summary jiawei han data mining contiki os contiki yemen ict least developed countries employment ict timer contiki help ppt.blink example websensecontiki os ppt timer api rtimer contiki etimer ctimer data sheet of the radio transceiver cc2420 wsn protocol 802.15.4 cc2420 tutorial on protothread protothread phase awareness timing constraints contikimac timing radio duty cycle radio duty cycling contikimac addressing computer autoconfiuration gps cricket active bat and tracking with cameras place lab active badge activefloor powerline positioning global positioning system airbus radar ubisense zero configuration bonjour optimization analysis optimization user behavior angry bird mobile apps-user interaction measurement & apps yemen internet users frequent itemset mining methods evaluation methods basic concepts which patterns are interesting?—pattern data objects and attribute types measuring data similarity and dissimilarity basic statistical descriptions of data data visualization techniques to improve classification accuracy: ens model evaluation and selection rule-based classification bayes classification methods decision tree induction classification: basic concepts outlier detection in high dimensional data classification approaches proximity-base approaches outlier and outlier analysis clustering-base approaches mining contextual and collective outliers statistical approaches outlier detection methods bayesian belief networks additional topics regarding classification classification by using frequent patterns (or learning from your neighbors) other classifica support vector machines lazy learners classification by backpropagation data mining trends mining complex types of data data mining applications data mining and society other methodologies of data mining grid-based methods hierarchical methods partitioning methods evaluation of clustering density-based methods cluster analysis: basic concepts cluster analysis: basic concepts and methods advanced frequent pattern mining data cube computation methods multidimensional data analysis in cube space cube technology data cube computation: preliminary concepts processing advanced queries by exploring data and jian pei university of illinois at urbana-cham micheline kamber kamber & pei. all rights reserved. types of data sets in data mining types of data sets data mining data warehousing and mining wireless for poor countries. wild networks long distance wifi bootp tutorial on dhcp dhcp sky websense led blinking led processes start with cooja start cooja to do contiki os future internet cooja sensor network emulator open source os for the internet of things contiki cooja web application examples of contiki contiki rpl contiki getting started open source example on ns3 implmentation ns3 wifi ns3 wifi example easy guide to wifi implementation in ns3 ns3 implementation ns3
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