Real Time Search & Social - BDI 7/15/2010 Search & Social Leadership Forum


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Presentation: Real Time Search& Social
Presented by: Julie Sun, Digital Marketing Director, MTV Networks
Review live events & how to plan, execute & capitalize the search & social media space. Will ID some best practices and strategy.

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Real Time Search & Social - BDI 7/15/2010 Search & Social Leadership Forum

  1. 1. Julie Sun 7-15-2010
  2. 2. Live Event Case study Planning Night of Execution Best Practice & Strategy
  3. 3. June 6th 2010 New movies Host Aziz Ansari Tom Cruise as Les Grossman Twilight Eclipse
  4. 4. 80% of work happens here Get on the production/marketing/press schedule. Obstacles
  5. 5. Search Organic strength & weaknesses SEM coverage & budget Budget: 150K All candidates for consideration All upcoming movies Last year’s movie awards activity Branded terms Relevant topics
  6. 6. Social Influencers Schedule/Calendar Research Content & Tools Tweet Tracker Live Chat Promo Clips Media Kit
  7. 7. Ignited the conversation Leveraged talent relationships around the 2010 Movie Awards’ to break event news and Nominees & Voting. promote tune-in.
  8. 8. Resource – (team of 5) Social Media Posts SEM Bids & Copy Monitoring the digital space Monitoring on the ground activity
  9. 9. Provided continuous real-time Leveraged relationships with updates on the host, superfans to help kick-start performers, and viral videos. the circulation of content.
  10. 10. Live stream on homepage paired with social viewing widget encouraged audience to disseminate their watercooler conversation across social nets. Over 21K comments posted during the show.
  11. 11. Social Media Marketing Superfan Syndication Cross-Brand Collaboration Live Tweeting Social Viewing Widget Celeb Support Twitter Tracker
  12. 12. Drive Tech Influencers, Consumers, and Sponsors. Image-based visualization that captures real-time twitter conversation around our events and shows. “A beautiful visualization that reflects the richness of the conversation on Twitter and the richness of MTV’s brand; a deepening integration that’s gone from pure visualization to... participation; and, finally, a sponsor.” – Robin Sloan, Twitter 2009 - 2010
  13. 13. “On Twitter, Good Ol’ MTV Has Some Serious Heat” – Ad Age Solid ratings. Movie Awards dominated seven of the top 10 Twitter trending topics night-of (including being #1) Highest streamed Movie Awards day in history 660% increase in week-to-week Facebook video streams 67% increase in week-to-week site traffic from Twitter 800,000 Movie Awards-related tweets pulled in to the Twitter Tracker during East Coast broadcast. 23,000 tweets about Sandra Bullock alone, peaking at 2,800 per minute.
  14. 14. Julie Sun Director, Digital Marketing MTV Networks @mtv