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Young marketers 5+1 + The Second Chance + NGUYỄN THỊ DUNG


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Young marketers 5+1 + The Second Chance + NGUYỄN THỊ DUNG

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Young marketers 5+1 + The Second Chance + NGUYỄN THỊ DUNG

  2. 2. Social 5,000,000 TA are aware of the campaign. 30% TA support and commit to taking action to protect their children from sexual abuse by giving them sexuality education. Business Brand love towards Afamily enhances
  3. 3. Female aged 23-40 Have children aged 6-13 Live in big cities: TP.HCM, Hà Nội, Đà Nẵng, Cần Thơ, Hải Phòng. Psychology Concern about child safety especially physical and emotional development. Actively seek and trust child nurturing tips from other parents. Worry about ways to bring up children in a happy and beautiful childhood. Behavior Keep children under their strict supervision But let them play with the ones they trust Afraid and akward to talk to children about sexuality education
  4. 4. Why they are so afraid to talk about sexuality stuff? The biggest myth about child sexual abuse: the dangers to children come from strangers. Culture barrier: Sexuality education = sex talks = “adult” topics= not appropriate for children’s development and innocence. Psychological barrier: This kind of thing doesn't happen where we live. It's not going to happen to my child because I always keep them under my supervision with the ones I trust. My child is not old enough for this discussion. I don't want to scare my child.
  5. 5. As a mother, I prioritize my child’s safety and development because their hurts hurt me equally. However, I’m so confused about how to keep them childlike and innocent and at the same time know the ways to proactively protect themselves from sexual abuse. INSIGHT
  6. 6. BIG IDEA Empower the kids in your care. KEY MESSAGE Childhood is precious. So keep your child safe. Educate body safety
  7. 7. Afamily is a trustworthy platform for women, especially mom to learn about the ways to raise children and nurture their family. For this social campaign, Afamily commits to empowering moms to protect their children by providing them a reliable and structured source of children knowledge, focusing on sexuality education. Especially, Afamily will connect moms with other moms to learn from each other and join hands to create a happy childhood for their children. Brand role
  8. 8. PHASE TRIGGER (2 WEEKS) EXPERIENCE (6 WEEKS) AMPLIFY (3 WEEKS) OBJIECTIVES Awake mothers about the fact that not teaching children about body safety is the easiest way to put their children at risk of the sexual abusers. We create an apps which offers “teachable moments” to empower moms and children engage in body safety and sexuality education in a fun and interesting way. Moms challenge other moms to engage in the game with their children to create an #AfamilyTogetherExplorin g community KEY MESSAGE “Because you didn’t see doesn’t mean it never happened. Your child safety is put at risk under your roof.” There are so many things out there that could harm our children if we don’t prepare them to protect themselves. Sexuality talks can be fun.” “Together we can make a difference to our children’s lives” KEY HOOKS Viral clip #AfamilyTogetherExplorin g apps Afamily forum TACTICS AND BUDGET Social media KOLs sharing Print-ads PR articles 1 billion VN Landing page Social media KOLs sharing 700 millions VN PR articles KOLs sharing 300 millions VN
  9. 9. Viral clip We create an immersive digital experience where users can navigate through two simultaneous 3D worlds reflecting the misconception of mothers about the children’s safety and childhood by rotating their mobile device. On the light side, it reflects the illusion from the lens of the mom’s eyes filled with pink color and happiness- a beautiful chidhood. On the dark, opposite side,it reflects the reality from the lens of the child’s eyes filled with tears,fears and panics in the same context such as home, school, playground, friend’s houses. At the end of the video there will be the message " “Because you didn’t see doesn’t mean it never happened. Your child safety is put at risk under your roof.” and a link that leads to Afamily website where moms can commit to joining our campaign. What mom sees What her child actually feels
  10. 10. Print-ads Series of both digital and print-ads which reflects the paradox scene from the clip with sounds. Those print-ads will be laid in schools, hospitals, supermarketers, elevators and public places. When a person approaches or passes by the print-ads. there will be the voice of a child in fears , screams and the threatening words from the abusers who are their relatives or acquaintances. → It is aimed at alarming the social awareness about mom's misconception and the severity of the issues and to create word- of-mouth about the campaign.
  11. 11. AfarmilyTogetherExploring Apps AfarmilyTogetherExploring apps is designed to help children and parents engage in sexuality talking and sharing in a natural and fun way by overcoming the challenges. In each challenge, there will be a context that offers “teachable moments” through which parents will help kids learn about ways to protect themselves. Besides, apps also gives moms advice on children physical and emotional development especially a well-structured parental kits on children sexuality education for each age stage. And a community of empowering moms and kids.