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Ind eng-305-ppt

  1. 1. Drinking Water shortage for under privileged society.
  2. 2. Lot of problems are faced by peoples specially women’s due to lack of potable water resource in houses of under privileged community. Also health hazards are faced by them due to unhygienic water resources.
  3. 3. We can mobilize village panchyat and local community to find solution for this and get appropriate govt. support
  4. 4. 1Contected local panchyat and discussed with them. 2conducted rally and door to door survey to get real image of problem.
  5. 5. It was found that govt. scheme has already sectioned for village but due to non submission of beneficiary share scheme implementation is being delayed.
  6. 6. So we had planned a community mobilization drive by Exhibition of posters, Nukad natak and discussions.
  7. 7. Community leaders understood the message that is importance of hygienic potable water. So local youth club chairman undertook responsibility to lead and collect beneficiary share and get the scheme implemented.
  8. 8. Name of Participent Class Pritpal kaur 5th Manpreet singh 5th Khuspreet Singh 5th Jagsir singh 5th Gurshan singh 5th Mandeep kaur 5th Jaspreet singh 5th Gagandeep kaur 5th Makhan singh 5th Teachers Neha Rani Class Incharge Geeta Rani   Gurmail Singh   Neelam Rani   Ritu Rani   Amandeep Kaur