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  1. 1. GowebbabyGowebbaby is Google No.1 Positioned “ WordPressDesigner” WordPress web design and WordPress webprogramming company. It is a global Software and IT Solutionleader trusted by more than 700+ clients across NorthAmerica, UK, Australia, Ireland, Germany and France OurWordPress designers has designed and customized more than500+ custom WordPress websites and 1000+ powerful WordPressblogs for many small and large businesses.
  2. 2. Why is my WordPress websiterunning very slow?
  3. 3. content Introduction Few major issues why WordPress websites running slow? Unwanted plugin Cache Choose an excellent Hosting Provider Optimize the database Upgrade the latest version
  4. 4. IntroductionLot of people complaining, why my WordPress blog is working very slow?Their are different reasons behind website Loading very slow or WorkingVery Slow? More traffic on your website it means more links andslower this process becomes. Slower websites creates problems for yourcustomary website guests and affect your online returns directly orindirectly. The main cause of these issues is the big images unruly plug-inor slower servers.
  5. 5. Choose an excellent Unwanted Hosting plugin Provider Few major issues why WordPress websites running Upgrade slow? the latest versionCache Optimize the database
  6. 6. Unwanted PluginsThe most common reason behind WordPress website is working veryslow is plugins. We all love plugins… But several times we installedplugins which are slight useful for our website. So install only thoseplugins which You badly required.Here are some guidelines for plugin use for speedy-sites: Only install useful plugins. Install plugins on a testing site first. Disable or delete the plugins that are of no use for your WordPress website Don’t use a plugin if you can use code
  7. 7. CacheA WordPress cache plugin can create a big difference onyour blog or WordPress website rate. You should have installed one if your website is running slow. You can hireany WordPress designer if you are not able to do this.Few plugins you can use are – WP Super Cache: This plugin is a variation of the WP Cache plugin. It stores data as HTML so that a page visit does not require a trip to the database. W3 Total Cache – This plugins does everything that WP Super Cache plugin does but with different bells and whistles, including managing your CDN, minifying your JavaScript and CSS, and caching your database queries.
  8. 8. Choose an excellent Hosting ProviderThis can be a difficult task- specially if you’re not known with the facts ofweb hosting. When you set up your first website, will go with a popularand low-priced shared hosting option like GoDaddy and Host Gator . If you want an trouble-free life avoid GoDaddy. Always get Linux hosting, Make sure it meets the minimum requirements for WordPress. Shared hosting will be slower than dedicated hosting. Remember that the speed of your website will be affected by the number of people using that hosting.
  9. 9. Optimize the databaseThat may be the other reason why your Website Is running Very Slow,Might be your database is causing the problems. You can use WP-Database Manager plugin to fix any database errors, verify your error log in,you might be able to find some error code which indicate that yourdatabase is having some problem, If you are not able to solve this higher anyWordPress developer to complete this task.
  10. 10. Upgrade the latest versionAlways try to use latest version of all your WordPress plugins. It’s possiblethat some essential files have been corrupted or deleted by mistake. To fix thatcomplexity simply improve it. But before improvement take a full backup ofall your data and verify that your present theme and plugins are compatiblewith each others.