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Starting a New DECA Ontario Chapter


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How to start a new school chapter in DECA Ontario.

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Starting a New DECA Ontario Chapter

  1. 1. Starting a New Chapter… STEP THREE: PAYING MEMBERSHIP FEES It’s Much Simpler Than You May Think! In order to provide services desired by itsREQUIRED: members, all Chapter Associations must have A Chapter Advisor funds. DECA obtains its funds by charging dues. Interested Students A Bit of Money The dues to join DECA Ontario are $35 per Board Support (Optional) student PLUS $30 per School Chapter (this fee is waived for new chapters).STEP ONE: CHAPTER EXECUTIVE ALL membership and regional registration isSelect a student executive to represent your done online and must be SUBMITTED no laterDECA Chapter with you as the Chapter Advisor. than October 12, 2012. The system will literallyPlace these names on the enclosed DECA be shut down at midnight on the 12th and willStudent Executive Form and submit it to the NOT be unlocked.Student Executive Officer Team. Hardcopies and cheque must be postmarked noSTEP TWO: DECIDE ON TYPE OF CLUB later than October 12, 2012.There are two basic options: NEW THIS YEAR - No late registrations or extended membership will be accepted after1. FORM AN EXTRA-CURRICULAR CLUB FOR the October 12, 2012 registration deadline. DECAElect an executive and work with students (as PLEASE carefully complete your Membershipmany or as few as you wish) who will Registration online at at the Regional and Provincial 1. Click button SUBMIT TO OLGA afterCompetitions. Devote your time to discussing you’ve collect the $35 from each ofthe occupational areas and have the students’ your studentspractice mock competitions. Should your 2. Print invoicestudents place in the top four in their 3. Print roster of all of your studentscompetitive event, they are given the option of 4. Sign off on the Chapter Advisorparticipating at the International Career Commitment formDevelopment Conference (ICDC. The cost of 5. Send above forms and cheque to DECAthis competition is borne by the individual Ontario officestudents. Your chapter may wish to fundraiseto provide funds for the students if they win the Remember, you must have a minimum of tenright to participate at the ICDC. paid members to start a chapter.2. FORM A CO-CURRICULAR CLUB FOR DECA STEP FOUR: SUPPORT MATERIALSEach student in your class would join DECA andyou would allot class time for DECA concepts in Copies of role-play events used at previousyour curriculum. The executive would be competitions can be ordered through DECAselected from your class to assist you. The Images. As these are copyright materials, DECAentire class would be involved in DECA. Now, Ontario cannot provide complete sets of them.follow the same guidelines as in Option 1.
  2. 2. STEP FIVE: IMPORTANT DATES STUDENT EXECUTIVE PRESENTATIONS Carefully follow the attached “2012-2013 DECA Contact any Provincial Student Executive to Ontario Timelines” for important dates. book a New Chapter presentation to schools new to DECA: STEP SIX: FUNDRAISING James Sun You may wish to begin fundraising activities. Mariam Rafo mariam Students who win at the Ontario Provincial Jerry Zhang Competition and who qualify to compete at the Isabella Chiu ICDC in Anaheim, California will have to pay Sarah Liu their own way. Funds raised through DECA Jake Jardine activities can help offset this cost. Katie Flanagan katie Jack Fenton STEP SEVEN: BOARD SUPPORT Andrew Shon andrew Let your Business Co-ordinator and Principal know your intention to become involved with DECA. You may wish to approach your Board for funding and supply teacher coverage should your students win the opportunity to attend the ICDC. Also, inform them of the fact that you may be attending an out of country field trip. YOUR DECA CHAPTER SHOULD NOW BE UP AND RUNNING! FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW TO SET UP OF A NEW CHAPTER CONTACT: Olga Plagianakos at olga@deca.caThis past April, the DECA Ontario Team travelled to Salt Lake City, Utah to compete againstapproximately 15,000 students. A great sense of camaraderie developed among the 550 members ofthe Ontario team. As well, our students enjoyed meeting students from the fifty states, Manitoba,Guam, Germany, and Puerto Rico.Of the 340 competitors, 296 medals and 26 trophies were won!!! Outstanding results to say the least!