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  1. 1. Ibnu Maksum aka iBNuX &
  2. 2. Web Launcher Simple No Need a lot of skill Still Needed Your first code  Gain visitor to your site Need development tools Disturb browser client Need Sign Key Ibnu Maksum A.Md
  3. 3. Web Works Simple No need skill for web apps Only need Text Editor and compiler Need Sign key OS 5 Above Ibnu Maksum A.Md
  4. 4. Sign Key Free No Need CC anymore Ibnu Maksum A.Md
  5. 5. Web Launcher New Project Setting New File Save Package Sign Ibnu Maksum A.Md
  6. 6. WebWorks Create Config.xml File Configure Packaging Compile and sign Ibnu Maksum A.Md
  7. 7. WebWorks Command Compile and Sign Smartphone bbwp “D:web” /g password Tablet bbwp "" -gcsk mycskpassword -gp12 myp12password - buildId 10 Ibnu Maksum A.Md
  8. 8. Terima Kasih ry-developer/ Blackberry-developer+subscribe Ibnu Maksum A.Md