Um Case de Implantação de SOA em uma Telco brasileira


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Presentation about the approach used in order to implement SOA in a Telco.
Presented during "SOA and BPM Event" (IQPC), December 2006, São Paulo, Brazil.
Author: Davi Carvalho (CIO)

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Um Case de Implantação de SOA em uma Telco brasileira

  1. 1. Processo de Implantação de SOA – Um Case de uma Telco Brasileira Dezembro, 2006, Palestra SOA, Evento IQPC, São Paulo, Brasil
  2. 2. SOA Service-oriented Architecture
  3. 3. <ul><li>&quot;No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.&quot; </li></ul><ul><li>-- Einstein </li></ul>To think about...
  4. 4. S ave O ur A rchitecture
  5. 5. “ SOA is a form of technology architecture that address to the principles of service-orientation . When realized through the Web services technology platform, SOA establishes the potential to support and promote these principles throughout the business process and automation domains of na enterprise” (Thomas Erl, “SOA Concepts, Tecnology and Design”, pg.54) SOA Definition
  6. 6. “ ...This will shift the massive software industry mainstream into the new software-engineering reality: By 2008, SOA will be a prevailing software engineering practice, ending the 40-year domination of monolithic software architecture .” (Gartner Group, April’03) Gartner and SOA
  7. 7. ( CBDI Forum Report Business Integration - Drivers and Directions, page 19) Business Organization Evolution Vertical Silos of Integration systems with similar functionality integrated with each other, but not accounting for applications that may wish to use their core functionality in the future Horizontal Integration integration of some but not all similar functionality across vertical systems Vertical Silos of Integration environment of ubiquitous service providers and service consumers interoperating with each other in a secure and consistent manner
  8. 8. Infrastructure Platform HW OS Cluster Grid Application Services Third-Party Services ESB – Enterprise Service BUS Data Access Services Access Services Collaboration Services Orchetration Services Service Control Serv. Reg. Repository Ident & Access Mgmt. Service Monitoring Business Activity Monitoring Service Deployment Integr. Sw Environm. Service Design Service Developmt Service Registry Repository Change Mgmt SOA Reference Architecture
  10. 10. SOA in a Telco
  11. 11. Timeline “New Architecture” Project Nov’05 - First meetings with SOA product vendors Mar’06 – New Architecture proposal (draft) ready Jun’06 – POC (Proof Of Concept) have been completed Feb’06 – SOA vendors have been chose Oct’06 – Comercial proposal revisited and adjusted Mar’07 – Start deployment “New Architecture” Phase I
  12. 12. “ Old” Architecture . . . Import&Transf. CDRs OSS/BSS Database Intranet ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Sync. Partners flat files FTP File Server
  13. 13. CDR Import (TDM) TDM Billing CDR Import (VoIP) Billing (IP CDRs) Sumarize Minutes CDR TDM_1 CDR TDM_2 CDR TDM_N CDR VoIP_1 CDR ($) CDRs Errors (TDM) CDRs Errors (IP) CRM Traffic Shapping and Analysis Billing Sumarize CRM ERP ERP SOA?
  14. 14. CDR Import (TDM) TDM Billing CDR Import (VoIP) Billing (IP CDRs) Sumarize Minutes CDR TDM_1 CDR TDM_2 CDR TDM_N CDR VoIP_1 CDR ($) CDRs Errors (TDM) CDRs Errors (IP) CRM Traffic Shapping and Analysis Billing Sumarize CRM ERP ERP SOA? Yes! S paghetti O riented A rchitecture
  15. 15. Meantime... (Target: SOA) . . . Import&Transf. CDRs OSS/BSS Database ERP Enterprise Resource Planning Sync. BI ETL App. Server Partners Web Serv. Web Serv. Intranet Web Serv. App. Server Web Serv. Web Serv. Web Serv. Internet
  16. 16. E S B OSS/BSS Database Legacy System ERP Web Serv. Web Serv. VoIP Platform Billing CDR Import Call Center Pre-Paid Skype Data Web Serv. Web Serv. “ New Architecture” (SOA based)
  17. 17. source: IBM ( BPM: Business Process Management
  18. 18. SOA: Cost and Myths
  19. 19. SOA: Cost of Integration Source:
  20. 20. How Much Will SOA Cost? Cost of Data Complexity = (((Number of Data Elements) * Complexity of the Data Storage Technology) * Labor Units)) Number of Data Elements being the number of semantics you're tracking in your domain, new or derived. Complexity of the Data Storage Technology, expressed as a percentage between 0 and 1 (0% to 100%). For instance, Relational is a .3, Object-Oriented is a .6, and ISAM is a .8. So, at $100 a labor unit, or the amount of money it takes to understand and refine one data element, we could have: Cost of Data Complexity = (((3,000) * .5) * $100) Or, Cost of Data Complexity = $150,000 USD Or, the amount of money needed to both understand and refine the data so it fits into your SOA, which is a small part of the overall project by the way. If you get this, you can get the rest of the cost analysis procedure; just reapply the same notions to: -Cost of Service Complexity -Cost of Process Complexity -Enabling Technology Solution
  21. 21. How Much Will SOA Cost? Cost of SOA = (Cost of Data Complexity + Cost of Service Complexity + Cost of Process Complexity + Enabling Technology Solution)
  22. 22. Five SOA Myths: <ul><li>“ SOA is easy” </li></ul><ul><li>“ Once top executives are sold on SOA, your trouble are over” </li></ul><ul><li>“ You can simply wrap legacy system with services” </li></ul><ul><li>“ You can buy SOA out of the box” </li></ul><ul><li>“ If You are using Web services, you’ve archieved SOA” </li></ul>
  23. 23. ?Perguntas& !Respostas
  24. 24. Obrigado! Davi Carvalho da Silva Jr. Diretor de TI