Delilah Panio - 2012 Un-Resume


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Delilah Panio - 2012 Un-Resume

  1. 1. Hi, I’m Delilah And this is my story… my un-resume
  2. 2. I am a Business Development & Strategy professional with +10 years in the capitalmarkets and a lifetime of community involvement Capital Markets Consultant Business Planning, Financing Strategies, Access to Capital Decade in Corporate Financial Sector MBA + BA (English) Committed to Giving Back Avid World Traveler Sun Seeker
  3. 3. Once a corporate climber, I spent 10 years with Toronto Stock Exchange/ TSX Venture Exchangein business development and strategy receiving several promotions. Director, Business Development & Strategy Senior Manager, Business Development Manager, Business Development Business Development Associate
  4. 4. As an entrepreneur in a big corporation, I created new initiatives and developed and executed strategic plans to meet targets. Created Business Development + Marketing Campaigns 3 Public Venture Capital Campaigns in Canada = 65 events in 23 cities 3 TSX Campaigns in the US = 42 events in 21 cities TSX Venture 50 (ranking of top companies) Identified Corporate Development Opportunities and Acquisition Targets Managed Team of Business Development Professionals Increased Revenue Through New ListingsDeveloped Extensive Network of Market Stakeholders (Canada, US, International)
  5. 5. While my career at TSX was incrediblychallenging and rewarding, the focuson MONEY and THIS… Led to… And…
  6. 6. So I traded in my office, suits andfrequent flyer status… For this… In 2010, I quit corporate life and began a journey to seek more authentic work and balance.
  7. 7. In the meantime, my charitablework and personal interests have naturally gravitated toward Board Member Co-Chair of Inaugural (2008-2011) Microfinance Summitorganizations that address issues Microfinance Fund (2009) related to women and girls. My Foster Girls Through Plan Canada Summit Supporter of Plan Participant Canada’s “Because I (2010) Am a Girl” Campaign Widiana (Haiti) Keremantina (Uganda) Co-Creator of Fundraising Gala for Women’s Shelter (1998-2001)
  8. 8. And I have always been a world traveler and lover of new cultures. +30 Countries
  9. 9. TODAY… through my consulting company Be the Change Capital Inc., I advise early stage growth companies on their business planning and financing strategies, and provide introductions to capital sources.
  10. 10. BUT I am continuouslyon the look out for thatPERFECT job or project that brings it all together.
  11. 11. Corporate track record and skillset in business development and strategy + Extensive network of market stakeholders +Volunteer work in microfinance and social entrepreneurship +Passion for empowering women and girls globally + Desire to make a difference in the world
  12. 12. Let’s talk about how I can contribute to your organization’s missionDelilah Panio, MBAdelilah.panio@gmail.com310-990-9032 Non-Delilah photo credits to Bing Images