DESMOND A MARTINGlobal Business ServicesBAO Center of CompetencyProblem Solver              Articulate Facilitator        ...
DESMOND A MARTINGlobal Business ServicesBAO Center of Competency    •   Developed new sales opportunities in partnership w...
DESMOND A MARTINGlobal Business ServicesBAO Center of Competency           •    Managed a department of over 90 employees ...
DESMOND A MARTINGlobal Business ServicesBAO Center of CompetencyAppendixManagement experienceManaging through others, but ...
DESMOND A MARTINGlobal Business ServicesBAO Center of Competency    •    Operations (run the operational infrastructure ag...
DESMOND A MARTINGlobal Business ServicesBAO Center of CompetencyThe result findings were that a Data Warehouse will provid...
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Des Martin Resume 6 July 2011 With Appendices 2


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Detailed resume as at July 2011.

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Des Martin Resume 6 July 2011 With Appendices 2

  1. 1. DESMOND A MARTINGlobal Business ServicesBAO Center of CompetencyProblem Solver Articulate Facilitator Retail Industry Expert Team Builder SUMMARY‘Creating tangible business value by helping improve customer profitability’Based on a track record of innovative thinking, strategic planning, and execution against agreed targets, I have theproven ability to build effective teams, and lead successful campaigns to grow or maintain market share inchallenging circumstances. Additionally, based on long experience with Retailers, I have carried out successfulconsulting engagements which have leveraged detailed data associated with Data Warehousing environments. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEIBM Corp. – Atlanta, Georgia October 2010 –Provides integrated solutions that leverage information technology and deep knowledge of business processes andwhich create value by reducing a clients operational costs or by enabling new capabilities that generate revenue.Senior Managing Consultant (GBS/BAO/CoC) • Providing Business Analytics and Optimization engagement expertise ranging from pre-sales to sales to delivery as required by Sales teams or Service Delivery Partners • Delivering one or more work streams or multiple work products on major portions of medium to large Analytics engagements. • Formulating a strategic vision and a tactical roadmap to address clients critical Business Intelligence/Analytics needs in conformance with overall corporate objectives. • Helping accelerate sales and delivery in high growth markets by supplementing local solutioning and delivery excellence capabilities. • Client engagements include Brown Forman (Louiseville, KY), Dillard’s (Little Rock, AR), Jiffy Lube (Houston, TX), ASICS (Kyoto, Japan) and Pepsico Europe (Geneva, Switzerland)SPI INC. – Atlanta, Georgia March 2010 – October 201010+ year old outsourcing and IT Services Company, based in Mysore, India, Atlanta, GA, Singapore and UK,providing staff augmentation as well as specialized Financial and Supply Chain solutions to US Retail organizations.Retail Consulting Partner • Generating new business with mid-to-large Retail Organizations, includes prospecting, building relationships and positioning existing offers and creating new offers through a Centre of Expertise based in India • Extending presence in existing clients, through consulting engagements designed to determine and demonstrate where SPI can create value in new areas within an existing client (includes Macy, BonTon, Belk, Frito Lay)ACTIONABLE INTELLIGENCE GROUP – Atlanta, Georgia Sep.2008 – March 2010Privately held consulting business, based in Atlanta, Georgia, providing a core set of Business Intelligence services,including Business Discovery and solution prototyping, to the Retail Industry.Managing Partner • Providing strategic advice on Business Intelligence Solutions to global institutional investment clients of DeMatteo Monness, an independent primary research firm and full service broker-dealer • Providing strategic consulting Services to Retaligent Corp on building CRM extensions to Retaligent’s clienteling application to integrate with Microsoft CRM Dynamics • Delivering consulting services to ADC Corp, makers of Fresh Item Management technologies for the Supermarket Industry, to enable them to establish competitive advantage around Food Safety Issues • Writing thought-leading articles on Food Safety aspects of Fresh Item Management technology in Supermarket NewsFYI CORPORATION - Melbourne, Florida Feb.2008 – Sep.2008Privately-held company headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, with 10 employees, and Revenues in excess of $500k,providing advanced data visualization tools for business intelligence. .SVP of Business Development • Drove New Business Development for an aggressive startup company with innovative Data Visualization products. • Established reseller agreements with major integrators, such as IBM, Motorola, EDS and Teradata in order to leverage IP investments. Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. DESMOND A MARTINGlobal Business ServicesBAO Center of Competency • Developed new sales opportunities in partnership with Motorola, IBM, EDS and Teradata. This resulted in projects at Supervalu, Boeing, Pratt and Whitney, and HealthFirst. • Grew market awareness through targeted communications, a redesigned Website, brand new sales collateral and white papersTERADATA CORPORATION - Atlanta, Georgia Jan.2003 – Jan.2008Teradata Corporation provides enterprise data warehousing solutions, including enterprise analytic technologies andservices worldwide. 6,000 employees, $1.7b revenues.VP, Retail Industry Solutions • Established and grew a successful Global Retail Industry Solutions organization. • Built an Industry Best Practice Executive workshop around the use of Data Warehousing in Retail, which my team delivered worldwide, resulting in increased customer revenue. • Grew Teradata’s global Retail business by over 10% p.a. on average between 2003 and 2008. (E.g. 2005 Orders and Revenue were over $175m and $190M respectively, at 15% and 45% above 2004 results).TERADATA CORPORATION - Atlanta, Georgia 2001- 2003Director, Retail Best Practice • Spearheaded ‘Business Discovery’ workshops to identify and prioritize the scope, value and analytics associated with Business Intelligence Solutions • Built a Global Industry Solutions team which engaged in projects with Migros, Sam’s Club (Mexico), Lotte (Korea) amongst others. These projects contributed to orders totaling over $30m, and were completed on, or ahead, of schedule.NCR CORPORATION, Atlanta, Georgia 1999 – 2001NCR provides consumer interaction technology. In 2008, Market Cap was. $2.11b; with Revenues of $5.42b &23,000 employeesVP, General Merchandise Industry Marketing • Leadership of NCR’s General Merchandise Industry Marketing, providing marketing support for sales opportunities, trade shows, market research and market development. • Two successful years of growth in orders, revenue and profitability (over 5% p.a.)NCR CORPORATION, Atlanta, Georgia 1996 – 1999Director, Strategy & PlanningLed strategic planning, which helped NCR’s Retail Business grow from flat Revenue in 1996/7, to 5% p.a. growth in1998, to over 8% p.a. growth through 1999, with Revenues in excess of $100m, and drove a turnaround from a loss-making Division in 1996 to profitability in 1999.NCR EUROPE LIMITED, London, England 1992 – 1996Director, Enterprise Systems Marketing • Marketed a Retail Supply Chain application targeted at Food and General Merchandise industry in Europe, which led to orders in excess of $10m. • Developed a Retail Business Intelligence training course for potential clients around Teradata’s products and services, and delivered this across Western Europe. Directly supported sales opportunities that arose from this training program. • Conducted management consultancy engagements with Retailers in US, Mexico, UK and Switzerland (1992-1994) that drove significantly increased revenue and profitability for the local NCR/Teradata sales organizations.CATALYST SYSTEMS LIMITED, Beaconsfield, England 1990 - 1992UK based start-up consulting practice, with revenues over $1m by year 3, with 10 staffManaging Partner • Managed an Independent Management Consultancy practice (Catalyst Systems) with over $750,000 Revenue (1990-1992) with clients such as Norman’s Supermarkets, NCR Europe, Harrods Department Stores, B&Q DIY Warehouses and Littlewoods Stores.HARRODS DEPARTMENT STORE, London, England 1987 – 1990Harrods posted a sales uplift in 2008 of 13.5% to £688.3 million during the year. EBITDA was £98.1 million, an11.5% rise on the previous year. Profit after tax was £34 million, compared with £31 million the previous yearChief Information Officer • Established Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for systems used by Harrods Department Stores • Improved individual Service levels by an average of 2 percentage points over 2.5 years Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. DESMOND A MARTINGlobal Business ServicesBAO Center of Competency • Managed a department of over 90 employees and contractors for over two years which led to growing sales from $500m per year to over $700m per year, with a budget that was 2.5% of sales. • Introduced new Merchandising, Warehousing, Point-of-sale and Financial Systems that enabled the business to significantly improve customer service levels. • Introduced the company’s first comprehensive strategic 3-year Plan for IT investments EDUCATION • Degree in Business Administration, West London College. UK (1968-1971) • Advanced Training Program (short MBA), Cranfield College, UK (1992) CERTIFICATIONS • Certified Management Consultant (CMC) • Certified Teradata Professional • 6 week Advanced Training course (MBA level) at Cranfield University, UK THOUGHT LEADERSHIP  Published White paper on the use of analytics with Active Data Warehousing in Retail (Teradata)  Articles on Food Safety Technology in the Supply Chain (published in Headquarters Grocery Magazine)  Developed Teradata’s ‘Customer-Centric Retailing’ strategy and associated collateral  Developed an interactive ‘Best Practices Workshop’ toolset used by Teradata to hold Best Practice Workshops  Organized and led Teradatas Retail Advisory Board for several years (typically 12 members / annual 2 day Board meeting ) Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. DESMOND A MARTINGlobal Business ServicesBAO Center of CompetencyAppendixManagement experienceManaging through others, but being the ‘first amongst equals’ has been a key tenet of my management approach. Amanagers job is to help other people do theirs!I have managed teams of skilled IT people at several stages in my career: • I managed three groups of developers for 18 months whilst Systems Development Director for NCR Nigeria (total of 12 analysts and programmers) • I managed a Sales District, comprising 8 salespeople, while working for NCR UK for over 2 years. The team exceeded quota for each year I was Sales Manager. • I managed a direct team of 4 analysts while in Dayton, Ohio with NCR Corp. (1964-1987) • I managed up to 92 people, through 7 teams , while at Harrods (1987-1989) • Most of my recent management experience has been managing direct reports in a line role, and Industry leaders in multiple countries through an indirect (dotted line) reporting structure.Leadership ExperienceHarrods Department StoresUK-based Harrods is a world renowned retail institution. While most are familiar with the store, its logo and itsfamous owner, Mohamed al Fayed, few realize the complex day-to-day operations behind the company.There are over 20 separate locations within the Harrods Group in the UK, including retail outlets, warehouses,distribution centers and administration offices. Over 8,000 individuals work for Harrods. This includes both thosedirectly employed by the company and "concessions," those working for third parties that have departments in theKnightsbridge, London store. Also, hundreds of building contractors work every week across the sites and 500temporary staff are employed to cater for the extra demand during the two famous Harrods sales each year.I was CIO for Harrods between May 1987 and December 1990, reporting to Rosemary Thorne (CFO) and toMohammad Al Fayad.. This was at a time when the CIO was a relatively new concept, and Harrods, at that time hadan IBM 4380 ‘mainframe’ system, and a ‘Data Processing Department’, which was primarily internally focused, anddirected mainly at the Point of Sales Systems, a Big Ticket ordering and inventory system and financial accounting.I developed Harrods first Information Systems Strategic Plan and an associated Business Model (which I still haveand can share, as required.) A key overall accomplishment was shifting the overall perception of IS as unhelpful,expensive and unresponsive to being much more collaborative, customer centric and responsive.My objectives were as follows: • Improve Service Levels by better management of the Supply Chain • Increase selling space in the Store (there is only one Harrods!) by consolidating all in-store stock rooms in an external ‘forward buffer zone’ which was to be trickle-fed from a centralized warehouse • Leverage the Harrods Account Card for better targeting and marketing to Identified customers • Add new systems to support Telephone Ordering, Harrods Bank , Gift Registry and HR • Introduce more granular metrics (KPI’s) for Sales, Cost and profitability at all levels of operationThe agreed mission was “To develop and support in an efficient manner, simple, reliable and useful systems forHarrods which provide increasing benefits for the business, our staff and Customers, whilst building ban integratedinformation resource which will facilitate new marketing opportunities”I restructured the IT organization, originally some 40 people…later growing to some 92 FTE staff, into 7 teams: • 4 Business Systems teams, (to proactively seek out and agree systems requirements) o Financial and General o Sales and Marketing o Merchandising o Distribution Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. DESMOND A MARTINGlobal Business ServicesBAO Center of Competency • Operations (run the operational infrastructure against agreed SLA’s) • Systems Support (all training, support and documentation for new systems, QA and software procurement) • Data Management ServicesThese teams reported to me, and I worked with the teams on the consultative processes around requirementsgathering. We implemented a rapid prototyping approach, which enabled skeptical Retail users see the value ofbuilding solutions WITH them, rather than FOR them.Technical ExperienceI was invited to move from the UK subsidiary of NCR in the UK to Atlanta in 1996 lead Business StrategyDevelopment and Annual Planning for NCR Corporation’s Retail Division. In this role, I helped turn a loss-makingRetail Division of NCR Corp into a profitable unit within a three year period. This required the development of a long-term strategic plan, with three distinct stages over that period. • “Stop the bleeding”; “ • Achieve profitability in operations”; • “Introduce new profitable lines of business”.In a large organization, comprehensive alignment between goals, resources, tactics, products , KPI’s and ongoingmeasurement are critical to making the results happen, so a key part of the role was to define and implementmetrics that could be set at each level of operations and tie back to achievements.I managed this process over a 3 year period, helping NCR’s Retail Business grow from flat Revenue in 1996/7, to 5%p.a. growth in 1998, to over 8% p.a. growth through 1999, with Revenues in excess of $100m.What characterized my contribution during this period was an acknowledged ability to drill-down and negotiate withall levels of Sales, Marketing, software engineering and hardware engineering specialists to translate technologyinitiatives into measurable business initiatives and construct a practical strategic plan that had comprehensive buy-in,clear metrics, a road-map for product development and introduction, and a mechanism for tracking success down tothe individual level.Consulting ExperienceMigros (Switzerland)Migros is the largest Cooperative Retailer in Switzerland, and is also associated with Migros (Turkey) (which is alsobranded as Migros, but is now, in fact, owned by the COC Group)I led a ‘Data Discovery’ project with Migros Switzerland while I worked as a Retail Industry Consultant for NCR /Teradata. This project was actually run out of El Segundo, California, in late 1993, and involved taking massive setsof data from Migros…mostly Point-of-Sale data and creating an ad hoc inquiry environment to address specificbusiness issues that Migros were already aware they faced. We then conducted the ‘Data Discovery’ with severalexecutives from Migros, in El Segundo, over a week’s period in January 1994. (This week began, inauspiciously, withthe Northridge earthquake of January 17th, 1994, which delayed our start by just one day).Much of the analytics were focused on Basket Analytics, and enabled us to integrate EXCEL and BTEQ (a Teradatatool) in what was, at that time, a unique blending of the tools). The result was that MIGROS realized that they wereable to use these tools themselves to find unique marketing opportunities that existed inside their own data. Much ofthis kind of exercise is relatively routine today, but the key point here was that I was able to inspire my team to findinnovative ways of showing the value that could be derived from data, and to demonstrate that such ‘discoveries’could be conducted by business-level analysts familiar with an everyday tool such as EXCEL.The result was that Migros invested in a Teradata system, which is still used today. Perhaps the most revealingaspect of this is that, today, they call their analytics system the “Data Discovery System”…preserving a name thatwas applied some 18 years ago.Migros (Turkey)While I was NCR/Teradata’s Strategic Planning Director in 1996, I met with the CIO of Migros (Turkey), in Atlanta, aspart of a customer visit. As a result of our discussion, the CIO insisted that I should conduct a ‘Business Discovery’at Migros’ offices in Istanbul, Turkey, in October 1996. This 2 week exercise involved interviewing all seniorexecutives in the company with goal of “Applying Information Driven Management Techniques And Systems toidentify how to improve Migros Merchandising Operations and Enhance Company Profitability” Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. DESMOND A MARTINGlobal Business ServicesBAO Center of CompetencyThe result findings were that a Data Warehouse will provide the business with a single integrated source of detailedsales, receipts, purchase order, inventory, and market information which we project will show a significant return oninvestment in the enabling technology and significantly improve the business in the following areas, in less than 3years: • Improvements in Net Sales thru improved promotional effectiveness $2.72m* • Improvement in GM from improved promo. sales & vendor participation $1.56m* • Reduction in SG&A expense through reduced slow moving items $0.03m* • Impact of a 1 day reduction in average Days of Supply $3.00m • Impact of adding 1% to GM% due to Profit Centre accounting $2.50m • MINIMUM BENEFICIAL IMPACT OVER A THREE YEAR PERIOD $9.78mSales ExperienceMarks & SpencerMarks and Spencer was my account for four years (1980 – 1984) when I worked for NCR Corp. in the UK. This wasa very successful engagement, where I was both Sales and solution consultant, and where, supported by a smallteam, implemented the very first computers used in each M&S store,As over 40% of M&S weekly sales take place on any given Friday and Saturday, it made a significant difference toimprove the accuracy of weekly replenishment volumes/mix. The solution we architected with M&S provided coreSales and inventory management at store level.This was a ground-breaking change to UK Mass-Merchandise Retailing at that time, and the project paid back theinvestment many times over by enabling M&S to re-merchandise their stores based on Friday/Saturday Sales tomeet expected sales in the current week, rather than for the following week.. Page 6 of 6