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The Hangover - Case Study


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The Hangover - Case Study

  1. 1. Australia loved thehangover but how didwe turn its Facebookpage into a thrivingcommunity?
  2. 2. Yeah... that’s not gonnaOur challenge: happen.•• Develop and implement a 6 week campaign to sell DVDs and create a strong foundation for a longer term engagement•• Campaign a fast turnaround implementation to meet the DVD launch date on a tight budget
  3. 3. and what did we achieve?
  4. 4. At the conclusion of the campaign 53,664Australians were fans of The Hangover
  5. 5. A competitionwhich receivedentries from1.15% of fanswith the entryphotos beingviewed almost20,000 times.
  6. 6. This content included footage from the movie and behind the scenes clips which received over 7,000 views.Content and updates shared through the Facebook pagegenerated almost 7.5m impressions in news feeds...
  7. 7. and an average dailyinteraction of 2.34% offans ensured that aninterested and engagedcommunity was handedback to Warner Bros, readyfor the next stage of thecommunications strategy.
  8. 8. So how’dwe do it?Contact usto find out.
  9. 9.