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Summer Student Report #4


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Karoline is a Summer Student at Clearstream, Deutsche Börse Group's settlement and custody division. During her stay she will find out how it is like to work in a bank and share her experiences with you in weekly reports.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Summer Student Report #4

  1. 1. Summer Student Report #4 Time flies… Hello everyone, Today is the last day of my Summer Student Job at Clearstream and it is time for me to leave, but before saying goodbye, let me tell you what my fourth week in Luxembourg was like: First, there was our weekly editorial meeting in which the team discussed the most important news and projects. Once again, the project for the Sibos conference was a big topic. I am really disappointed that I will not witness the completion of this project, because I had the opportunity to observe and sometimes even take part in its development process and I am extremely curious about the results. This week I was also busy updating a PowerPoint presentation introducing Clearstream as well as key strategies and services and its advantages over its competitors in the business. My job was to take the latest information and graphics from the English version of the presentation and translate them for the German one. My time at Clearstream has been really interesting and has taught me a lot about working in a team and the day-to-day business activites in a big company, so it was really what I was looking for four weeks ago. This has been a great experience and I can highly recommend everyone to try something similar, especially those of you who have yet not figured out what to do after school or university. Well, maybe even for those who already know what they want, as it is always better to try something out first and get an impression before making such a big decision and maybe wasting time. The Clearstream experience was definitely not a waste of time. It was a good idea to give up part of my summer holidays for this job, because it was an opportunity that is not offered every day. It was a privilege to be part of this awesome team that has taught me so much and I hope I can use all that in the future. Thanks to all of you who have been following my progess, I enjoyed telling you about my great experiences at Clearstream and I hope I could encourage some of you to also try something new and maybe do something a bit different in the next summer holidays. Best regards, Karoline