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Kic urban mobility research guikink final


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Kic urban mobility research guikink final

  1. 1. Don GUIKINK MScTNO Smart MobilityDelft – the
  2. 2. Intra-urbanInter-urban
  3. 3. Trends influencing urban mobilityUrbanisation Ageing DigitalisationSharing “Modern Nomadism”
  4. 4. ChallengesOil addiction Climate HealthSafety Congestion Variation in cites
  5. 5. Policies• Green Paper “Towards a new culture for urban mobility” (2007) and Action plan on urban mobility (2009).• Development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP’s).• CIVITAS Initiative (since 2002) supports EU cities in their ambition towards cleaner and better urban mobility.• European Green Car Initiative (since 2008) has a strong urban focus and impact.• Smart Cities Initiative (since 2011) triggering innovations through an integrated approach from an energy, mobility & transport and ICT perspective.
  6. 6. Research Challenges (1)• Technical research towards greener, more reliable and safer urban mobility, e.g.: – ICT-solutions for information, planning & monitoring (data mining) – Engineering lighter and smarter vehicles and large scale deployment of new propulsion techniques (E-mobility) – Smart infrastructure concepts / interchange development
  7. 7. Research Challenges (2)• Behavioral research towards improved insight in how to influence behaviour: – Freedom of choice versus restriction measures (e.g. implementing congestion charging in London and Stockholm) – What is desired behaviour? Avoiding peak hours? Travelling by public transport? Working from home? • Political question • Researchers should know how behaviour is affected by political choices
  8. 8. Research Challenges (3)• Economic research towards innovative business models (public/private) – What are costs and benefits of urban transport measures? – Who is willing to invest in urban mobility and who benefits? – How can we boost the economy by investing in greener, safer and more reliable urban mobility?
  9. 9. Topics for a KIC urban mobility• Theme-wise, e.g. – Urban Logistics – Multi modal transportation – Electrification – Inter-urban transportation (network cities) – ….• Or City-wise, e.g. – Network cities (Randstad, Ruhr area, Northern Italy) – Big hubs (Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Bucharest) – “Rural” medium-sized cities (Toulouse, Gent, Norwich, Malmo) – “Freight” / port cities (Rotterdam, Hamburg, Naples, Athens) – Business districts (London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam)
  10. 10. Thank you!σας ευχαριστώSource images: through Google