optic canal superior mesenteric artery contents of carotid sheath ligaments of spleen macula optic nerve retina extra ocular muscles name contents of orbit boundaries of orbit tympanic membrane tubal tonsils palatine tonsils pharyngeal tonsils pharyngobasilar fascia trigeminal ganglion temporal fossa parieto occipital sulci occipital lobe parietal lobe frontal lobe arrangement of contents of root of tongue foramen rotundum foramen cecum introduction to skull function of hypothalamus brown sequard syndrome upper motor neuron and lower motor neuron lesion spinal lemniscus mesometrium mesovarium round ligament of uterus mesocolon mesentry peritoneal relation fo duodenum renal artery inferior phrenic artery abdominal aorta pain in different quadrants horizontal lines in abdomen vertical lines of abdomen structures in four quadrants structures in nine quardants infracolic compartment supracolic compartment transtubercular plane subcostal plan transpyloric plane nine quarants four quadrants two compartments of abdomen abdominal quadrants intraperitoneal retroperitoneal pouch of douglas peritoneal pouches hepatic ligaments gastric ligaments peritoneal ligamnets folds and recesses paracolic gutters lesser sac greater sac epiploic foramne lesser omentum greater omentum omentum peritoneal cavity peritoneum muscle attachment of mandible oblique line mental foramen incisive fossa mental tubercle surface mark of mandible attachments of mandible boddy of mandible ramus of mandible mandible anatomy nasal conchea para nasal sinuses openings into nasal cavity division of nasal cavity litle's area nerve supply of nasalcavity arterial supply of nasalcavity walls of nasal cavity nasal cavity anatomy of nose branches of facial artery components of facial artery course of cervical part external carotid artery origin of facial artery facial artery vocal folds instrinsic muscle of larynx extrinsic muscles of larynx reinke's space para-glottic space pre epiglottic space cricoid cartilage thyroid cartilage cuneiform cartilage corniculate cartilage epiglottic cartilage arytenoid cartilage false vocal cord true vocal cord abductors of vocal cord aductors of vocal cord unpair cartilage of larynx paired cartilage of larynx larynx muscles of neck subclavian triangle occipital triangle divisions of posterior triangl contents of posterior triangle contents of anterior triangle muscular triangle submental triangle carotid triangle digastric triangle posterior triangle of neck anterior triangke of neck sternoclavicular joint interclavicular ligament jugular notch interclavicular notch sternothyroid sternohyoid pectoralis major muscle sternocleidomastoid xiphisternum xiphoid process manubrium sterni body of sternum sternum sigmoid sinus thrombosis pulsating exophthalmos otitis hydrocephalus mastoid antrum mastoid air cells inferior petrosal sinus superior petrosal sinus inferior sagittal sinus superior sigittal sinus occipital sinus internal jugular vein straight sinus transverse sinus intercavernous sinus sigmoid sinus contents of cavernous sinus cavernous sinus unpaired dural sinus paired dural sinuses dural venous sinus parinaud’s syndrome relation of midbrain argyll robertson pupil weber’s syndrome trochlear nerve occulomotor nerve medial longitudinal fasiculus lateral leminiscus superior brachium inferior brachium red nucleus inferior colliculus superior colliculus section of mid brain internal features of mi brain external features of mid brain midbrain functions of brain stem brainstem trigon overflow incontinence stress incontinence urge incontinence pudendal nerve nerve supply of bladder blood supply of urinarybladder median umblical ligament medial umlical fold meian umblical fold lateral puboprostatic ligament medial puboprostatic ligament peritoneal relation of bladder visceral relation of bladder relation of urinary bladder ligamental support of bladder urinary bladder rosette kidney horseshoe kidney pelvic kidney polycystic kidney nephroptosis functions of kidney gross anatomy of kidney hilum of kiney internal structure of kidney covering of kiney relation of both kidneys posterior relation of kidney anterior relation of kidney blood supply of kidney fascia of gerota renal fascia difference of r and l kidney kidney branches of cervical plexus cervical plexus contents of sub triangle boundaries suboccipitaltriangl suboccipital triangle lymphatic rdainage of palate passavant ridge movement of soft palate palato glossus muscle palatopharygeus muscle uvula levator velipalatini tensor velipalatini nerve supply of soft palate blood supply of soft palate nerve supply of hard palate blood supply of har palate muscles of soft palate bones involved in hard palate boundaries of soft palate boundaries of hard palate position of soft palate position of hard palte soft palate hard palate danger space buccopharyngeal fascia carotid shath prevertebral layer pretracheal layer investing layer layers of deep cervical fascia deep cervical fascia electonystagmography meniers disease superior temporal gyrus auditory cortex posteroventral cochlear nuclei anteroventral cochlear nuclei dorsal cochlear nuclei interacoustic meatus inner ear dynamic equilibrium static balance utricle saccul organ of corti sensory cranial nerve vestibular nerve cochlear nerve palatinovaginal canal pyramial space lacrimal nerve orbital nerve palatine nerve pterygoid canal pterygoid ganglion parasympathetic ganglion maxillary artery contents pterygopalatinefossa bounaries of the pterygopalati location of the pterygopalatin lateral pteryoid medial pterygoid temporalis muscle messeter muscle muscle of mastication exencephaly anencephaly meningomyelocele meningocele spina bifida occulta types of ntds spina bifidda cystica spina bifida ntds neural tube defects clinical test for cerebellum nystagmus rombergs test ataxia cerebellar disorder vermis an paravermis lobes of cerebellum nuclei of cerebellum internal structure of cerebell gross anatomy of cerebellum cerebellum multiple sclerosis syringomyelia complete cord lesion poliomyelitis upper motor neuron lesion syndrome of spinal cord lesion of spinal cord injuries of spinal cord uterine pouches relate to uterus anteflexed and anteverted uterus position of uterus nerve supply of uterus lympahatic rdainage of uterus uterine prolapse primary and seconary support of uterus blood supply of uterus support of uterus masosalpinx broad ligament of uterus pouch of dougglas relations of uterus parts of uterus gross anatomy of uterus uterus clinical sinificance of hysterectomy with ureter nerve suppy of ureter blood supply of ureter relations of female ureter relations of male ureter course of pelvic ureter course of abdominal ureter course of ureter ureteric constrictions ureter pelvic ureter abominal ureter gross features of ureter extend of ureter anatomy of ureter ureter anatomy lymphatic drainae of spleen splenomegaly functions of spleen bloos supply of spleen structures passing through hilum of spleen hilum of spleen peritoneal relation of spleen visceral relation of spleen anatomy of spleen spleen anatomy tonsilectomy lingual tonsils adenoids malt waldeyer's ring tonsils grafting for bypass eep vein thrombosis perthe's test trendelenburgg test varicose veins calf pump perforating veins of lower limb small sephanous vein great sephanous vein deep veins of lower limb superficial veins of lower limb venous system of lower limb venous drainage of lower limb small openings in diaphragm parietal pleura visceral pleura costodiaphragmatic recess costomeiastinal recess nerve supply of pleura blood supply of pleura pulmonary recesses pulmonary ligament pleural cavity body cavities openings of iaphragm diaphragm contents passin through thoracic inlet an outlet thoracic inlet an outket thoracic cage axis attachment of cervical vertebrae seventh cervical vertebrae atlas 1st cervical vertebrae a typical vertebrrae typical cervical vertebrae cervical vertebrae medial occipitato temporal gyrus collateral sulcus and lingual gyrus cingulate gyrus calcarine sulci poles of cerebrum surfaces of cerebrum borers of cerebrum meian longitudinal fissure fissure ofcerebrum gyri of cerebrum sulci of cerebrum functional component of glossopharyngeal nerve sensory fibers of glossopharyngeal nerve motor fibers of glossopharyngeal nerve nuclei of glossopharyngeal nerve course of glossopharyngeal nerve glossopharyngeal nerve accessory nerve palsy extra cranial course of accessory nerve nuclei of accessory nerve cranial component of accessory nerve spinal component of accessory nerve accessory nerve hypoglossal nerve palsy function of hypoglossal nerve function hypoglosal nerve nuclei hypoglossal nerve secondary olfactory cortex primary olfactory cortex lateral olfactory strai medial olfactory strai olfactory tract cribriform plate of ethmoi bone olfactory bulb functional component of cranial nerve cranial nerve olfactory nerve damage to optic nerve accomodation reflex pupillary light reflex lateral geneculate body rods an cones second cranial nerve rodds optic disc ora serrata blind spot yellow spot vitreous humor aqueous humor suspensory ligament ciliary body lens of eye fovea centralis choroid pupil iris cornea sclera anatomy of eye blood supply of eye ball branches of ophthalmic artery inferior ophthalmic vein superior ophthalmic vein ophthalmic artery nerve supply of lacrimal gland nerve supply of eyelid blood supply of eyelid nasolacrimal duct lacrimal sac puncta lacrimal gland muscle causing movement of eyelid movement of eyelids eyelids anatomy damage of cranial nerve strabismus squint nerve supply of extra ocular muscles inferior oblique superior oblique lateral rectus meial rectus inferior rectus superior rectus bones forming orbit orbit anatomy subsaryorial plexus of nerve bounddaries of adductor canal contents of adductor canal extent of adductor canal location of adductor canal adductor canal types of hernia causes of femoral hernia treatment of femoral hernia femoral hernia femoral canal compartments of femoral sheath femoral sheath contents of femoral triangle boundaries of femoral triange femoral triangle contents passing through orbital openings infra orbital foramen or canal supra orbital foramen and notch inferior orbital fissure seprior orbital fissure openings in the orbit eye orbit blood suply and lympahic drainage of external ear swimmers ear boil in concha otitis externa external acoustic meatus pars tensa pars flaccida anterior andd posterior surface of tympanic membra innervation of pinna blood supply of pinna helix functions of ddifferent parts of ear tragus pinna external ear tubal fols laimers dehescence killians dehescence pharyngeal plexus nerve supply of pharynx lymphatic drainage of pharynx bllod suply of pharynx laryngopharynx nasopharynx oropharynx basopharyngeal fascia longitudinal muscles of pharynx constrictors of pharynx muscles of pharynx structure of pharyngeal wall pharynx hypo parathyroidism function of parathyroid gland blood supply of parathyroid gland parathyroid hormone parathyroidd gland hyperthyroidism hypothyroidism goiter nerve supply of thyroid gland lymphatic drainage of thyroid gland venous drainage of thyroidd gland blood supply of thyroid gland inferior thyroidd artery superior thyroid artery true and false capsule of thyroid gland thyroid gland different taste of tongue lingual papillae sulcus terminalis lymphatic drainage of tongue origion insertion of muscles of tongue nerve supply of tongue blood supply of tongue movements of the tongue extrinsic muscles of tongue instrincsic muscle of tongue muscles of tongue oral cavity otic ganglion contents of infratemporal fossa boundaries of infratemporal fossa infra temporal fossa contents of temporal fossa boundaries of temporal fossa asterion pterion lateral view of skull zyggomatic bone mandibular bone maxillary bone articulation of nose orbital margin nasion glabella bregma parietal eminence frontal eminence lambdoid suture sagittal suture coronal suture norma verticalis norma frontalis normas study paired and unpaired bones of skull functional area of cerebrum superolateral surface of cerebrum inferior surface of cerebrum medial surface of cerebrum calcarine sulcus lateral sulci insula main sulcii of cerebrum border and surfaces of cerebrum median longitudinal fissure temporal lobe lobes of cerebrum external features of cerebrum difference between sulci and fissure sulci and gyri of cerebrum etv endoscopic third ventriculostomy slit ventricle syndrome ventriculo pleural shunt ventriculo atrial shunt ventriculoperitoneal shunt types of shunt treatment of hyrocephalus normal pressure hydrocephalus ct and mri images of hydrocephalus causes of hyddrocephalus sign and symptoms of hydrocephalus non communicating hydrocephalus communicatind hydrocephalus hydrocephalus venous drainage of spinal cord venous rdainage of brain posterior spinal artery anterior spinal artery medial cerebral aretry posterior cerebral artery anterior cerebral artery anterior inferior cerebellar artery posterior inferior cerebellar artery basilar arteries vertebral arteries internal carotid artery blood supply of spinal cord blood supply of brain nerve supply of synovial joint blood supply of synovial joint ligamens meniscus synovial fluid bursae components of synovial membrane synovial membrane ball and socket joint with examples gliding joint with examples saddle joint with examples condyloid joint with examples pivot joint with examples hinge joint with examples diarthrodial joint types of synovial joint features of synovial joint definition of ynovial joint synovial joint cingulum short and long association fibers relation of fornix ralation of corpus callosum optic radiation corona radiata projection fibers uncinate fasciculus occipital fasciculus anferior longitudinal fasciculus association fibers posterior commissure anterior commissure habenular commissure fornix corpus callosum examples of commissural fibers commisural fibers types of white fibers of cerebrum white fibers of cerebbrum dorsal venous arch cubital vein cephalic vein basilic vein deep veins of upper limb superficial vein venous drainage of the upper limb impressions on the lung surfaces segments of lung borders and surfaces of lung relation of lung lobes and fissure of lung structure related to root of tongue root of lung broncheal tree lungs anatomy elephantiasis lymphadinitis lymphangitis factors contributing in rainage of lymph right lymphatic duct blood supply of lymphnode thoracic duct difference between blood and lymphy vessels internal structure of lymph node epithelial lymphoid system lymph nodes structure of lymph nodes lymph organ lymph trunks and duct lymph vessels lymph capillaries composition o lymph lymph components of lymphatic system lymphatic system types of circulatory system functions of hypothalamus clinical features of hypothalamic disorders hormones releasedd from hypothalamus efferent pathways of hypothalamus afferent pathways of hypothalamus connections of hypothalamus nuclei of hypothalamus and their functions tuberal and mamillary area of hypothalamus preoptic medial and lateral zones of hypothalamus regions or division of hypothalmus relations of hypothalamus boundaries and extent of hypothalamus arterial supply of short bone metaphyseal artery apiphyseal artery medullary cavity periosteum blood supply of long bone internal structure of shaft parts of young bone metaphysis diaphysis pressure epiphysis atavastic epiphysis traction epiphysis types of piphysis bone anatomy action of elbow joint students or minors elbow tennis elbow subluxation of head of radius cubital vulgus carrying angle dislocation of elbow joint innervation of elbow joint blood supply of elbow joint radial collateral ligament joint capsule of elbow joint medial collateral ligament ligaments of elbow joint articulating bones of elbow joint articulatinf surcafe of elbow joint elbow joint type of elbow joint hypoglssal canal contents passing through the foramen jugular foramen clinical related to cranial fossa suprior orbital fissure carotid canal foramen spinosum foramen ovale cribriform plate of ethmoidal bone posterior cranial fossa middle cranial fossa anterior cranial fossa norma basalis views of skull skeleton of skull paired unpaired bones of skull function of epithalamus hebenular commissure hebernular nuclei pineal gland components of epithalamus epithalamus function of metathalamus boundaries of meta thalamus meta thalamus boundaries of hypothalamus hypothalamus function of thalamus boundaries of thalamus thalamus deep part of brain contents of diencephalon extent of diencephalon boundaries of diecncephalon diencephalon tracts of white matter of sc nucleus dorsalis clark's nucleus substantia gelatenosa visceral afferent nucleus nucleus proprius nuclei of posterior horn of sc nuclei of anterior horn of gray matter of sc conus medularis filum terminal caudaequana white matter of spinal cord gray matter of spinal cord transverse section of spinal cord gross structure of spinal cord anatomy of spinal cord spinal cord als ms degenerative disease of spinal cord spinal cord infection spinal cord injury lower motor neuron upper motor neuron vestibulospinal tract autonomic tract tectospinal tract reticulospinal tract cortibulbar tract corticospinal tracts extra pyramidal tracts pyramidal tracts grey matter wite matter descending tracts of cns spino-olivary pathway spinoreticular pathway spinotectal pathway cerebellar peduncles anterior spinocerebellar pathway posterior spinocerebellar pathway anterior spinothalamic pathway lateral spinothalamic tract dorsal column tract third order neuron second order neuron first order neuron organization of neuron ascending tracts of spinal cord interrosseous ligament interspinous ligament iliolumbar ligament ligamentum flavum anterior and posterior longitudinal ligament sacrospinous ligament sacrotuberous ligament mechanism of pelvis clinical aspects of pelvic joints stabilizing factors of pelvic joints ligaments of pelvic joints sacroccocygeal joint pubic symphysis sacroiliac joint lumcosacral joint joints of the pelvis mesosalpinx broad ligament polycystic ovary pco ectopic pregnancy blood supply of fallopian tube blood supply of ovary parts of falloian tube fallopian tube support of ovary ligaments of ovary location of ovary internal and external features of ovary structure of ovary ovaries potts disease burst aaa aortic aneurysm tributaries of inferior vena cava relation of inferior vena cava inferior vena cava iliacus muscle quadratus lumborum muscle psoas minor muscle psoas major muscle muscles of posterior abdominal wall components of posterior abdominal wall posterior abdominal wall cholecystectony acute pancreatitis courvoisier's acute hepatitis choledocholithiasis biliary colic cholecystitis cholelithiasis gall stone pancreatic duct cystic duct blood supply of common bile duct relation of common bile duct innervation of gallbladder blood supply of gall bladder relation of gall bladder common bile duct parts of gall bladder gall bladder biliary apparatus pudendal canal posterior recesses anterior recesses recesses dimensions of ischio anal fossa contents of ischio rectal fossa contents of ischio anal fossa boundaries of ischio anal or ischio rectal fossa ischio rectal fossa ischio anal fossa perineal body contents of urogeital region boundaries of urogenital region urogenital region contents of anal region boundaries of anal region anal region division of perineum bounaries of perineal region perineal region lymphatic drainage of jejunum and ileum deference between jejunum and ilieum lood supply of small intestine arteral arcades vesa recta peritoneal relation of jejunum and ilieum ilieum jejunum components of small intestne small intestine lymphatic drainage of large intestine blood supply of large intestine sigmoidoscopy colonoscopy abdominal angina tinea coli cardinal sign of large intestine visceral relation of large intestine sigmoid colon descending colon transverse colon ascending colon ceacum large intestine anantomy of large instine organ of git location fof duodenum deodinitis duodenal obstruction dduodenal ulcer diverticulum ligament of treitz blood supply of duodenum visceral relation of duodenum forth part of duodenum third part of duodenum 2nd part of duodenum first part of duodenum parts of duodenum duodenum anatomy of duodenum perforation of stomach peritoneal relation of stomach visceral relation of stomach curvatures of stomach gerd peptic ulcer gastric ulcer lymphatic drainage of stomach cieliac trunk branches posterior relation of stomach stomach bed anterior relation of stomach blood supply of stomach orifices of stomach parts of stomach stomach anatomy contents of anterior abdominal wall contents of rectus sheath sheath covering rectus abdominis muscle rectus abdominis muscle rectus sheath anterior abdominal wall anatomy of esophagus blod supply of esophagus physiological constriction of esophagus abdominal esophagus esophagus median sacral artery cieliac trunk inferior messenteric artery gonaldal artery supra renal artery paired and un paired branches of abominal aorta course of abdominal aorta common iliac artery branches of abdominal aorta aorta
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