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PASSIVHAUS IN PLAIN ENGLISH & MORE. The story behind the blog.


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The story behind why I have started a personal blog called Passivhaus in Plain English & More.

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PASSIVHAUS IN PLAIN ENGLISH & MORE. The story behind the blog.

  1. 1. PASSIVHAUS IN PLAIN ENGLISH & MORE The story behind the blog.
  2. 2. Who’s telling this story? I am. Hello, my name is ELROND BURRELL. I am an Architect and Passivhaus enthusiast. (Or should that be evangelist?!)
  3. 3. I work for a great firm of architects and I love my job. THIS IS MY PERSONAL BLOG. So all the opinions expressed are mine. That's right, feel free to blame me if I get anything wrong.
  4. 4. Back to the story. I care about people and the planet. REALLY CARE. And I just wish architects would stop designing buildings that are bad for people and bad for the planet...
  5. 5. …that just don't live up to their PROMISES.
  6. 6. …energy guzzling, uncomfortable, unhealthy buildings, BELCHING OUT CO2.
  7. 7. So I really love the PASSIVHAUS standard. It brings integrity to architecture (and architects!)
  8. 8. It DELIVERS on promises that so many architects make but fail on.
  9. 9. Radically LOW ENERGY consumption.
  10. 10. Excellent indoor COMFORT & air quality.
  11. 11. Reliable PERFORMANCE you can trust.
  12. 12. Robust, EASY-TO-USE buildings.* *Of course, some designers are so dedicated to over-complicating buildings that even Passivhaus can't save you from them!
  13. 13. PASSIVHAUS buildings are good for people. And good for the planet.
  14. 14. Passivhaus buildings are part of how we must respond to CLIMATE CHANGE.!
  15. 15. Oh, and Passivhaus is about DESIGN, not ticking boxes. Architecture is about design. Who wants to spend their day compiling paperwork to tick a box? Not me.
  16. 16. But people often find PASSIVHAUS a bit daunting, a bit too technical. A bit too building-science geeky.
  17. 17. It's not that bad though. After all, I understand it (mostly.) And I'm an architect.
  18. 18. So I thought I'd write about PASSIVHAUS, IN PLAIN ENGLISH (& MORE) to be helpful.
  19. 19. After all, don't YOU want buildings with integrity? (And architects.)
  20. 20. Buildings that are GOOD FOR PEOPLE?! And good for the planet?
  21. 21. PASSIVHAUS IN PLAIN ENGLISH & MORE. It's over at, please visit. I hope you find it useful.
  22. 22. PS I know what some of you are thinking: PASSIVHAUS isn't the answer to everything that needs to change for architecture to be good for people and good for the planet.
  23. 23. That's why the title says “& MORE”.
  24. 24. Am I speaking to you? Aside from you can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+. Let's connect.
  25. 25. Is there SOMEONE YOU KNOW who should be reading this? Please share, be social and spread the word.
  26. 26. Made it all the way to the end? THANKS for reading, let’s change the world.