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Summer Student Report #1


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Karoline is a Summer Student at Clearstream, Deutsche Börse Group's settlement and custody division. During her stay she will find out how it is like to work in a bank and share her experiences with you in weekly reports.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Summer Student Report #1

  1. 1. Summer Student Report #1 Settling in at Clearstream Hello everyone, My name is Karoline, I am 17 years old and for the next four weeks, I will be a Summer Student at Clearstream’s headquarters in Luxembourg. When I heard about the opportunity to work at Clearstream during the summer, I thought it would be great to experience what it is like to work for a big company. While it was not the easiest decision to spend four weeks of my six- week summer holidays working, I nevertheless accepted the challenge and am ready to learn things that are never taught in school. I was really looking forward to those four weeks – and at the same time also a bit nervous about what would be in store for me. In the worst case, I thought, I would be spending an entire summer month doing dumb, repetitive tasks in a highly formal work environment. Well, they proved me wrong right away! On my first day of work, I received my own ID card to be able to move independently in the building that is located in the center of Luxembourg’s financial district Kirchberg. After settling in at my desk on the third floor I was introduced to my new colleagues in the communications department. Everyone is really friendly and relaxed, and I was extremely surprised that everyone is on a first-name basis with their colleagues, adding to a very cordial work atmosphere. The next impressive observation that I made was that many colleagues are fluent in three languages, which I think is pretty amazing. The first tasks I got were a lot more interesting than expected, too. The most obvious one is, as you see, the weekly report that I am writing for you. In addition, I helped assemble a conference booth and translated the press release on Clearstream’s monthly figures into German, which was especially interesting because it gave me a better idea of Clearstream’s business and its performance. I also did a bit of archiving and sorting out documents, but these kinds of jobs have to be done too. In a nutshell, my experiences so far at Clearstream were pretty exciting and I am very curious about what the next week will bring. See you next Friday! Karoline