Presidents' Summit "Empower" Presentation by DECA Ontario


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Presidents' Summit Presentation by DECA Ontario Provincial Student Executives:

Jerry Zhang, Public Relations/Communications Officer
Jake Jardine, Reporter
Sarah Liu, Events Coordinator

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  • So, you guys have just listened to Jerry and Sarah talk about how to increase your chapter’s spirit, and how to create everlasting connections and experience’s that will remain with you for a lifetime. My question to you is what makes a team? You need spirit to get your chapters pumped about DECA, you need the experience’s to bond and create personal and professional connections, what is the next step?
  • These teams are in the top of their respective fields (no pun intended). What do these teams have, that make them what they are, and how can we learn from them?
  • Who here has played on a sports team before, raise your hand. I’m going to share some experiences I have had. For those of you that don’t know, I play hockey. I live and breathe the game, I`ve been on skates for as long as I can remember. Thinking back, most of the teams I`ve played on have been great. The atmosphere was amazing. The guys beside me weren’t my teammates, they were my brothers. This sounds really cliché, but for those that have been in the same place, they know what I’m talking about. Then there’s the other side of the spectrum, I`ve been on teams when I dread going back to the rink. The team does not work together, there is so much friction it’s unbearable. Looking back, I’ve picked out a few key points that I believe made these teams fail.
  • Players were measuring their success on the score sheet. Everyone wanted more goals then each other. This created friction; everyone was competing for the same goal, not fighting for it together. How can this be applied to DECA? I can sum it up in one simple line… Measure your success, by the success of others. If you can step back from your personal goals, and look at your goals as chapter executives, you can help your chapter thrive and grow immensely.
  • Another thing that was wrong with this team was the negativity on the bench. I bet most of us here have been on a team with negative forces acting from the inside. It’s an extremely ineffective concept. When team is created to work together and accomplish a goal, and the only thing stopping them is themselves, it will not work guaranteed. That’s why we want you, as executives to implement a 0 negativity policy when you get back. A happy chapter is a working chapter. When someone comes onto the bench, tell them they made a nice pass. Instead of making fun of someone’s mistake in their mock roll play, tell them what they did well, and how to make it better for next time. This concept should not only be applied to DECA, it should be applied to everything you do in life. Turn to someone at your table and say something nice to them.
  • The last story I have is about this one kid I know. He has been on my team for many years now. He is an amazing hockey player, averages at least a goal a game. The only problem is, he thinks he’s better then everyone. He walks in the rink every day thinking he carries the team on his shoulders. He really brought the morale of the team down… The problem was, he used the other players as a rung on a ladder, as a method to make himself better. He had the ability to bring everyone on the ice up to his level, instead he thought only of himself. As presidents, I am asking you to do the opposite. Use your skills and abilities to help bring everyone up to your level, extend a hand and help out new members, and discuss ideas with past members. Every person is unique and has a different skill set to offer your chapter. Value the importance of each individual.
  • These are factors I believe could have helped my team, and I challenge you guys to apply them to your DECA teams.
  •  According to the dictionary, a team is “A group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport.” I agree with the dictionary on most words, but I’ll have to disagree on this one. I believe a team is much more than just that. As I just said, there are many factors I believe make a team successful. Let’s create our own definition of what a team is.
  • Presidents' Summit "Empower" Presentation by DECA Ontario

    1. 1. SpiritExperiences Team
    2. 2. 2800 timesthe number of likes
    3. 3. ReasonsWhy PeopleLoveJustin BieberHe’s hot.He loves me.I get to be part ofthe Official JustinBieber Fan Club!I get to haveJustin Bieber-themedsleepovers withmy friends!
    4. 4. How can DECA learn fromJustin Bieber?
    5. 5. ReasonsWhy PeopleLove appreciation.Justin BieberHe’s hot.He loves me.I get to be part ofthe Official JustinBieber Fan Club!I get to haveJustin Bieber-themedsleepovers withmy friends!
    6. 6. appreciation.
    7. 7. ReasonsWhy PeopleLoveJustin BieberHe’s hot.He loves me.I get to be part ofthe Official JustinBieber Fan Club!I get to have camaraderie.Justin Bieber-themedsleepovers withmy friends!
    8. 8. ReasonsWhy PeopleLoveJustin BieberHe’s hot.He loves me.I get to be part ofthe Official JustinBieber Fan Club! Common interests + common experiences =I get to haveJustin Bieber-themedsleepovers with friends!
    9. 9. common experiencesJunior Social Restaurant SocialDECA Picnic DECA Pranks...
    10. 10. pablo’s corner.
    11. 11. pablo’s wardrobe.
    12. 12. DECA is cool because it isa community.
    13. 13. Be in Your New Seat in:00 01 00 0 59Hours 15 26 37 48 1 2 3 4 Minutes Seconds
    14. 14. Create a Name for Your Table in:00 01 00 0 59Hours 15 26 37 48 1 2 3 4 Minutes Seconds
    15. 15. Summary Loves me Official fan club Sleepovers Pablo Table group
    16. 16. The Experience The Experience
    17. 17. New experiences CONFIDENCEDECA is more than just acompetition. Communication skills Travelling Leadership Networking Friendships
    18. 18. ACT sweep
    19. 19. Your challengePromote the DECA experience:1. Hold a meeting and share your favourite DECA moment with your members; then have them share some of theirs and remind them that it’s not all about the competition2. Plan bi-monthly social events for your chapter members so that they’re not only studying for conferences but also becoming friends with their fellow members
    20. 20. TeamSpiritExperience TEAM • My team experiences • Definition of a team
    21. 21. Why IBelieve Score SheetSome TeamsFail. Obsession.Hockey and • Enveloped by personal goalsDECA • Limits goals of team • ‘Competing for the same goal, not fighting for it together’ • MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS BY THE SUCCESS OF OTHERS
    22. 22. Why IBelieve Inner-TeamSome TeamsFail. NegativityHockey and • Fight together, not against eachDECA other • Everyone loves being told they did well ZERO NEGATIVITY POLICY
    23. 23. Why I Value of an IndividualBelieveSome TeamsFail. • Everyone has unique skills andHockey and ideasDECA • Executive goal- Bring people up to your level
    24. 24. Summary Of IdeasMeasure your success by Measure your success by Zero Negativity Policythe success of others the success of othersValue of an Individual
    25. 25. TeamWhat does theword “team”mean to YOU!
    26. 26. Instructions1.Find the other executive from your chapter2. Write three concrete and measurable chapter goals on the blank sheet of paper in your folder3.Put the goals in the envelope in your folder4.Leave the envelope on the table
    27. 27. Thank you for listening!
    28. 28. @jameszmsunJerry: @jerryzhang222Andrew: @Andrew_Shon decaontario.tumblr.comJake: @JakeJardine42Katie: @KFLANAGANNIsabella: @fratleyaveJack: NoneSarah: NoneMariam: None DECAOntarioOfficial