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Junior Team Canada Partnership Package


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Junior Team Canada is a program run by Global Vision. It selects 30 influential Canadian youth to embark on a trade mission to China. Jerry Zhang has been selected as one of the Ambassadors for this trade mission.

Invest in future Canadian leaders and pay it forward by partnering with Junior Team Canada.

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Junior Team Canada Partnership Package

  1. 1. JUNIOR TEAM CANADA P A R T N E R S H I P P A C K A G E 2 0 1 4
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE. 30 influential young Canadians were selected from 650+ applicants to be Ambassadors for their region on a three-week trade mission to China this August. We work with businesses and governments within our respective regions to establish mandates. Mandates are objectives that your organization has, that we will work to achieve for you in China.
  3. 3. Global Vision is a national charitable organization, founded in 1991 by former Member of Parliament, Terry Clifford C.M. Since then Global Vision has had over 10,000 young leaders participate in its globally focused programs and over 1,000 young leaders represent Canada and their community on the global stage in over 30 different countries on 6 continents. THE ORGANIZATION.
  4. 4. THE MISSION. Dates July 26, 2014-August 15, 2014 Locations Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou Marquee Event Junior Team Canada Reception hosted at Canadian Embassy by Canadian Ambassador to China, Guy St. Jacques
  6. 6. WHY.Why have so many of Canada’s top companies partnered with us in the past?
  7. 7. INVEST IN CANADIAN YOUTH. Our partners are long-term thinkers who not only have an interest in the present, but also the future. This is a chance for you to establish your organization as one that is willing to invest in the business, entrepreneurship, and political leaders of tomorrow.
  8. 8. BUILD CONTACTS AND CONNECTIONS. Through 20+ years of international trade missions and strong domestic political relationships, Global Vision has the tools to cultivate key relationships for your organization. Our affiliation with the Canadian Embassy gives Junior Team Canada the brand value that opens doors. JTC Ambassador w/ the High Commissioner of Canada to Singapore
  9. 9. VISIT CURRENT VENDORS AND RELATIONSHIPS. In China, the most important element of business is “guanxi”, meaning relationships. Chinese businesses value gestures and gifts more than Western counterparts. This is why they are so impressed when you invest in visiting and speaking to them. Past Ambassadors have helped in re- negotiating contracts and finding new product opportunities for partners.
  10. 10. CONDUCT EXPLORATORY RESEARCH. Past Junior Team Canada Ambassadors have investigated and prepared detailed reports for partners on possible expansion, sourcing, and marketing strategies.
  11. 11. GAIN PUBLICITY. Becoming a Junior Team Canada partner means your brand will be featured prominently beside ours. With different levels of contribution, your brand could be featured on our website, social media, emailing list, and more. Placements and official endorsements are also available.
  12. 12. JERRY ZHANGMore information about the Ambassador that this package was curated and designed by.
  13. 13. EXPERIENCE HIGHLIGHTS: Increased membership by 20% to almost 10,000 members as President of DECA Ontario 2013-2014 Made $20,000 in sponsorship sales in 2 years with DECA Ontario Honoured as one of PROFIT Magazine’s 30 Most Fabulous Canadian Entrepreneurs 2012 as CEO of Glowstik Social Marketing Featured speaker at 2 TEDx conferences, Human Resources Professionals’ Association Annual Conference 2014, MaRS Discovery District, Innovation Factory, and more.
  14. 14. I WANT TO EARN YOUR TRUST. Throughout my life, I have always taken opportunities where I am the youngest one in the room. Being a 17 year-old, I do not expect your trust. Rather, I expect to earn it. I promise that I will do everything in my power to fulfill and exceed your expectations. No excuses.
  15. 15.