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  • Faculty Notes:This assignment will take about 2-3 hours.The following needs to be kept in mind for each question: Task 1 – 20% weightage of credit Task 2 – 25% weightage of credit Task 3 – 25% weightage of credit Task 4 – 20% weightage of credit Ontime submission – before the next session – 5% weightage of credit Attendance - 5% weightage of credit
  • Adv prod tools-assgn4

    1. 1.  We continue with the productivity tool used in your organization… 1. Study the productivity standard followed in your organization and identify the process flow followed in your organization. Is it the best given the options… or should it be different? Why – give reasons for both. 2. Identify three types of data process flows. Give its advantages and disadvantages.Susmita Pruthi 1 NU TA 521 | Assignment 4 | Productivity Standards, Process Flows
    2. 2.  Sales productivity norms: 12 orders per year or 12 Mn revenue per year  Support norms: 1 visit per quarter, supporting 55 customers  Implementation norms: 20 working days – from approval to commissioning (includes training the customer)Susmita Pruthi 2 NU TA 521 | Assignment 4 | Productivity Standards, Process Flows
    3. 3. Order approved PR created/Manpower PO released to vendors • All compliances • Purchase requisition • Each PR is further split met – advance created for the order into multiple Pos money and with each line item depending of items – agreement signed • Manpower Recruitment HW, networking, initiated infrastructure Infrastructure setup Installation of HW Vendor dispatch • Room painting, tiling • Computers, networ • Material movement from • Cupboards, blinds king the vendor to the school • Manpower recruited • Interactive White site. Boards, Projectors • Different vendors, different timelines No delays from All the vendors customer end Vendor has complete their task enough stocksSusmita Pruthi simultaneously/ Installation of SW Customer concurrently • Proprietary Training • NIIT IPR • Product training Attendees availability • Manpower trained • Session planning from the customer end 3 LEGEND: NU TA 521 | Assignment 4 | Productivity Standards, Process Flows Dependencies
    4. 4. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20  With the given handicaps of incorrect / missing projections combined with low volumes, the repercussions are very high CONSTRAINT REPURCUSSIONS ALTERNATE OPTION Quick Back to back Lack of stocking deployment stocking tie-ups by vendors compromised with vendors Lack of ready Quick Recruitment manpower pool deployment Agency tie-up available compromisedSusmita Pruthi Multiple vendor Logistics System Integrator management nightmare to be brought in 4 NU TA 521 | Assignment 4 | Productivity Standards, Process Flows
    5. 5. Rejects the Order IBU Head Red In case of any update approval SP raised GL-Logistics ZH reviews the ZH Green the Order validates the BOM profitability approves In case of any update In case the Salesperson accepts the changes Amber BU Head approval Advantages Disadvantages All orders Salesperson wise are available as In case of any change, the iterations Moves to a Dashboard tend to delay the order approval SP login for STAGE 2 Can view the Order status nationally, Customisation of order is difficult as pendencies the Bill of Material is as per theSusmita Pruthi product. All rejects with the stage of rejection can be filtered for follow up/analysis Profitability calculation is built in giving the decision matrix flow based movement 5 NU TA 521 | Assignment 4 | Productivity Standards, Process Flows
    6. 6. IBU Head approval Category 3 FSO awaits paymentSP completes Moves to Customer Code ZH Category 1 confirmation in SAP as Order CSO login Agreement approves per advance payment Fulfillment for STAGE 3 Advance Payment Category 2 approval details BU Head approval Rejects if Agreement not verified Resends back to FSO post final attachment Advantages Disadvantages All approved orders in their different stages of processing are available in the Dashboard Any delays can be filtered and analysed, especially approved but not processed.Susmita Pruthi All rejects with the stage of rejection can be filtered for follow up/analysis Advance payment is logged and tracked via SAP linking to the Customer code Auditory compliances being met: No order is processed without 6 NU TA 521 | Assignment 4approved by Management Authority mandatory compliances | Productivity Standards, Process Flows
    7. 7. Maintained using an An Excel file. Manual cross Excel file by FSO. No Manual checking required for automatic reports interventions. No billing recommendations from SAP relation to previous not accepted in Full or billings is maintained rejected FSO shares a Billing Revert from FSO monthly billing Regional Delivery recommendation on billing file to NDH for Heads revert forwarded to FSO achieved confirmation This ensures a month Manual delay in the billing as interventions. NoSusmita Pruthi our business works relation to previous on advance billing billings is maintained 7 NU TA 521 | Assignment 4 | Productivity Standards, Process Flows