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2012 fall conference photos


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2012 fall conference photos

  1. 1. 2012 Fall Conference Capitalizing onTeaching & Learning through Libraries
  2. 2. Exhibits
  3. 3. Exhibits
  4. 4. Exhibits
  5. 5. Exhibits
  6. 6. Exhibits
  7. 7. Exhibits
  8. 8. Author Speed Dating: SecondaryAuthor Marc Tyler Nobleman discusses his book, Bill the Boy Wonder: The SecretCo-Creator of Batman
  9. 9. Author Speed Dating: SecondaryAuthor Andrea Davis Pinkney discusses her newest title, Bird in a Box
  10. 10. Author Speed Dating: SecondaryAuthor Doreen Rapapport discusses her newest title, Helens Big World:The Life of Helen Keller.
  11. 11. Author Speed Dating: Secondary Author Christopher Grant discusses his book, Teenie.
  12. 12. Author Speed Dating: SecondaryAuthor Zeina Abirached discusses her graphic novel, A Game for Swallows: ToDie, to Leave, to Return.