites•  High theft target•  Average losses: $6,000+/month•  Physical security and protectionchallenging•  Physical locations store hundreds ofvehiclesIneffective security
  33. 33. The Prevention Solution•  Installed video remote monitoringw/audio talk-down•  $30,000 installed cost per site•  Company pays monthly recurringfees for video monitoring•  ROI: < 1 year•  Theft and vandalism dramaticallydecreased•  Minimized probability of lossPREVENTION = SUCCESSAudio talk down results in increased deterrence33
  34. 34. Gated Community Story34 Real-time Perimeter Security•  Record and store forensic quality video•  Decrease costly false alarms•  Stop suspicious people at the perimeter•  Reduce security presence but increasepersonal safety•  Secure a 145-hectacre perimeter•  Reduce dependency on expensiveguard patrols•  Protect against lighting strikes &network downtimeFeatherbrooke ResidentialCommunityEnsure peace of mind withoutimpacting beauty of communityCase StudyThe Result - Improved Security & Reduced Guarding CostsNow Featherbrooke’s control room operators are notified of any potential threats or incidents before they happen by trig-gering video alarms on the outside of the fence, preempting incidents before any possible breach.Further, guards can now instantly respond to any incident with accurate, current information on the exact location, descrip-tion & count of people or vehicles to apprehend.Reasons for Selecting VideoIQCost & ROI - As VideoIQ requires no servers or other hardware infrastructure the cost of installation and implementationhas not just saved overall system costs (such as storage, software licenses & expensive networking hardware) but alsoreduced the indirect costs of extra guards, beams, fences or control room staff to monitor screens. Also, being fully scale-able means that if Featherbrooke want to change or expand they can simply add more devices without modifying or up-grading existing infrastructure - they can simply add VideoIQ units as & where needed!Detection - minimising false alarms often caused by rain, animals, vegetation or anything moving that is not a human orvehicle was key for an effective system. Responding to actual events using true intelligent analytics that have proven to bethe best available means that guards and controllers have a real tool to ensure proactive surveillance. Also running all thetechnology inside a single device ensures that the control room is not bombarded by video streams or false alarms.Network - as each VideoIQ iCVR acts as an independent device with it’s own rules and storage, there is no need for anover robust network or constant streaming. The solution at Featherbrooke simply involved mounting the units on poles atthe perimeter and connecting them back to the control room via the network.Installation &Training - VideoIQ iCVR’s install just like any PC on a network so Syscontrol were able to pre-configure andquickly install them on site when the poles were in. All that is required for the control room is a Windows PC.Automated Guarding at Featherbrooke Estate
  35. 35. The Prevention Solution•  Deployed all-in-one HD cameras alongperimeter•  Record in high definition•  Instant event notifications•  No impact on network•  24/7/365 on-site monitoring with instantalerts and event verification•  ROI: < 1 year•  False alarms dramatically reduced•  Effectively respond to incidents withreal-time information (location,descriptions, type of vehicles)•  Fewer outages due to weatherPREVENTION = SUCCESSSolution provides reliable andaccurate perimeter surveillance.35 Case StudyThe ChallengeThe residents of Featherbrooke ( in Guateng, insist on knowing that they are safe in theirhomes day & night. As one of the most prestigious estates in South Africa, the home owners did not want tocompromise on security on their perimeter yet still wanted to maintain the rustic & rural ambiance of the settingwhile working within a very reasonable budget.The most significant challenges they faced included:1. Early warning of possible in-cidents on the perimeter in allconditions without falsealarms2. Reduce costs & dependencyon patrolling guards & cameraoperators for detecting3. Highest possible video qualityfor forensics, without requir-ing expensive & redundantnetworks/bandwidth4. Low civil works, operation &maintenance costs5. Protection from lightningstrikes6. All within a limited budgetalong with quick & modulardeploymentThe SolutionAfter considering several options Featherbrooke decided to install VideoIQ’s HD SmartGuard iCVR devices .The solution was quickly installed on the perimeter & integrated into the estate’s control room by SysControl( ) - one of VIdeoIQ’s accredited partners, & preferred supplier to Featherbrooke. Theresult is a perimeter electronic guarding system that isolates each pole, dramatically reducing the risk of dam-Perimeter Solution at Featherbrooke EstateFeatherbrooke Estate selects VideoIQ to secure the perimeter& pre-warn of incidents, improving safety & reducing theirdependency on patrols & guards.After considering several options Featherbrooke decided to install VideoIQ’s HDThe solution was quickly installed on the perimeter & integrated into the estate’s( ) - one of VIdeoIQ’s accredited partners, & preferred suppresult is a perimeter electronic guarding system that isolates each pole, dramaticage and outages from lighting strikes while also elimwith mains power outages or running mains powerThe final design includes :✦ VideoIQ Full HD SmartGuard Systems with IQ T& various early warning rules set per device✦ High power infrared LED directional illuminator✦ Solar panels with battery reserve at each pole ftors & HD SmartGuards for lightning isolation✦ Simple Layer 2 Korenix fibre network linked to1
  36. 36. Real-life events“In the first week of deploymentour VideoIQ systemimmediately alerted us of anintrusion into our substation.The suspect was convicted ofnine copper thefts from anumber of our substations.”Fortune 100 Energy Company
  37. 37. Proven Solution“We love how easy it is towork with VideoIQ.”“I installed a VideoIQ system and that night, itprevented a burglary. Worth every penny.”“I save tens of thousands of dollars a year onsecurity guard forces alone…”“… and audio talk down, thatworks and it’s really effective.“
  38. 38. Thank Youvisit us: videoiq.comcall us: 781.222.3069follow us: @videoiq