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Google session at the 2013 E-Tourism Africa Summit by Kristy Grant from Google

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  • We’ve been in travel for a while, and over the years we can see how digital has transformed where and how travelers plan their trips and spend their time
  • At Google, we think about today’s traveler in terms of 5 stages (read through).  Wesupport traders in travel throughout these 5 phasesWhen we look across the phases of the travel cycle - Dreaming, Researching, Booking, Experiencing and Sharing - we get excited about the potential for innovation, particularly in the early stages of Dreaming and Researching.
  • More than just awareness – Display is aiding ConversionsAttribution modeling
  • 74% of travelers say that online videos strongly motivate their decision to travel to a destinationEMBRATUR, the Brazilian Tourist Board, announced with Google Brazil, Visit Brazil’s YouTube brand channel combining videos and Google Maps. The new channel, Visit Brazil, features over 85 videos geo-tagged with Google maps so you can immediately locate each destination. The videos have been placed in a number of categories, including Sun and Beach, Culture, Ecotourism, Sport and Business and Events. When you select a video the location of the video is shown on the Google Map.Another interesting feature is a series of testimonials from travelers and residents, delivered in several languages."Foreigners may not know Brazil is a 'continental' country and for the first time, we are showing our destinations' diversity through videos and maps," said EMBRATUR president Jeanine Pires.The board launched a YouTube brand channel which enables travelers to create itineraries by viewing and adding videos to their prospective trips. When you navigate to Visit Brazil on YouTube, you can input information about when you want to travel, how long the trip should be, who you are traveling with, and your type of desired vacation (shopping, hanging out, sports, beach, nature and/or culture), and then choose from among 141 videos about the destination and its attractions.From there you view and then add videos about various attractions and create an itinerary based on your video selections.The final step is to name your tour and edit the itinerary, which may include stops in Recife, Conde and Olinda, for example. You can save your tour, create additional trips or view suggested itineraries. The idea is to promote Brazil tourism, especially in light of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in the country.Best job in the world - Tourism Australia’s wildly successful marketing campaign, promoted the Great Barrier Reef as a global tourism destination with a website encouraging people worldwide to apply for The Best Job In The World, to be a "Caretaker of the Islands" to "house-sit" the islands of the Great Barrier Reef for half a year. The application process required a web video to be submitted, available publicly for consideration for the position. The job duties listed were primarily publicity-related with web videos, blogging, and photo diaries. The submission web site crashed two days following the launch of the campaign, from excessive visits and application video uploading. Over 35,000 applications were received from over 200 countries.The biggest winner, though, is Tourism Queensland, which reckons that for US$1m, it generated US$70m of global publicity" just one month after the campaign's launch. By the campaign's end, it has generated more than $200 million in global publicity value for Tourism Queensland. Brisbane advertising agency CumminsNitro was awarded three top awards at the Cannes International Advertising Festival. While the whole stunt may seem like a tease to bombard the world with classic Australian imagery -- and it most certainly is -- it’s also about attracting young people from around the world to Australia’s Working Holiday Maker program to fill a glut of open positions, predominantly in the nation’s tourism, hospitality and agriculture industries. A recent study found that, in the tourism and hospitality sector alone, Australia has about 36,000 vacancies, mainly for housekeepers, waiters, baristas and the like. The “Best Jobs in the World” campaign appears to fulfilling its goal of luring workers Down Under. Tourism Australia released a survey that revealed seven out of 10 people who entered the competition are planning to apply for an Australian working holiday visa, while four out of 10 are seriously considering a working holiday within the next six months.Tourism Australia launches ‘world first’ app - Australian has created what it claims is a world first app, ‘Discover Australia Through Your Friends’ which merges Google Maps and Facebook. A map view has been added which allows users to see exactly where key attractions and experiences are located. New Chinese, Japanese and Korean language versions of the app have also been produced.Users can enter a planned destination and see which friends have been there.The app shows comments, photos and check ins on a map which pins activity to the place it occurred.It is intended to help people research and plan holiday destinations in Australia, based on research which showed people were influenced by their friends on social networks when choosing where to visit.Tourism Australia managing director Andrew McEvoy said: “We know from research that more and more travellers are turning to their social media networks for inspiration to help them plan and get the best out of their holidays. Tourism Australia has been a global leader in the digital space for over a decade and this innovative social media tool will make word of mouth from your trusted network friends even more powerful. Social network sites are important for word of mouth recommendations. Word of mouth in our sector (tourism) has always been the biggest driver of people taking a trip. These vehicles (social network sites) put word of mouth on steroids."
  • 42% of Travelers say Online is the ONLY way to reach them
  • Travelers are online – are you?
  • First question you need to answer is Are you on the map? Do you have a verified maps listing with Google. This is why it’s important …Note the address in the search result and on the side – this is FREE!Pimville Guesthouse in Soweto free-open source website (Woza Online) exposes their business to a wider market. A year later and their website is responsible for 60% of their incoming guests from as far as USA, Australia and Europe.
  • People are using the web for everything in their lives – specifically booking travel. People more connected for a few reasons: more information, more activities (booking and check-in).Average traveler using multiple devices, engaging in different ways on mobile; using the digital web to help plan anything related to travelMore content – better (real-time content – more access points (devices) – more convenientWe need to start being in more placesBeing proactive rather than reactiveSimplifyAnd innovate
  • Holiday home parcs in EuropeRemarketing is only one of the ways Google aids potential conversionsAlso, Analytics Web Optimisers
  • Brands need to start being authentic since people are now more likely to trust advice from total strangers than well known brandsTravellers now have access to different types of media to share their experience, be it review sites such as Tripadvisor, sharing videos on YouTube or sharing your experience on social sites such as G+, Facebook and TwitterBrands need to start being authentic since people are now more likely to trust advice from total strangers than well known brands
  • Canada shared by CanadiansCanadian Tourism asked Canadians to pick up their cameras and share some of Canada's best travel experiences. The response to “Canada shared by Canadians” was incredible; 65 hours of video and 7,000 submissions. And over 1,014mn views!Newwebsite fuelled by inspiration and information for travellers from around the world - 08 May 2013 Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) has brought together its three consumer websites (, and to create a single inspiring and user-friendly site for travellers.The new merged website will help travellers to the what, when and how of Canada, no matter what stage they are at in their trip decision-making. Explore Canada is heavily image-led, subdivided into Places to go, Things to do and Trip ideas, all of which are plotted on a map of Canada and shareable with friends on social networks. Naturally, Canadian Signature Experiences (CSE) members feature prominently across the site, showcasing the diverse range of travel experiences in Canada from west to east and north to south. In-market tour operators provide travel deals and packages and there’s a cool extra: the site’s new responsive design tailors the content to fit the device it’s being viewed on, from PC to tablet to smartphone. The user-recommended spots from ExploreCanadalikealocal are dotted around the new site. Users can upload their own photos and images to add to the user-generated library. Coming soon: users will be able to “favourite” their choice of places to go, travel offers, things to do and trip ideas to make a pdf to print or share with friends online. 
  • Travelers love to tell stories and, thanks to the digital world, they’re now sharing these stories more and more. 79% of travelers share their accommodation experience viathe internet61% are inspired by other travellers, with online user reviews influential on accommodation choice
  • KNP Whatsapp Group
  • promote every known or lesser known aspect of Greece through appealing images.Boost the morale of an entire nationVisit Greece is the brand umbrella of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO), a government-run tourist institution with offices in Greece and abroad that aims to organise, develop and promote tourism in Greece. With the goal of increasing the number of tourists to the country, Visit Greece uses social media as a barometer of potential visitors’ perceptions of Greece. As an adopter of Google+ since day one, Visit Greece was the first tourism related organisation to set up a Google +page globally.According to EleniMitraki from GNTO’s Audiovisual Media Department, the decision to launch on the platform was straightforward. “The worldwide reach of Google+ provides a significant pool of potential visitors that need to be addressed marketing-wise,” she says.Bringing the experience of Greece to life Visit Greece regularly posts high resolution photos on Google+ as an effective visual way to communicate the diverse joys of the Greece “brand” to followers. Google+ photos makes it easy to promote every known or lesser known aspect of Greece through appealing images. “At Google+ we have chosen to focus onthe image-oriented features of the platform in order to promote Greece as the ideal tourist destination,” explains director of advertising Angela Varela. “The high quality of our posts has attracted hundreds of thousands of Google+ users who share photos depicting the real face of Greece on our page. We are proud to say that through Google+ we’ve made the hashtag #greekphotos far more popular than #greekcrisis.” Enjoying results like these, EleniMitraki from GNTO’s Audiovisual Media Department, reports that Visit Greece is excited to have joined Google+ since the first day Google+ pages were introduced to the public. “The possibility to group all these great features in a medium like this really puts Google+ in the centre of our social media strategy to achieve our mission and our goals,” she says. 
  • God blessed Africa with many problems…Because to solve them – we have to innovateAnd digital is such a great enabler of innovation – Google GlassWe need to stop making excuses as to why we arent leveraging this PlatformIts not good enough to say Africa only has a 10% internet penetration since we operate in a global market – esp travel industry (its boundary less)Stop blaming costs when so many things are free…Stop blaming the lack of infrastructure and start challenging gov on itI challenge the travel Industries to lead the way… e-Volve!
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    1. 1. e-TOURISM e-Volving with the consumer 2013 Kristy Grant Industry Manager (Travel & Tourism): Google South Africa @Kristy_Grant
    2. 2. What we know about today’s Travellers
    3. 3. Driving Awareness
    4. 4. They’re looking to be inspired… so INSPIRE them!
    5. 5. SA Travel consumers are hyper-informed % of purchasers who used a search engine to do research before purchasing: 61% of SA Internet users go online to search for information about products and services before purchasing 72% Business Travel Source: Consumer Barometer with Google, South Africa – June 2013 71% Hotel Stays 66% Package Holidays 66% Travel 55% Leisure Flights
    6. 6. SA consumers are relying more on Online in the purchase decision for Travel Source: Consumer Barometer
    7. 7. When people search for you, what do they see?
    8. 8. More access points More activities More convenience More real-time content
    9. 9. Understand the needs and desires of Travellers Center Parc’s increased conversions x3 through the use of Re-marketing
    10. 10. Source: The Traveler’s Road to Decision, Google and Ipsos MediaCT. (Q6B) Specifically, what types of travel-related videos do you watch online? (Select ALL that apply). Base: Watched/Uploaded/Commented on Travel-related Video. (Leisure n=1425, Business n=894) Travellers want rich content & engaging experiences
    11. 11. All your basic business information is still available but by streamlining the layout and putting more focus on photos and reviews, we hope to create a simpler, more engaging experience for your customers that helps your business stand out. Basic information and reviews placed front and center More focus on photos to help make your listing come to life Google+ Local Combines Maps, Photos & Reviews
    12. 12. • Tuscany region, one of the most popular tourist destination in Italy, offers an interactive Google map that shows videos according to the geo category. • Users can choose to toggle between English and Italian Visit Tuscany uses interactive Google Maps on YouTube
    13. 13. Bringing the Experience of Canada to life
    14. 14. Share what you love…and hate South Africa Tourism – Plan Your Dream Holiday Today Big 5 Safari Adventure Tours Wine Tours Testimonials
    15. 15. • My favorite places in SA – Live interactive hangouts and recorded broadcasts Share Experiences as they happen
    16. 16. Google+ made #greekphotos more popular than #greekcrisis Visit Greece has already surpassed 1mn followers on the platform, more than any other tourism association • More than 700k followers in 4weeks • Gained 18k new followers in a single day • Most popular post recorded 583 +1’s, 145 shares and 169 comments Sharing the Best of Greece
    17. 17. e-Volve with the consumer Kristy Grant Industry Manager (Travel & Tourism): Google South Africa @Kristy_Grant Thank You