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Dennis Wong of YOR Health Shares His Thoughts on the Future of Network Marketing
According to YOR Health founder Dennis Wo...
primary mode of sales. Further, Dennis Wong refers to a recent survey stating that
the DSA currently has about 2000 member...
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Dennis Wong of YOR Health Shares His Thoughts on the Future of Network Marketing


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Dennis Wong is the founder of YOR Health, an Irvine, California-based company that provides nutritional products to a global clientele. While many people believe that Dennis Wong has led a charmed life, the successful businessman claims that divine intervention, hard work, and luck got him where he is today.

Growing up, Dennis Wong lived in government-run projects in an overpopulated area of Hong Kong. His family was very poor and shared a room with others. According to Dennis Wong, his mother was his best friend; his father was seldom around. The family struggled just to make ends meet.

In 1968, Dennis Wong boarded an airplane with his family en route to California. An uncle had convinced Wong’s mother that America would offer the family a better chance at life. Dennis Wong remembers that the family was allowed to move into a predominantly white neighborhood despite the widespread segregation so common in the 1960s. Still, life in the United States was difficult for young Dennis Wong and his family could not afford simple luxuries, such as snack time at school.

Dennis Wong grew up and got involved with the wrong crowd. At 22, Dennis Wong was in a bad place and enrolled in college, eventually majoring in electrical engineering. Though he had acclimated to Western society, Dennis Wong explains that he had a great deal of trouble at school because of a little-known disorder, now commonly referred to as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

By the mid-1980s, Dennis Wong had pulled himself out of the rut and was excited to enter the workforce. However, electrical engineering jobs were fading fast due to the successful defense of nuclear Star Wars program initiated by the Reagan Administration. Dennis Wong blamed God and everyone else for his troubles. Things would soon change, however, as Dennis Wong and his younger sister blindly entered the real estate market together.

Dennis Wong soon experienced what he refers to as divine intervention. A handful of wealthy businessmen took a liking to the two siblings and guided them through the often difficult-to-understand real estate market. Things were definitely looking up and in a few short years Dennis Wong joined the ranks of self-made millionaires – before his 30th birthday.

However, Dennis Wong soon became disenchanted with the real estate market and shortly moved into direct marketing. In 2000, Dennis Wong and his sister opened their own company selling Internet technology services such as web hosting, e-mail, dial up service, and voice-over Internet. After seven years concentrating primarily on voice-over IP products and services, Dennis Wong made the decision to shift gears in a completely different direction. Soon the real-estate-entrepreneur found motivation in his now-failing health and the people that depended on his company for employment.

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Dennis Wong of YOR Health Shares His Thoughts on the Future of Network Marketing

  1. 1. Dennis Wong of YOR Health Shares His Thoughts on the Future of Network Marketing According to YOR Health founder Dennis Wong, network marketing is considered to be one of the rising strategies in American business. Dennis Wong maintains that network marketing has helped numerous individuals succeed in their professional goals independent from major corporations. Dennis Wong is quick to point out that network marketing differs from other forms of sales. For instance, direct selling involves an individual who sells a product or service to another individual directly. On the other hand, network marketing relies on the establishment of personal relationships to build sales for a business. Dennis Wong views network marketing as an opportunity to confer with like-minded individuals for the benefit of the general consumer. Dennis Wong acknowledges that many people have formed a negative opinion toward network marketing because of misinformation. People tend to be skeptical about many things, admits Dennis Wong. He attributes this skepticism to the controversial events occurring in some of America’s most trusted institutions. According to Dennis Wong, several entities have drawn criticism in recent years for their scandalous actions. Corporations, churches and governments are just some of the entities to experience backlash after a series of public relations disasters. For this reason, says Dennis Wong, people are concerned about putting faith in any business that might use unfair tactics to gain a competitive advantage. Dennis Wong believes that businesses have a responsibility to establish trust with their customers and to encourage them to support their products. Only then, says Dennis Wong, will these customers fully understand the power of network marketing as an effective business strategy. Dennis Wong explains that independent contractors build the organization by expanding the customer base. In network marketing, a sales staff will earn commissions not only on sales of services or products, but also by recruiting new members to the team. Dennis Wong notes that members of the sales staff will establish themselves as knowledgeable and caring representatives of the company and the services or products offered. Network marketing has the potential to be one of the more positive influences in society, says Dennis Wong. Providing a significant value to both employees and consumers is the overall goal. Dennis Wong asserts that all businesses should carefully examine supply and demand before beginning operations. A consistent, focused effort from all parties will help deliver a steady and lasting revenue, says Dennis Wong. Dennis Wong notes that the percentage of businesses using network marketing has grown exponentially in the past decade. In 2009, more than 94 percent of members of the Direct Sales Association (DSA) were using network marketing as their
  2. 2. primary mode of sales. Further, Dennis Wong refers to a recent survey stating that the DSA currently has about 2000 members. Network marketing businesses can be found in all 50 states, says Dennis Wong. Dennis Wong warns prospective network marketers that this career path does not guarantee fortune and fame. As Dennis Wong has witnessed during his long career, hard work and dedication to the organization’s development is critical to success in any business venture.