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OneSolutions MPLS

  1. 1. oneSOLUTIONS MPLS VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKM P L S V I R T U A L P R I VAT E N E T W O R K Seamlessly connect multiple sites with a secure, flexible MPLS solution.:: :: At a lower price than you’d think.A D VA N C E D T E L E C O M M U N I C AT I O N S S O L U T I O N S OneSolutions MPLS Virtual Private Network is a wide-area networking solution that lets you seamlessly connect multiple locations over our next-generation backbone. Its meshed network topology creates a high-performance architecture that allows you to consolidate your local, long distance, data, and Internet over a single, high-speed connection—collapsing disparate networks, improving application performance, and reducing overall costs. And since OneSolutions MPLS VPN is a managed service, there are no upfront costs to you—equipment is owned, managed, and maintained by One Communications. OneSolutions MPLS VPN also makes it easy to deploy the latest IP-based, converged services and real-time applications, including voice over IP (VoIP), streaming, e-learning, and video. And with Remote Access, teleworkers can easily connect from home or on the road, no matter what access method they use. One flat fee. Multiple Classes of Service. Our flexible Class of Service (CoS) offering ensures that latency-sensitive applications get the bandwidth and prioritization they need to maintain optimum performance. You:: pay one flat monthly charge for up to four levels of CoS defined by you. This gives you:: :: reliable network performance, enables high-quality voice and video transmission, and keeps Internet traffic from needlessly eating up bandwidth.:::: Included in the OneSolutions MPLS VPN price: :: MPLS VPN Port :: Multicasting :: Cisco IAD or ISR ® :: Port speeds from 1.5 to 45 Mbps :: Local Loop :: Managed service: no :: Service Level Agreement* upfront costs :: Internet Access *For Service Level Agreement details, visit
  2. 2. Our philosophy is simple. Nothing is more flexible and scalable.We think buying the right telecommunications OneSolutions MPLS VPN doesn’t require permanent virtualsolution and putting it to work for your business circuits (PVCs) like legacy Frame Relay networks, so it’s highly scalable. It provides traffic separation between VPNs withshould be easy—and that you should get the most unique, transparent route distinguishers, so it’s secure. All of which helps make OneSolutions MPLS VPN:value possible for your investment. That’s why :: More scalable and flexible than Private/Leased Line orwe’ve developed a suite of products that delivers Frame Relay :: Simpler to manage than Frame Relay or ATMthat value: everything from basic voice service to :: Able to deliver the high quality of service to support applications, including VoIP, streaming, e-learning, and videomanaged IP solutions that scale from T1 to DS3. Enhance your service with a powerful packageThey’re the kind of advanced solutions you’d expect of value-added options.from a premier telecommunications provider. OneSolutions MPLS VPN’s standard features add up to a tremendous value. But you can add even more capability, security, and performance with available services such as:Corporate Overview :: Hosted firewall:: Largest privately held CLEC in the U.S. :: Remote access:: $800 million in annual revenue :: Voice over IP, when paired with OneSolutions Complete:: Over 2,000 employees :: Up to four Class of Service levels for one flat fee:: Operations in 16 states and the District of Columbia The right solution for your business.:: More than 160,000 customers:: Over 1.1 million voice lines OneSolutions MPLS VPN is ideal for businesses that need: :: A cost-effective connectivity solutionNetwork Facilities :: A private and secure network for multiple sites:: Facilities-based IP core :: To reach remote branches and teleworkers:: 11,000 route miles of fiber :: Mission-critical, time-sensitive applications that require:: More than 700 collocation sites Class of Service (CoS):: Advanced network technologies :: To support advanced applications that require real-time transmission and any-to-any connectivity :: To reduce IT and networking costs To learn more about OneSolutions MPLS VPN and how it can benefit your business, call your sales representative today. 1.800.962.2488 ©2008 One Communications.® ”One Communications” and “Expect more from One” are registered trademarks and the OneSolutions logo is a service mark of One Communications Corp. Cisco, the Cisco logo and Cisco Systems are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries. ONE607 E1208