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Summer Student Report #3


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Karoline is a Summer Student at Clearstream, Deutsche Börse Group's settlement and custody division. During her stay she will find out how it is like to work in a bank and share her experiences with you in weekly reports.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Summer Student Report #3

  1. 1. Summer Student Report #3 Learning by doing Hello everyone, Time is running out, only one week left of my Summer Student job at Clearstream! This week I was involved in a lot of activities in the Communications team, either in form of bigger projects with a high priority or smaller issues that pile up from time to time because other To Do’s were more urgent. However, this does not mean these issues are not important; they are what keeps the office running in the background. I was able to help with some of these - updating address books so that important business partners can be contacted more easily, making a list of office supplies that need to be purchased and putting together folders with a collection of brochures so that they can be sent out on time. It may not sound like the most exciting work to do but it was quite important for me to be a help and always have some more tasks waiting for me. And this way you also learn the very important lesson of multitasking and setting priorities! And of course all this helped me prove my skills – over time, more and more tasks were entrusted to me, even some that I would not have expected when my Summer Student job started, like for example being involved in my section’s project concerning Clearstream’s representation at the major industry event Sibos. Other (former) interns shared this observation: It takes a while but as time goes by, you learn more and more about the company and the procedures in the office and soon you will have more responsibilities, it is a learning process! My time here at Clearstream is of course much more limited than an internship of 4 or 6 months, but I nevertheless learned many things that will hopefully help me if I ever start an internship myself one day. I hope to enjoy my last few days at Clearstream and I am very excited to deliver my last report to you next Thursday. See you soon, Karoline