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People and Performance UK

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People and Performance UK

  1. 1. Presentation ofPeople & Performance A/S We recruit, we train, we develop, we dare advise
  2. 2. People & Performance A/S Kasper Urth Torben Nørby Niels Prehn Anders Jørgensen Jeppe Rimmen Jens Duedahl Executive Officer Executive Officer Executive Officer Senior Consultant Senior Consultant Senior Consultant Carsten Juul Carlsen Mogens Fog Martine Midjord Carsten Leth Hansen Bjarne Lauridsen Tine Maud Belfiore Camilla Wolff Senior Consultant Senior Consultant Senior Consultant Senior Consultant Senior Consultant Senior Consultant Senior ConsultantCharlotte Kehlet Godt Doth Schmüchker Per Pilgaard Jesper Staack Krab Jeppe Dalgaard Mads G. Tørnqvist Senior Consultant Senior Consultant Senior Consultant Senior Consultant Consultant Consultant Marie Juelshøj Charlotte Holtze Anja Mansur Malene Lyse Else Bartholdy Marianne Skriver Stine Kjær Pilgaard Head of Back Office HR Coordinator HR Coordinator Legaard HR Coordinator Nielsen Trainee Controller HR Coordinator We recruit, we train, we develop, we dare advise
  3. 3. Our Approach StrategyContext Process Performance Culture Competences People
  4. 4. Business Areas Performance Management Situational Leadership Distance Leadership Organisational Development Outplacement Business Coaching Implement Strategy Recruitment Conflict Handling DevelopStrategy Assessment Leadership Value Processes Recruitment Leadership & Strategy & Business Outplacement Management Development• DiSC • Team• Hogan Human Factors • Stress• MBTI/JTI • Motivation Human Resources Business Skills Change HR Strategy Communication Change Management HR Outsourcing Sales Technique Mergers & Acquisitions Talent Management Chairing Meetings Engagement Surveys Project Management Employee Development Cross-cultural fluency Presention Technique Negotiation Technique Planning & Prioritisation Stakeholder Management
  5. 5. Experience From smaller manufacturing- and service companies to large From Western Jutland through Europe by China to the U.S. –international corporations – The base of experience is broad! We have gathered experience globally Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, U.S. Our solutions are custom made – starting with the reality of the company in focus!
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Recruiting Process Job and First Second Locate Signing and Candidate Interview Interview Candidate Introductionrequirements Phase Phase Presentation of Candidate Test and person Work analysis Internal database candidates to the correspondence analysis client Communication ofChoose recruitment Evaluation of External databases In-depth interview refusal to remaining channels applicants applicants Advert Preliminary Advertising References Process evaluation preparation interview Evaluation for Overall evaluation Follow-up second phase Communication of refusal to remaining Candidate report Warranty applicants Communication of Preliminary refusal to remaining presentation applicants
  8. 8. The Recruitment Edge Consultants & Support• Recruitment of Board • Leadership experience Members, Managing Directors, • Extensive recruitment and search experience Functional Managers, • The entire team, not only a few consultants Managers, Specialists • Consultant with a strong support ratio• Candidate Evaluations Candidate database and process • Google and combinational search in• Attraction Strategies database • Active since 2007 • Integrated in all recruitment processes• Job & Function Descriptions • Well documented processes• Assessment of Managers and Personal Profile Analysis Management Teams • Strength/front profile • Development/shade profile • Motivation and value profile• Assessment Centre • Solid Danish and International validation• Career Counselling Intelligence Test • Words, numbers and figures• Introduction Programmes • Learning • General knowledge HTS • Solid Danish and International validation• Dismissal & Outplacement