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AT&T Telepresence Solution


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AT&T Telepresence Solution

  1. 1. Product BriefAT&T Telepresence SolutionSM Benefits • Improve business relationships by collaborating across suppliers, partners, and employees • Accelerate your decision-makingIn this rapidly changing world, your business You get the option of “real-size” ultra-high- and time to marketneeds the ability to change course quickly, definition video images (1080p), CD-quality • Enjoy solution simplicitycollaborate globally, and streamline decision audio, interactive technologies and a specially with a reliable and scalablemaking. AT&T Telepresence Solution is an designed environment. You feel as if you are in integrated applicationend-to-end, high-definition videoconferencing the same room as other participants in remote • Reduce your technology riskservice that gives you a virtual, face-to-face locations. You can easily perceive subtle facial and improve your TCOmeeting experience. AT&T Telepresence expressions and body language while the high- • Utilize scarce resourcesSolution combines high-definition video and definition audio realistically replicates sounds. more efficientlyspatial audio so you can collaborate with For instance, if someone on the left side of apeople working at different locations and table speaks, you hear the sound on your left. • Avoid time, cost and carbon emissions associated with travelcompanies as if they were in the same room. This leads to a higher level of engagement and interaction which can lead to more productive • Make use of existing supportedAT&T Telepresence Solution differs from meetings. The AT&T “as a service” model video equipment withoutconventional video systems in a number means AT&T provides the equipment and investing in expensiveof important ways. Scheduling and starting bridging capability infrastructure so instead of making an upmeetings is easy and you don’t have to front capital investment you simply pay aworry about transmission quality or things monthly aiming cameras or moving microphones. FeaturesAT&T Telepresence Solution • AT&T Business Exchange, a “meet me” capability for multi- point, inter-company meetings AT&T Business • Face-to-face, collaborative Exchange meeting experience • Web-based application for scheduling, business-to-business directory, reporting Company A • “One button to push” meeting VPN initiation • Supports broad range of room types, with multiple management, pricing and access options Company B Company C • Connect your existing VPN VPN standards-based video conferencing equipment • Available in more than 70 countries AT&T Global MPLS-Enabled Network
  2. 2. Product Brief - AT&T Telepresence Solution ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 Class Room/Large Telepresence Multipurpose Small Conference Executive Conference Room Conference Room Conference Room Room Office 3 screens 3 screens 1 screen 1 screen 1 screen 18 seats 6 seats 6 seats 2 seats 1-2 seats Purpose-built room Purpose-built room Standard conference room Standard conference room Private office Spatial audio Spatial audio 2 to 10 Mbps VPN port 2 to 10 Mbps VPN port 2 to 10 Mbps VPN port 20 Mbps VPN port 20 Mbps VPN port Images courtesy of Cisco Systems, Inc. Unauthorized use not permitted.AT&T Telepresence Solution offers you more more quickly. Telepresence can help you access options. AT&T Telepresence Solutionthan just high quality, immersive video transform your business interactions and relies on the AT&T global MPLS-enabledconferencing. You can choose from a broad make the jump from simply communicating network, giving you global reach, reliability,set of capabilities to meet your specific to truly collaborating. flexibility, and quality of service engineeringbusiness needs. AT&T has the knowledge via our Virtual Private Network services.and experience to make sure your business Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. AT&T You can also choose from access optionsgets the most value from a solution that’s as has the expertise to handle everything from at a variety of lower speeds, enabling yourflexible as you are. planning and design, installation, network smaller, remote offices or home offices to provisioning and end-to-end monitoring connect and collaborate with your largerLess travel, more productivity. With and management of the solution. We can offices. We even give you the choice of twotelepresence you get the benefits of meeting even own the equipment so all you pay AT&T Business Exchange pricing plans: per-face-to-face without having to hit the road. is a monthly fee, avoiding most of the big minute and flat rate unlimited.So you can take the money you would have up-front investment. Our help desk remotespent on airfare and hotels and invest it assistance service and on-site equipment Telepresence is poised to revolutionizein your business. Even though when you repair and maintenance helps lessen the business interaction. AT&T makes it accessibletravel you can stay connected, more time burden on your IT staff. And because we to you by delivering service that gets usedin the office means more time getting work make the investment in infrastructure, you’ll because it’s simple to use. Our approachdone. Plus, reducing travel is good for the worry less about technology obsolescence. to telepresence means you get a uniqueplanet. According to a recent study, “The You can easily set up meetings using our web intercompany collaboration feature, theTelepresence Revolution1,” commissioned by scheduling application or your enterprise AT&T Business Exchange that broadens yourthe Carbon Disclosure Project, an individual calendar application like Microsoft® Outlook® connectivity options. AT&T has experiencedbusiness implementing four telepresence or IBM®Lotus Notes®. Once a meeting is video specialists who can walk you through arooms can reduce its CO2 emissions by 2,271 scheduled you can start it with the push of a step-by-step, customized value case analysismetric tons over five years. These reductions single button. that will quantify how your business couldare equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas benefit from telepresence.emissions from over 400 passenger vehicles. This isn’t “one size fits all.” Your business faces unique challenges and you need With AT&T Telepresence Solution, seeingGet more done, inside and out. Move options. So you can choose from AT&T really is believing. Contact your AT&Tyour internal meetings to a higher level of provided equipment ranging from immersive representative and learn how you can giveengagement and interaction. With the AT&T rooms for 6 or 18 people to a small telepresence a try for yourself.Business Exchange you can also extend the conference room or executive office unit forbenefits of telepresence to almost anyone 1-2 people. Or you can provide your own Notesyou do business with. You can even have equipment or add AT&T management to 1. For more information on “Themeetings from select Marriott hotels with equipment you already own. So you keep Telepresence Revolution”, commissionedVirtual Meetings by Marriott with AT&T and using your existing investment thanks to the by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)Cisco TelePresence. Build trust and closer ability to include a variety of HD/SD video and sponsored by AT&T, visit with your important customers. conferencing equipment in conferences via telepresencerevolution.Work with suppliers and business partners to the AT&T Business Exchange. AT&T providesaccelerate delivery times and reach decisions you with industry leading transport andFor more information contact your AT&T Representative or visit us at AB-1501-01© 2010 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T and the AT&T logo are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property.