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Virtual Reality for Safety Training



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Virtual Reality for Safety Training

  1. 1. Impactful Training with Virtual Reality The Complete Handbook for VR Powered Training
  2. 2. Challenges of current training Unavailability On-demand Evaluation of effectiveness Paperwork & Documentation Dedicated Resource Allocation Lack of realism in mock drills Monotony of teaching mediums
  3. 3. Overcome challenges with VR Powered Training
  4. 4. VR: Effective Training Tool 94% Mine’s work force preferred VR as a teaching medium compared to other methods Mine’s work force rated ‘Good’ for perceived level of realism in visual content 77% 43% Sources: 1.Virtual reality for mine safety training in South Africa by A.P. Squelch, Research study published first at the Minesafe International Conference in Perth 2. Coal Mining Services Australia, Annual Report 2012-13 Reduction in Lost Time Injury rates by introduction of VR training
  5. 5. Case Study #1 VR Powered Training at The School of Mining Engineering, UNSW Australia
  6. 6. School of Mining Engineering enabled students go beyond the text book Training Modules in the VR Suite: • Self Escape: Emergency situation within a virtual simulation of a long wall mine • Outburst: Virtual reproduction of an often-fatal outburst event, allowing students to investigate • Terrain Exploration: Virtual surface environments that exist near a mineral deposit • Mining in a Global Environment: Panoramic view of the Ranger Uranium Mine and its local environment They partnered with industry professionals in building a comprehensive Virtual Reality Suite to train students
  7. 7. Case Study #2 How VR benefited a training services provider
  8. 8. Coal Services Pty Ltd. has developed the most advanced VR training simulator Virtual Reality Simulations: • Fully functional open cut and underground mines • Operational Longwall • Strata Control • Emergency Events • Safe Standing Zones • Mines Rescue Competitions VR simulators deliver life saving outcomes by allowing trainees to practice in hazardous, virtually constructed scenarios The most advanced VR training simulator includes curved screen, 360 degree theatre and the domes Benefits of VR Training Simulator: • Trainees have multiplayer VR training • Enabled off-site training • Reduction in transportation costs
  9. 9. Why VR powered training is impactful Lecture Reading Audio-visual Demonstration Group Discussion Learning by doing (VR Powered Training) Learning by teaching others Learning Retention Rates 5% 10% 20% 30% 50% 75% 90% Source: National Training Laboratories, USA
  10. 10. “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” - Confucius
  11. 11. Getting started with VR Powered Training Transform scenarios into simulations
  12. 12. VR Training Platforms Headset Device Software Oculus Rift PC/Laptop Oculus SDK* + Unity 3D** Samsung Gear VR Smartphone Samsung SDK + Unity 3D Google Cardboard Smartphone Cardboard SDK + Unity 3D * Software Development Kit ** Cross-platform engine for 3D experiences
  13. 13. Training Scenarios  VR Simulations EchelonVR™ Engine 3D Modelling of scenarios Virtual Reality Training Simulations Oculus Rift Samsung Gear VR Google Cardboard Choosing training scenarios
  14. 14. Build your first VR training module Explore Mining Equipment in VR Download our FREE app Determine training objectives Choose training scenarios Decide VR training platform Develop VR training module
  15. 15. Elevate Mine Safety with VR We’re happy to help you get started. +1.408.647.3050