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Architype - Delivering Radical Low Energy Performance with BIM


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Presentation given by Elrond Burrell, Associate at Architype Ltd, at NBSLive 2013 in the BIM room.

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Architype - Delivering Radical Low Energy Performance with BIM

  1. 1. Delivering! Radical! Low Energy! Performance! with BIM
  2. 2. Be Social #NBSLive #BIM #Sustainability #Passivhaus @ElrondBurrell @ArchitypeUK
  3. 3. We design Life Enhancing
 Sustainable Architecture That Works
  4. 4. Overview BIM Passivhaus BIM + Passivhaus BIM 4 Passivhaus Outcomes
  5. 5. BIM “Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the process of generating and managing information about a built asset over its whole life.” Cabinet Office 2012
  6. 6. BIM A quality assurance delivery strategy to provide the right information at the right point in the process
  7. 7. Passivhaus “…the world’s leading standard in energy efficient design” Optimal Comfort (ISO 7730) Minimum Energy
  8. 8. PHPP “simplified models, precise data” Accurate Open Parametric Instant
  9. 9. Passivhaus A quality assurance standard that ensure that the right information is used at the right point in the process to deliver reliable energy performance & comfort.
  10. 10. BIM + Passivhaus Process + Information + Model and test - Not box ticking - Not sexy graphics - Not on site
  11. 11. BIM 4 Passivhaus Simple + Useful + Productive 1.  Visual interrogation 2.  Accurate Live Numerical Data
  12. 12. Visual Interrogation Design coordination / integration Thermal Continuity Heat Loss Envelope
  13. 13. Design Coordination
  14. 14. Design Coordination
  15. 15. Thermal Continuity
  16. 16. Heat Loss Envelope
  17. 17. Accurate Live Numerical Data Treated Floor Area (TFA) Actual Volumes Ventilation Volumes Heat Loss Areas Window / Door Opening Areas
  18. 18. Areas and Volumes
  19. 19. Heat Loss Areas
  20. 20. Opening Areas
  21. 21. Outcomes 2 x 65kW Boilers for a 2200m2 School 25kW peak heat demand = 5x oversized! 90% reduction in gas consumption
  22. 22. Fresh Indoor Air
  23. 23. “We feel that our children are more alert and attentive in lessons due to the amount of daylight in classrooms and the fresh air throughout the school ... learning has been enhanced” Sara Morris, Head Teacher
  24. 24. Conclusion Use BIM to support the Passivhaus design process People design sustainable buildings not software!
  25. 25.