dental materials mucocompressive mucostatic bds notes classification dental notes christensons phenomenon boucher factors affecting posterior disocclusion levin's concept lott's concept hanau's quint occlusal ramp anatomical teeth frush's gysi canine guided occlusion mutually protected occlusion group function occlusion sears concept french concept concepts of balanced occlusion complete denture prosthodontics balanced occlusion wet field technique tray material syringe material syneresis non-rigid modified alginates liquefaction laminate technique irreversible hydrocolloid reversible hydrocolloid impression materials imbibition hysteresis gelation fast set alginate brush heap structure alginate agar kneeding and manupulation krebs penetrometer elastic and non elastic selective pressure technique peri pack zinc oxide eugenol non eugenol paste modifications of zoe copper band technique green stick compound tray compound impression compound rigid impression material internal plasticizer external plasticizer filler plasticizer sectional impression selective pressure intraoral scanner diagnostic impression secondary impression primary impression primary cast non perforated tray perforated rim locked edentulous trays dentulous trays impression trays special tray custom tray stock tray composition dihydrate hemihydrate sol-gel mechanism dry strength green strength divestment quick stone setting time setting expansion dissolution precipitation hydration theory colloidal theory gypsum manipulation hygroscopic setting expansion normal setting expansion dimensional changes gypsum product nucli of crystilization intagliation intermeshing spherulitre manufacturing uses of gypsum setting reaction exothermic heat loss of gloss gillmore needle vicat measuring of setting time mixing time setting time work gypsum products ada specific biomaterials munsell colour system spectrophotometer colorimeter scattering absorption transmission reflection light interphases fluorescence metamerism colour mixing refractive index chroma value hue optic properties 2nd bds dental materails plastic dilatant pseudoplastic newtonian dynamic creep static creep flow electrical conductivity cubical expansion superficial expansion thermal expansion dielectric constant viscoelasticity zeta potential thermal proporties viscosity creep galvanism rheology dental material student
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