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Mass e-Learning Solutions- eShiksha Concept Note_Schools

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Mass e-Learning Solutions- eShiksha Concept Note_Schools

  1. 1. Mass e-Learning Model at Low Cost A Concept Note
  2. 2. Our Vision and Mission Create an education ecosphere and provide value offering to individuals, institutions and governing agencies to enable, enhance, foster, promote and deliver effective learning solutions at least cost with a mission of “EDUCATION FOR ALL”. K-12 Spectrum
  3. 3. Our USP The concept and model adopted is based on mass reach. Multiple language support without any software/hardwa re dependency Solutions and services on multiple platforms such as mobile platform, desktop solutions etc. Available in multiple languages. The delivery platform, content, and services are indigenously developed and owned under the registered trademark of ‘eShiksha - INDIA LEARNS HERE’. The end-to-end requirement is met for end user without any dependency on factors such as connectivity, hard ware or software. The solutions and services do not have platform and hardware dependency allowing services to be provided to masses at a fraction of the cost of what is available from other online education service providers. Mass Reach Model Indigenous & Proprietary No Dependency Multiple Language Affordable Solutions Multiple Platforms
  4. 4. Market Offerings Vs AMALGA’s SMART CLASS • Educomp • HCL • Everonn • Tata Classedge • Pearson • NEXT Education Content • Educomp • HCL • Everonn • Tata Interactive • Pearson EduriteOne • IDAA • NIIT LMS • Genpact • G-Cube • Tata Interactive • NIIT • CDAC Online education • Merit Nation • Extramarks • Topper learning • eProf • MathGuru AMALGA’s eShiksha
  5. 5. Service Offerings Content • Academic Curriculum • Simulated learning • Multimedia • Localization Learning Management System • User Tracking • Online Reporting • Scheduling • Collaboration eGovernance • Workflow Systems • Centralized Reporting • Online Registration • Remote User Management Dedicated Hotline • Expert Help • Support Helpdesk • Information centers
  6. 6. Whats In It For - Students • Get Online and Offline access to content and services Anytime Anywhere • Get complete coverage of syllabus • Get highly Interactive and multimedia Rich content Learn Your Curriculum • Get online mock and simulated tests • Get options to take online tutorials Assess Your Learning • Get detailed performance reports • Identify and Improve Weaknesses • Define your Learning Plan Improve your performance • Bridge Courses • Mock Tests Missed Learning • Get to collaborate online with teachers and other students • Get to engage and participate in national and international events organized by eShiksha • Instant Helpdesk support Instant Helpdesk • Blogs • Forums • Chats Collaborative Learning
  7. 7. Whats In It For - Teachers Resource: Get resources that help in teaching- Pre Structured teaching aids Tools for enhancing Teachers productivity • Access to a Question bank with thousands of questions • Able to create their own schedule and teaching curriculum • Maximize scope of engagement in curricular component Online evaluation and reports for each students performance • Collaborative partnerships for developing CCE practices Build entrepreneurial skills in teachers Establishing e-study circles Training: Able to undertake numerous programs offered for teachers development
  8. 8. Whats In It for - Parents •Get Report digests every week by email Regular Feedback •Collaborate with the Teachers and administration through forums and chats and blogs Collaborative Forums •Provide feedback and inputs to teachers for any school related activity Contribute •Receive updates through App and mails for the school and learning activities Stay Informed
  9. 9. Service Features
  10. 10. Content Features Modular Small content chunks to enable repackaging Quickly deployable on compliant platforms Simulated Provides complete Hands on experience for better understanding Multimedia Equipped with Audio / Video / Animation / Graphic Assessment Entry Level Assessment Practice Review Exit Level Feedback Corrective feedback Guidance Custom Learning Path
  11. 11. All content delivered in regional language • Supported by audio The interface is also available in regional language Learners can type and submit in regional language without any additional hardware and software. • Learners don’t need to learn typing in Regional Language Queries and answers can also be done in the regional language Blogs and discussion forums will be populated by the translated content from other forums Language Support
  12. 12. Learning Management System Online User Tracking • Tracking usage history • Tracking last visited and bookmarks Scheduling • Class schedules • Recurrence schedules • Organizers Reporting • Usage History/Completio n • Course completion • Attendance • Alerts Collaboration • E-mails • Alerts • Chat • Discussion forums • Social networking
  13. 13. Implementation Models
  14. 14. Online Model
  15. 15. Offline Model
  16. 16. Hybrid Model
  17. 17. And You Pay Yes Only Rs. 1/- Per day for each user* * Subscription fee is paid for a year. Service tax is charged at 14%
  18. 18. Team Gautam Sinha • 18 Years into the eLearning and ITes Industry • Headed operations in organizations such as NIIT, Robert BOSCH, Innodata, Parsec etc. Cdr Sanjeev Raman • An Alumnae of IIT, Kanpur, JBIMS and NIT, Surathkal • 25 years varied experience in in marketing strategy, JV, MOU, contract evaluation, Project Management, Government Agency liaison etc. M. V Narayana • 25 years of experience in International / national NGOs and research organizations • Senior Program Manager: JSI India ; Finance and Program Manager: Partnership for Child Health Care, Inc. [BASICS project funded by USAID]; Nielsen [ex ORG- MARG] S. S. Upadhyay • 30 + Years of Professional Experience in in Telecom / IT- Ites / Software / E-learning / E-governance / Consulting / Infrastructure Companies • COO –ConsultaUs; Head -SAPG & ITeS Delivery - Vayam Technologies Ltd; Vice President: Bartronics India Ltd. ; COO: India Card Technology Pvt Ltd.
  19. 19. Gautam Sinha +919871139955