Paetec security solutions brochure


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Paetec security solutions brochure

  2. 2. WHY PAETEC SECURITY SOLUTIONS?Network security is a fundamental requirement for allbusinesses in today’s environment. The growing numberand complexity of security threats requires a highly skilledteam of security professionals seamlessly integrated witha layered defense plan to protect against hackers, malware,and other threats in the virtual world. PAETEC’s SecuritySolutions offer assurance that your business is getting themost bang for your broadband buck—all from one provider,on one bill, with one hand to shake.PAETEC’s Security professionals can provide personalizedsolutions based upon your business’ specific security needs.Whether you wish to utilize a network-based hosted securitysolution for scalability, meet with our Security Engineerswho carry industry-leading certifications to discusscompliance, or build a complete layered security solutionfor your entire network, PAETEC can rise to the challenge.Productivity and Efficiency – Ensure that maliciouscontent isn’t stealing your company’s valuable bandwidthand slowing your network services and employeeproductivity to a crawl. With PAETEC’s Security Solutions,you can unburden your IT staff from daily security tasksby letting PAETEC manage your security infrastructure.Peace of Mind – Leverage PAETEC’s Security professionals,who carry industry-leading certifications, includingSANS, GIAC, and CISSP, as well as thousands of hours ofexperience protecting, troubleshooting, and remediatingsecurity issues across hundreds of customer networks.Cost-Efficiency – Enjoy PAETEC’s unique position asa Telecommunications Provider and as a ManagedSecurity Service Provider (MSSP), which presentsphenomenal opportunities for cost-savings throughthe use of such scalable solutions as our line of HostedSecurity services that, on average, provide 65% savingscompared to LAN appliance-based solutions.Regulatory Compliance – Rest assured that PAETEC hasthe answers. Hundreds of PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, andSOX compliant customers use our network and securitysolutions everyday. We have experience building compliantnetworks, offering full compliance consultation, andproviding information required by auditors to guaranteea smooth and worry-free certification process.
  3. 3. ADDRESSING REGULATORY COMPLIANCEConsultation – PAETEC’s Security Operations Center Robust Internal Security Policies – In additioncan provide comprehensive consultation services to to an exhaustive list of products and services, PAETECassist you and assure that your network is meeting or employs a wide-range of security best practices to meetexceeding regulatory compliance guidelines. or exceed your compliance needs. PAETEC protects your network against label spoofing and does not shareProducts – PAETEC’s wide range of security products any internal MPLS label information with any partner,can provide solutions either as a standalone or in customer, or Internet peer. We also limit and securecombination for a multi-layered security solution. physical access to equipment in PAETEC facilities to trusted personnel only. In addition, these facilities areƒ Hosted E-mail Security ƒ Managed CPE Firewall monitored locally and remotely with reporting capabilitiesƒ Hosted Web Security ƒ Managed Fraud Protection that can signal intrusion. These are just a few of the stepsƒ Network Firewall ƒ Remote Access VPN that PAETEC takes to protect your information and ensureƒ Intrusion Detection & ƒ VPN Management security compliance. Prevention System ƒ Advanced DMZ ManagementENSURING NETWORK SECURITY & BUSINESS CONTINUITYScalability – Building a security infrastructure to support Diversity – High availability redundancy is a very attractivea network can be a daunting task, especially when today’s feature of any core service, but PAETEC believes thatbusiness environment is so dynamic. Offices open and local redundancy does not address all potential threatsclose, employees demand on-network elements changes, to your business continuity. Therefore, we’ve placed ourand business volume can ebb and flow. PAETEC’s Security Network Firewalls in geographically diverse locations toproducts, such as Network Firewall, can provide the scalability assure ongoing operations even in the case of a majorneeded to react to these unexpected changes in the disaster. This diversity, in addition to redundancy, providesbusiness environment. the best possible solution for network security and business continuity.Redundancy – Customers who subscribe to the NetworkFirewall product can take advantage of the robust securityand access control provided by the firewall functionality,save on expenses, gain stability through the included Internet INTERNETaccess for their entire network, and rest assured that servicewill always be available. All Network Firewall customersare built into two firewall contexts which provide highavailability for firewall and Internet services. If a natural IDPS NETWORK IDPS NETWORK FIREWALL FIREWALLdisaster, fire, or equipment failure strikes the Central Office, CLUSTER 1 CLUSTER 2which houses the primary firewall, our product willautomatically fail over to the second firewall and continuefunctioning with an interruption that only amounts to MPLSa need to “refresh” a browser display on any end-user ROUTING DOMAINcomputer in the customer network. SITE 1 SITE 2 SITE 3 SECURITY
  4. 4. CUSTOMIZING SECURITY SOLUTIONS TO FIT YOUR NEEDSƒ Hosted E-mail Security – An extensive suite of ƒ Managed CPE Firewall – A PAETEC-managed, protective services, including Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, premises-based firewall solution that protects and Image and Content Control that scan your e-mail your company from threats, plus gives options for a broad spectrum of dangerous or inappropriate for IPS, Gateway Anti-Virus, URL filtering, VPN content and filter it out before it penetrates network termination and management, and complex DMZ boundaries, gateways, or mail servers support and managementƒ Hosted Web Security – A comprehensive service, ƒ Managed Fraud Protection – A robust security providing you with the necessary components solution designed to safeguard your business to secure and protect your Internet traffic from from charges associated with remote destructive viruses, spyware, and phishing threats, international toll fraud while maintaining control of Web content for enforcement of acceptable usage policiesƒ Network Firewall – A geographically diverse and redundant firewall solution that resides in the cloud, protecting your entire network at the edge PSTN from threats, reducing network vulnerability, PBX MANAGED and freeing up bandwidth for legitimate traffic FRAUD PROTECTION CPE FIREWALL CPE FIREWALLƒ Intrusion Detection & Prevention PRIMARY NETWORK FIREWALL System (IDPS) – A new PAETEC product that works together with your PAETEC Network Firewall MPLS INTERNET service to provide both Intrusion VPN Prevention Sensors (IPS) and CPE FIREWALL Intrusion Detection System (IDS) SECONDARY NETWORK E-MAIL SECURITY FIREWALL protection for your entire network CPE FIREWALL CPE FIREWALL WEB SECURITY through a quadruple-redundant and geographically diverse event correlation fabric that is actively monitored around the 1457756877.472.3832