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Advanticom office 365 and lync presentation


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Advanticom office 365 and lync presentation

  1. 1. We still need to get our work done when We have to make sure everything works on we are travelling. everyone’s mobile devices. In some cases, we want more control over what tools some of our employees have.Managing complex infrastructure takes our IT staff away from the important projects. We are cost conscious nowadays more than ever.
  2. 2. "IT professionals have
  3. 3. per day.‖ - Jan Najvárek, Co-Owner, ARTIN, s.r.o
  4. 4. ―We are enjoying improved business continuity, so we have better and more reliable customer service.‖ - Paraic Nolan, Finance Director, Big Red Book
  5. 5. “… with Office 365, issues get quickly resolved byMicrosoft professionals and the extensive online Office365 community.” - Doug Green, Sales Engineer & Marketing Manager, PSI Solutions
  6. 6. "Instead of a big upfront cost, we have a smaller, predictable monthly cost." - Byron Nutley, Vice President of Business Operations, Zyvex Technologies
  7. 7. "The economics of Microsoft Office 365 is a big benefit to us—we can
  8. 8. "We no longer need to allocate funds to obtainingnew licenses or upgrades. ―That’s a massive costsavings—and helps drive consistency across theorganization.‖ - Kristian Wachtell, Cardiologist, SKARF
  9. 9. that cost will prohibit usfrom giving employees access to the latestcapabilities." - Travis Morrison, Senior Systems Administrator, New Belgium Brewing
  10. 10. Common Communication SilosMicrosoft Unified Communications Vision Instant Video Web E-mail and AudioMessaging (IM) Voice Mail Conferencing Telephony Conferencing Calendaring Conferencing Instant Telephony and Unified Messaging Voice Mail E-mail and Conferencing: Calendaring Audio, Video, Web Authentication Authentication Authentication Authentication Administration Administration Administration Administration Storage Storage Storage Storage Authentication Authentication Authentication Authentication Administration Administration Administration Administration Storage Storage Storage Storage Compliance On-Premises In the Cloud
  11. 11. Lync Lync Capability Online Server Reduce Travel Expenses 4 Save 5%-30% Reduce costs through converged communicationsReduce travel via A/V/W conferencing Yes Yes Reduce Audio Conferencing Charges 4 Save 30%-95%Reduce audio conferencing service changes Partial YesReduce PSTN calling charges via VoIP Partial Yes Reduce Telephony Charges 4 Save 50%-70%Retire separate PBX systems (some or all) YesShared workplace, home and mobile communications support Partial Yes Reduce Cost of Communications Systems 4 Save 40%-60% Lower Real Estate and Facility Costs 4 Save 15%-30% Drive adoption through ease of use and Microsoft OfficeInstant messaging and presence in Office and SharePoint Yes YesClick to communicate, seamless escalation Yes 1 Yes Improve End-User Productivity Up to 30 min/dayAd hoc A/V/W conferencing (inter-organization) Partial YesClick to call via VoIP Yes 1 Yes Resolve Customer Issues Faster Up to 50%Skills-based people search in Lync client Yes 2 Yes 2 1 Except PSTN calling Attract and Retain Employees Varies by customer 2 With SharePoint on-premises Deployment, migration, interoperability, extensibilityEmbed communications in LOB applications Yes 3 Yes Complete Projects Faster By 10%-20%Embed communications in Server applications YesIntegration with on-premises room video systems Yes Shorten Sales Cycle Up to 20%Integration of voice capabilities Partial YesConsolidate management of communications functions Partial Yes Reduce IT Admin, Migration Costs 4 Varies by customer 3 client only 4 savings amounts based on actual customers.
  12. 12. The power of digital communication at your workplace•••••••••
  13. 13. The power of digital communication at your workplace.••••••
  14. 14. voiceTake advantage of interoperability to replace, enhance, or add voice options Replace  Full and Seamless UC Experience through Lync Server 2010  Case Studies: Sprint, LA Fitness, and Sharp  Highly Cost-effective to Purchase and Manage Enhance  Full and Seamless UC Experience through  Case Studies (interop with Cisco): JJ Food Service Lync Server 2010  Case Studies (interop with Avaya): Alutiiq, Bosera  Allows Employees to Use PC or Phone for Voice Calls Add to  Reduces Costs for Conferencing Services  Can Use PC for Full Audio, Video, and Web Conferencing  Case Study: Intel Experience  Provides Rich Roster Controls
  15. 15. With Other Lync customers and PartnersWith Windows Live Accounts Quick adoption through Ease of use and Microsoft OfficeWith Legacy IM and Presence solutionsWith Third-Party IM and Presence solutionsthrough XMPP gateway
  16. 16. Low cost phones for information workers•••••••••
  17. 17. Mobile iOS Connect with IM/P on all smartphone platforms WINDOWS PHONE Join Lync Conferences from your calendar Utilize Single Number Reach and Call via Work Supporting both Lync Server and Lync Online* BlackBerry – Microsoft supports the APIs in which RIM utilizes to develop the BlackBerry Client for use with Lync 2010
  18. 18. PSTN Connectivity Third-party Video Systems• Direct SIP tested with major IP-PBX providers • VTC Endpoints registering directly to Lync• SIP Trunking with WW IP Telephony Service • Multipoint video conferencing bridges Providers • Gateway systems transcode protocols• SIP/PSTN Gateways and Survivable Branch AppliancesIP Phones & Devices Industry Engagement• Optimized IP phones • UC Interoperability Forum – from Polycom & Aastra Non-profit, democratic vendor alliance• Optimized headsets, webcams • Working to enable interoperability of UC and speakerphones scenarios• Compatible phones from SNOM • Based on existing standards
  19. 19. • E• E• E• E
  20. 20. Central Site Standard Edition Small < 5000 users Branch A CA/DNS Edge Server Survivable Branch Appliance Exchange UM Server WAN All Server HTTP reverse Roles proxy This example PSTN 5,000 users, 3 servers PSTN Gateway(s) 1667 users/serverSmall Standard Edition central site Branch through EdgeSmall with Branches 250-5,000 Standard Edition central site Single branch, with SBASmall with Failover Two Standard Editions - “Paired” Standard Edition to support inexpensive failover Any
  21. 21. October 1st – December 31st 2012
  22. 22. Big Easy 11% 9% 3% -- (On-premises) Incubation Growth Core B Core A System Center SQL Windows Server Office Standard/Pro Plus Open L WS Data Center SharePoint Exchange Lync Dynamics CRM Windows Client Developer Tools Project & Visio Annuity 33% 27% 9% 7% Note: Subsidy payout is a percentage of ERPCloud Easy 15% Office 365 Dynamics CRM Online (of annual subscription fee) Windows Intune
  23. 23. Step Up to Windows 8 Offer• October 2012
  24. 24. • Discount • 40% on Open Value / Open License + SA (Upgrade + SA) • 15% on Open License (Upgrade Only)Step Up • Durationto Windows 8 Offer • Nov 1, 2012 – Jan 31, 2013 • License Cap • Maximum of 150 licenses per customer • Requirements • Qualified underlying OS (Windows 7 Professional, etc.)
  25. 25. ••
  26. 26. Instant Messaging Lync Voice Archiving & Presence Meetings & PBX & Full IT Controls       X X
  27. 27. home office road Audio VideoHeadset Handset Speaker USB IP Phone Mobile PC Webcam Unified Conference Tele- Phone Phone Phone Station Presence
  28. 28. $850+ Polycom CX3000MSRP $200- 300 Polycom CX700¹ Polycom CX600 Aastra 6725 iP $150- 200 Polycom CX500 Aastra 6721 iP $100 & – Already available below 1 - SW update only Snom 3002 2 - Tested for OCS 2007 R2 only
  29. 29. Low cost phones for information workers•••••••••
  30. 30. O P T I MI Z E D F O R Microsoft® Lync™▪ Headsets starting at $20 MSRP▪ New HD webcams▪ 10 Optimized for PCs Find more information about these optimized devices at
  31. 31. NATIVE Lync Solutions INTEROPERABLE Lync SolutionsOptimized for Microsoft Lync Logo Program Video Interoperability Program Webcams Video Endpoints PCs Video Infrastructure Room systems VTCs IP devices MCUs Gateways
  32. 32. Meeting and Conferencing Scenarios Lync 2010 to HDX (with HDX presence and1 Lync 2010 to Lync 2010 2 availability) HDX to Lync 2010 (Buddy List using presence from Lync 2010 to Lync 2010/Companion3 Lync Server 2010) 4 HDX (call forking)
  33. 33. Lync 2010 Client CX Phones RMX PSTN Immersive TelepresenceHDX Users (RPX, OTX)
  34. 34. Contact Center
  35. 35. “Literally overnight, weve taken Lync [Online] and some off the shelf hardware to enable a solution that allows these physicians to not only expand regionally and provide their expertise in rural areas, but also potentially on a global level and share that with patients.” Stephen Cracknell, US Medical IT Dallas Neurosurgical and SpineVideo conferencing to connect experts
  36. 36. Embedded Communications with Skill search
  37. 37. www.glueckkanja.comThe world market leader forheavy tunnel boringmachinesBusiness NeedEngineers relied on emails to track technicaldrawings and availability of mechanical parts formachines and equipment. This cumbersome andmanual process provided little visibility andintroduced a lot of uncertainty on whether thenotifications got lost in the fray of emails. Engineersneeded an efficient way to keep track of drawingsand parts.SolutionApplication: Microsoft UC functionality integrateddirectly into Herrenknecht’s Stock ManagementSystems Silverlight application. Includes presenceand server side interactive notification bots thatnotify employees when a part or technical drawing isavailable or changed.Benefits: Dramatically improved engineeringefficiency, ability to keep up to date on changes andcollaboration among engineers thus saving time andreducing costly mistakes.
  38. 38. Business NeedWhen emergencies and power outages arise, the right crew needs to be assembled torespond to incidents quickly. Connexus Energy needed to improve response time to www.connexusenergy.comemergencies while streamlining their business process to reduce required staff levels. In The largest electricthe past, this process required a person to manually assemble crews with the right skill distribution company serving www.avtex.comset, which took up to an hour adding delays to issue resolution. energy needs of customers across Minnesota. Solution Application: Silverlight based Crew Dispatch System that allows dispatchers to initiate automated outbound calls to crew cell phones with the click of a button. Microsoft UC powered voice workflow calls up to 10 technicians concurrently, and assembles crews for the outage. Crew responses are recorded based on touch-tone interface. Benefits: Crew Dispatch System has radically decreased resolution time for customer outage issues while decreasing dispatch labor required to man emergency call center.
  39. 39. Business NeedIn Australia bush fires can spread fast. Therefore thecommunity is very alert, and used to notify eachother via a list that would be called down by hand.Reaction times were suboptimal.SolutionApplication: Jasco put together an applicationleveraging Lync to reach people faster.Benefit: People are getting notified a lot faster. http://wm.MS-STUDIOSMEDIA.COM/a10065/o9/events/Lync/en-us/1005128_JASCO_1017_1500k.wmv
  40. 40. Home-grown, flexible ACD with Home Workers
  41. 41. Built in-house by LA Fitness.LA Fitness has over 300 clubs andover 1.5 million members across21 US states and Canada.Business NeedLA Fitness Front Desk Management System enables employees to contact customerswho are late on their payment. At any given moment, approximately 50,000 leads areadded to the system and over 2,000 customers are called by individual employees. Thismethod of bill collecting is labor intensive and does not allow customers to self managetheir billing information. Click on Speaker Icon. Audio Recording of IVR.SolutionApplication: An inbound IVR that augments the LA Fitness Front Desk Management Note: Audio clip is compressed in this slidesystem. This solution allows customers to call a toll free number to update their own in order to reduce presentation size.billing information using speech or DTMF. And, if a customer needs to talk to an LA Actual call quality is higher fidelity.Fitness agent for any reason, the call can be transferred to an agent.Benefits: LA Fitness saves time and money on labor used for calling customers andbook revenue that might otherwise be delayed. Customers are able to maintain andupdate their own billing information any time of day throughout the year.
  42. 42. www.crchealth.comCRC Health Group is one of the largest www.unifysquare.comproviders of behavioral health servicesin the United States, treating morethan 30,000 people each day.Business NeedVendors submit invoices that are then entered into the AccountsPayable systems and processed. 145 field offices needed to obtainstatus information for various invoices. The manual process was timeconsuming and involved IT folks and Accounts Payable personnelleading to loss of productivity, randomization and long wait times.CRC Health needed a way to make the information inquiry efficient andpainless so employees could work on value added tasks.SolutionApplication: Sage IM Bot - an interactive query/response bot whichmakes the Accounts Payable query process extremely efficient.Personnel from field offices can send an instant message to the SageIM Bot and get status and updates instantly!Benefits: Significant cost savings because manual labor is no longerinvolved, eliminated wait times for information, happier customers,and access to information from anywhere.
  43. 43. For Customer Interaction in the Branches65
  44. 44. Mobile Wave 1 iOS IM/P Conferencing Voice Lync and Lync Online connectivity Join Lync Conference from Calendar Single Number Reach (PSTN Callback) New UI, Photo, status, Presence Dial pad Calendar Integration View & Manage Lync Contact List Call via work (PSTN Callback) Meeting Pane Search in Corporate Directory and Call forwarding view contact card IM, Multi-party Conversation Calling From Contact Card Distribution List expansion Calling from Conversation Window Send Bing Map Location in IM (GPS Visual voicemail Based)* Features may vary across platforms and devices
  46. 46. •Rich communication with all contacts •Familiar experiences across scenarios •Relevant differences to support customer preferencesNDA Disclosure Only
  47. 47. Reduce Costs “We expect to be saving – across the board with the UC suite – in the neighborhood of $9,000,000 - $10,000,000 a year just in our enterprise costs.” Mike Browne, Sprint
  48. 48. Adopt Quickly “When we deployed Lync, it was the fastest take up of any product we’ve ever deployed across the business. What we found when we got it out there, was it spread like wild fire. It was just intuitive and they picked it up. 60% of people were using it within 24 hours of that tool landing on their desktop. We put it across 32,000 people in a couple of weeks. There were no compatibility issues, there were no scalability issues; it just worked!” Mark Griffith, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  49. 49. Ease Deployment “We need design information as fast as possible on the shop floor and here Lync supports us and reduces time efficiently and effectively.” Werner Wind, CIO, Herrenknecht
  50. 50. “Lync improved ourproductivity, becausewe saved a lot of traveltime – around 30%less than before.” Markus Frenk, Herrenknecht
  51. 51. “The most importantcost savings aroundOCS [now Lync with2010 release] for usare around travel,long distancetelephone costs, andreplacingPBXs…[For longdistance costs] youare looking at over$230,000 a year insavings.” Bill Johnson, CIO, Stoneridge
  52. 52. Reduce cost of communication systemsLA Fitness saves $650,000/year with Lync Enterprise “As we go forward, Lync also gives us a capability ofVoice. George Bedar, LA Fitness co-existence.” David Giambruno, Revlon
  53. 53. Central Site Standard Edition Small < 5000 users Branch A CA/DNS Edge Server Survivable Branch Appliance Exchange UM Server WAN All Server HTTP reverse Roles proxy This example PSTN 5,000 users, 3 servers PSTN Gateway(s) 1667 users/serverSmall Standard Edition central site Branch through EdgeSmall with Branches 250-5,000 Standard Edition central site Single branch, with SBASmall with Failover Two Standard Editions - “Paired” Standard Edition to support inexpensive failover Any
  54. 54. Front end MediationStandard Edition Back end Group Chat AV Conf Archiving Edge MonitoringEnterprise Edition Director UM SCOM