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Tim Rowe Resume Li


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Professional history for Timothy J. Rowe

Published in: Business
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Tim Rowe Resume Li

  1. 1. TIMOTHY J. ROWE cell 425 281 0167 SUMMARY Entrepreneurial senior manager with 15+ years of experience in startup and Fortune 100 companies in Marketing, Services, Sales, Software Development, and Operations. Strong skills in change management, partner relations, competitive analysis, and program development and execution. Strengths include solid communication and problem-solving skills and intellectual horsepower. Experience in: • Strategic Planning • Community • Customer Support &Feedback Development • v-Team Management • Cross-Group • Innovation Management Coordination • Process Architecture • Dealing with Ambiguity • Performance Management EXPERIENCE MICROSOFT CORPORATION, Redmond, Washington 1998-2010 Adoption Strategy Lead 2007-2010 Led the Information Worker Business Group global software adoption strategy. Developed and tested approaches using limited resources to increase clients’ success with software and accelerate license sales. • Launched and managed the Business Value Planning Service to connect qualified business process consulting providers to clients developing an average of 5 to 12 opportunities per workshop with 43% resulting in projects worth $65,000 to $350,000. • Commissioned the first Microsoft Learning competency exam for business process consulting skills accrediting over 400 architects at more than 250 firms. • Business process consulting firms generated workshop leads with an average of 46% of attendees to a standard briefing created and funded to lower the cost of selling business impact services. • Synthesized Microsoft’s Adoption return-on-investment story leading business group, enterprise segment, and services VPs to triple the Business Architecture practice to 1000 consultants. • Co-managed and delivered highest rated content at the Business Value partner airlift premier, delivered to 70 delegates from 50 organizations. • Wrote a chapter for ‘Agility’, a Microsoft Executive Leadership book on software value that became the best selling title at the annual global sales conference. • Architected the Irish subsidiary deployment plan that enabled their shift over 9 months from last to first place in regional deployment attainment. • Received Gold Star stock award for planning service and airlift contributions. Infrastructure Optimization Lead 2006-2007 Led the Infrastructure Optimization Initiative for the Australian subsidiary. Led all customer segments across the partner, services, marketing, sales, and finance teams. • Defined and implemented the strategy for improving customer IT capability using a Gartner- based model attaining customer profiling targets and exceeding deployment targets by 400%. • Developed the first accurate Australian Managed Account List enabling goal setting and tracking.
  2. 2. • Generated leads for partner deployment planning workshops from 88% of attendees at the first Microsoft Technical Decision Maker track at the annual customer IT Professionals event. • Correlated marketing, customer, and partner activity to calculate return on marketing investment. • Role expanded to include all subsidiary Infrastructure Optimization leadership. • Country achieved Top Subsidiary Award in 2007 Sr. Product Manager 2004-2006 Led the Desktop Deployment Initiative for the US Windows Client Business and Marketing Organization with a community of 6 leads and 32 senior staff, a marketing budget of $1 million, and a Business Investment Fund of $8.2 million. • Defined and implemented the strategy for increasing deployment of Windows XP in the US by 15% in Fiscal Year 2005, exceeding target by 4% while $7 million under budget. • Created a partner program to accelerate customer deployment planning that delivered 75 workshops in the first 8 months and became a global customer entitlement. • Organized and led reviews for 26 districts and 6 sectors in the US to increase deployment focus. • Wrote job descriptions, goal targeting, and commitments for a new global Optimization initiative. • Cancelled a very popular, expensive, and low impact workshop series after no correlation could be shown to accelerated customer deployment saving $150,000 annually. • Received two US Marketing Awards, Business Group Marketing award, Partner Group Partner Support Award, and Top Subsidiary Award. • Received Infrastructure Optimization Champions Award for the first accurate US customer account segmentation project. Director 2000-2004 Led global enterprise Competitive Account Technical Marketing (CATM) engagement support organization. Developed and executed the strategy to help sellers engage global 1000 executives to beat competitors using 3 teams and 28 staff with a budget of $1 million. • Influenced more than $470 million of revenue in against a plan of $175 million in one year. • Implemented consultative selling strategy resulting in fewer, deeper customer connections. • Drove improved corporate competitive response using new customer feedback process. • Promoted entire team and increased maximum achievable compensation due to increased impact. • Received Gold Star stock award for leadership. Group Manager 2000 Led a team of 6 to provide competitive sales support for infrastructure server software products. • Led competitive sales response achieving highest Microsoft team customer engagement count. • Drove 12 topics in 2 weeks for the annual Sales Summit earning best track and session awards. • Received Gold Star bonus and double promotion to Director. Competitive Marketing Manager 1998-2000 Provided Windows Server competitive sales support and competitive analysis of UNIX vendors. • Delivered 300+ briefings to executives of major corporations globally becoming the highest performing presenter in Microsoft’s Executive Briefing Center.
  3. 3. • Prepared competitive handbook, portals, and executive review content. • Designed and managed a cutting-edge data center showcasing Microsoft’s top capabilities. • Received Director’s Award. EDUCATION BS Computer Sciences: Systems Programming and Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison