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Urban Data Platform Vienna


Published on ist the Urban Data Platform of the City of Vienna

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Urban Data Platform Vienna

  1. 1. Urban Data Platform Vienna
  2. 2. Urban Data Platform Vienna 2 • Initial Situation and Main Objective • Implementation of the FIWARE Platform • Visualization • Next Steps Topics
  3. 3. Initial Situation and Main Objective Urban Data Platform Vienna 3
  4. 4. Initial Situation and Main Objective Evaluation 2017 Urban Data Platform Vienna 4 • 2017: EU-project „Smarter Together“ -> the implementation of a data platform should be explored • The first step was to define criteria for a data platform: • No direct IoT connection but integration of the backend systems via API interfaces • Visualization option and data preparation with predefined blocks • Integration of and Open Government Data (OGD) • Security concept for accessing the data (public, group basis, personal) • Possible integration of own analysis tools • Web access to the data platform • The evaluation of existing systems of data platforms formed the starting point to arrive at a suitable solution for Vienna
  5. 5. Initial Situation and Main Objective Survey and Decision 2017 Urban Data Platform Vienna 5 • Survey • The following cities that are of interest in the Smart City context and operators that were known in Vienna were interviewed: Munich, Lyon, Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Milan, Bern (FH), Vienna Transform+ (Siemens), Vienna ASCR, Vienna Upstream • Decision • Since FIWARE was an EU project and always focused on an implementation case, Ms. Ulrike Huemer (CIO City of Vienna) together with the project management decided to realize the data platform for Smarter Together on FIWARE basis . • FIWARE is open source, so no dependency on American manufacturers. FIWARE was also being evaluated in implementing the IoT strategy of City of Vienna.
  6. 6. Implementation of the FIWARE Platform Urban Data Platform Vienna 6
  7. 7. Implementation of the FIWARE Platform Planning the implementation Urban Data Platform Vienna 7 • Planning content: • Creation of a technical concept with external support • Installation and configuration of FIWARE with external support • Implementation of three Use Cases of “Smarter Together” • Via FIWARE Foundation, which joined the City of Vienna as a Gold Member, contact was established to FIWARE experts • Together with the experts of the FIWARE Foundation, a sketch of the structure of the platform was created; • FIWARE retrieves the data from the two open data portals and • The other data providers collect their sensors and other data in their feeder systems and send them to the FIWARE platform via https and predefined APIs • In FIWARE there is also a security layer that ensures that only everyone sees the data for which he is authorized • Furthermore, there is a basic visualization in FIWARE to view the data without scouring the raw data
  8. 8. Implementation of the FIWARE Platform Envisioned Architecture Urban Data Platform Vienna 8
  9. 9. Implementation of the FIWARE Platform Implementation Urban Data Platform Vienna 9 • For cost reasons, the data platform was not operated on servers of the City of Vienna but as a cloud solution. Netzlink is a partner of the FIWARE-Foundation and has experience with FIWARE in the cloud • The basic installation includes the Open Stack installation in the cloud, and then the installation of FIWARE as middleware. • Then the application VM9 was installed. This application was developed by a Brazilian developer community over several years and includes all aspects of Smart City applications. Since a self-development in this period was not feasible in the appropriate quality of this product was used.
  10. 10. Implementation of the FIWARE Platform Urban Data Platform Vienna 10 Infrastructure VM9: Integrated Technologies Platform for Smart Applications - integrates components for IoT, WebGIS, BPM, ODM and CSC FIWARE (Future Internet Ware): Platform / Operating system on which Services and Applications are running Open Stack: Open Source project of developers around the world (infrastructure) Open Stack FIWARE VM9 - GUI Modules Modules Modules
  11. 11. Implementation of the FIWARE Platform Grafana FIWARE Knowage … Dashboard FIWARE Context Broker Quantum Leap, CrateDB for historization MongoDB, PostgreSQL FIWARE IoT-Agent for LoRa, Wifi, Narrow-Band, … Integrated in the Austrian Security Portal and supplemented by integration of Open Data! Architecture picture: City of Vienna Urban Data Platform Vienna 11
  12. 12. Visualization Urban Data Platform Vienna 12
  13. 13. Visualization Urban Data Platform Vienna 13 Visualization of three selected Use Cases Goal: Collection of energy, heating and water consumption data from a schoosl before and after the renovation programme Data: Data from energy, heating and water meters Visualization: consumption over time Use Case 1: MA 34 Facility Management • Goal: Analysis regarding changes in the choice of transportation • Data: Bike & Car Sharing Information, usage of e-vehicles (e.g. e-forklift, e-cars of postal service) • Visualization: KPI´s, energy consumption Use Case 2: Monitoring Mobility • Goal: Harmonization of different data sources regarding facility and energy informations with unique identifiers • Data: Adress-, Gebäude- und Wohnungsregister (AGWR), Flächen-Mehrzweckkarte (FMZK) • Visualization : Consolidated Information from different sources in Geo Information System Use Case 3: Harmoniziation of Facility and Energy Information
  14. 14. Visualization Urban Data Platform Vienna 14 Screenshots
  15. 15. Visualization Urban Data Platform Vienna 15 Screenshots – OGD
  16. 16. Next Steps Urban Data Platform Vienna 16
  17. 17. Next Steps Urban Data Platform Vienna 17 • Integration of further Use Cases and new Smart City Projects • Relocation of FIWARE Lab from Cloud to own environment • Expansion to/and integration of data from other federal provinces • Contribution to the data excellence strategy of CoV • Providing in a Hackathon
  18. 18. Next Steps Open Source framework for Smart Cities DIN SPEC 91357 – Reference Architecture Model Open Urban Platform (OUP) Urban Data Platform Vienna 18
  19. 19.