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Online Travel Communities session at the 2013 E-Tourism Africa Summit by Jerome Touze Co-founder of Wayn.com

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  1. 1. www.wayn.com The Travel Social Network
  2. 2. •The world’s largest travel and lifestyle social network with 22 million members •WAYN is a Social Recommendation engine •We influence travel and buyer decisions and promote new destinations, activities and interests around the world! WAYN.com [Where Are You Now] – Who we are:
  3. 3. UserUser Our Journey so far… WAYN – 2003 to 2005
  4. 4. UserUser Our Journey so far… 2005 •Grew to 1m users in 6 months •Raised $11m Series A 2006-2007: Jerome decides to go full time Summer 2009 Brand review with aspirational focus Jan 2011 •Site re-launch to drive engagement •Reached profitability •17m members 2012-2013 22m users, 19m visits Total Visits (Millions – 60 days) 2006-Q4FY08 30m 25m 20m 15m 10m 2005 2006 2009 2011 2012 2013
  5. 5. Our platform attracts the largest Airlines, Travel Companies, Tourism Boards and Lifestyle brands Some of our partners:
  6. 6. • 22 million registered users • Growing by up to 4,000 new registered users daily • Over 19 million visits in the last 60 days alone • 85 million page views per month • 30 million photos – growing by over 25,000 new photos daily • 70,000 trips, activities, tips and reviews added daily • Over 1 million messages and rates sent every day WAYN IN NUMBERSWAYN in numbers:
  7. 7. 58% travel for Adventure, Beach & Cultural Experiences Gender Split: Male 60% | Female 40% Age Breakdown: 18-39: 69% | 40 - 49: 17% | 50+: 14% Three quarters in full time employment Over 70% college educated or higher 75% book their travel itinerary online 8MM Trips planned. 53% travel 1-2 times, 19% over 5 times per year Our users – who are they:
  8. 8. We are the only media platform focused on intentions: we know where our users want to go and what they are interested in doing… OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITIONWhy we are unique:
  9. 9. Now, let’s look at the travel funnel… OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION
  11. 11. • Our users are on WAYN to be inspired • Our Auto-Add Friend Request is an alert sent to the user as a recommendation once the user visits your page • Once connected, the link between your company and the user remains in perpetuity • Upon accepting users are taken to the branded profile Discover America has added you as a friend Auto-Friend Request
  12. 12. This allows your brand to build a strong user base quickly South Africa Tourism is a great example of that: OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION
  13. 13. UserUser January 2010: 359 Fans of South Africa
  14. 14. UserUser January 2011: 49,921 Fans of South Africa
  15. 15. UserUser September 2013: 655,000 Fans of South Africa…and counting!
  16. 16. Getting users attention during the Aspiration stage can also be done with powerful visuals… Images are very powerful if used well OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION
  17. 17. OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITIONSt Helena Tourism:
  18. 18. OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITIONReunion Tourism:
  19. 19. OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION Over 91,000 fans in 10 days alone
  20. 20. So I have thousands of fans… Then what? OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION
  21. 21. • Data is extremely powerful… • Instead of applying a one size fits all marketing approach… • You must look at Customer Segmentation • Building an audience and understanding what they want is a great starting point: WAYN IN NUMBERSThe power of data:
  22. 22. PIVOT TABLE • Having a fan base of 650,000 fans in the case of South Africa Tourism is impressive • But their ability of understanding what the Chinese, Male, 55+ is interested in doing versus the German Traveler, 35-45 female, is even more compelling
  23. 23. This opens the door to Direct Performance Targeting capabilities, and much more… Branding, Competition Integrations, Lead Generation etc OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION
  24. 24. Social Media is not just about the Aspiration… It is about Sharing and Engagement OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION
  25. 25. •Our Latest Social Opinions Engine was recently launched •And enables live social recommendations in each Destination globally OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION
  26. 26. WAYN IN NUMBERSQ&A Users can ask any question about Bali
  27. 27. So far, in the last 4 weeks since launch: OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION
  28. 28. It makes our life a lot easier to measure the success of your online campaigns! OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION
  29. 29. Illustration of performance measurement: COST PER ENGAGEMENT CPE in ZARCPE decreased by 20% CPE decreased by 83% Followers
  30. 30. •Social Sharing can also be turned into a powerful media asset… •And a scalable content platform OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION
  31. 31. •We have just launched STORIES.WAYN.COM •Next Step: our own Academy.. •Through Gamification and Incentives, users create their own articles OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION
  33. 33. OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION Already read over 45,000 times in just a week!
  34. 34. •Get alerted when your brand is being talked about •Stimulate engagement through competition: e.g the top 7 safaris of the world •PR Potential is huge… OUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION
  35. 35. Jerome Touze Co Founder WAYN.com Jerome@wayn.com @jerometouze