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Ccd group pd

  1. 1. New York City School Library System New York City Department of EducationOffice of School Programs and Partnerships Office of Library Services May 30th, 2012
  2. 2. Goals of CCD Collections Provide access for students, teachers and administrators in New York City schools to exemplary collections and noteworthy print and non-print resources in all curriculum area
  3. 3. Goals of CCD CollectionsPromote implementation of thealignment of the Common CoreLearning Standards and the InformationFluency Continuum (IFC) by providingequitable access to unique andspecialized materials with the purpose ofincreasing the reading of nonfiction text
  4. 4. Goals of CCD CollectionsPromote the sharing of these materials among school libraries in New York City
  5. 5. How to Share the CollectionOnline Tools: Online catalog School or library website Web 2.0 access points (LibGuides)Interlibrary Loans: Point-to-Point Digital loan (e-books)
  6. 6. How to Promote the CollectionDefine the vision for the collection How does it relate to the curriculum in your school? How does it support the integration of the CCLS? How does it enhance the existing library program?
  7. 7. How to Promote the CollectionBuilding Level Promotional Strategies Professional Development for Staff (Lunch and Learns) Staff/Departmental meetings PD Express
  8. 8. How to Promote the CollectionCitywide Promotional Strategies NYCSLS Conferences nyc slist @n etpa  Fall Conference ls.lo sft.c om  Spring Exploratorium NYCSLIST postings NYCSLA meetings
  9. 9. CCD and LibGuidesWhy LibGuides? More interactive than wikis Links to online catalog Reproducible Shared content in LibGuide Community
  10. 10. NYCSLS Campus LibGuide
  11. 11. The Campus CCD LibGuide
  12. 12. Your page minimally includesthe following “boxes”:This CollectionHighlighted Titles from the CollectionHow This Collection is Used in My SchoolCurator
  13. 13. 1) AccessThe Campus CCD LibGuide click on your collection’s page2) Complete the 4 boxes on yourcollection’s page3) Add at least one additional box
  14. 14. CCD and Destiny Copy Categories Visual Searches
  15. 15. How do I create a category? Open the “Copy Categories” tab of Library Search, Media Search, or Textbook Search, in the Catalog. Next to “Add Copy Category” at the top of the page, enter a unique name of up to 30 characters. If you want this category available to your patrons, clear the “Restricted” check box. Click . The copy category appears in the “Copy Categories” list.
  16. 16. Visual SearchVisual Search allows you to promote your CCDcollection in an easy and iconic way with asymbolic image.
  17. 17. Customizing Your Own ListClick on Catalog=>Search Setup Main Categories Sub-categories
  18. 18. Clicking on the edit button (for the folders) allows you tochange the visible image that appears and to rename thefolder if you would like to change the category.Clicking on the edit button for the eyeglass icons allowsyou to change the parameters of the materials includedin the search.
  19. 19. Links for Images Destiny graphics Google(Search for icon and clip art after searching for topic)
  20. 20. Enjoy your lunch!
  21. 21. CCD and Books In Print
  22. 22. Quick Search in Books in Print
  23. 23. Advanced Search in Books in Print
  24. 24. CCD and Complete Connection
  25. 25. Independent Work •Explore Complete Connection using the subject matter of your CCD Collection Begin building a list in Books in Print using the subject matter of your CCD Collection Please share comments and feedback with representatives from Bowker
  26. 26. Next Steps Populate Destiny Copy Category Finish LibGuide Start building lists in BIP for ordering in FY13
  27. 27. Thanks for coming!Contact us with any questionsyou may have.Have a great summer!